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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 5, 2001
Except for Gentle Rogue, this is JL's best book.
What I loved about it was that the characters were less than perfect in terms of beauty. As a rule, most romance heroes and heroines tend to be outstanding in terms of looks: they are most often pictured as being perfect: the men tall and handsome, the women beautiful to die for. This is one of those books in which the characters are not like that and this makes it easier for the reader (for me at least) to identify with them.
The heroine is very lovable with her tendency to make things right which always gets her into trouble. The hero is not the usual big guy who makes his way through life using his sword/gun or whatever is appropriate to his time and place; instead, he has a hidden humour which I loved (although you have to read the previous book about Colt in order to see it fully displayed :). They do not fight all the time as do all the characters in JL's "early Middle Ages" book, but they do not have a soapy relationship either. It is just the right kind of "we get along" and "we don't get along". You can understand why they fell in love with each other.
One of my favourites. JL is seen at her best in the Malory novels (don't we all agree about that :) ) and in the Wild West novels. My advice is to skip the Middle Ages and vikings books altogether, unless you prefer more violence, seemingly mindless struggle, and punishments in your romance book. I vote for the humor and adventure part myself.
Happy reading!
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on June 28, 2004
"Angel" is the third in a series of romances set mostly in the wilds of Wyoming. In this Lindsey novel, the hero is an intimidating gunslinger named Angel, more often called the Angel of Death, because he never loses a fight. He is called down to Texas to repay a favor of a man who saved his life. The favor: to keep a "meddler" named Cassie from getting kicked out of Texas by the two families enraged at her botched attempt at matchmaking.
Both Angel and Cassie are interesting characters, Angel more so for his tragic upbringing and his highly dangerous, but mostly lonesome career as a hired gun. Cassie is perky with her fine lady mannerisms and rancher upbringing. With her flair for getting into other people's business, she can't seem to stay out of trouble. Plus, she has an eccentric homelife, which includes a pet panther from Africa named Marabelle who loves to clean her teeth on bare toes.
The story is fun and the action nonstop, from the first chapter's opening showdown at noon to the final "showdown" between Cassie and Angel, with stampedes, brawls, and all sorts of crazy things thrown in between. Angel's search for his identity is also an important element in this novel, and it is treated with care. The only "fluff" extraneous scene happens at the very end and I won't go into detail, but it doesn't serve much in my opinion other than to get Cassie's unconventional mom to like Angel.
Altogether, I enjoyed "Angel." It is fast-paced and witty, and it brings back all the characters from "Brave the Wild Wind" and "Savage Thunder." Of the three books, however, I thought "Angel" was the least passionate. "Savage Thunder" is, by far, my favorite Lindsey novel EVER and it was where Angel made his first brief, memorable appearance. But the spark between Cassie and Angel isn't as strong as with Colt and Jocelyn of "Savage Thunder" or Jessie and Chase of "Brave the Wild Wind."
I highly recommend "Angel." However, I'd first read its two prequels, "Brave the Wild Wind" and "Savage Thunder" (in that order) to familiarize yourself with the storyline and to wet your appetite for "Angel."
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on January 24, 2004
This is the sequel to Lindsey's "Savage Thunder." The hero from "Angel" appears in "Savage Thunder", but very briefly. However, the characters of "Savage Thunder" appear quite a bit in "Angel." So it is worth while to read them in order. However, "Angel" is far better than "Savage."
Well known as "The Angel of Death" in the West, Angel is a fast gun for hire. To repay a debt to a friend, he travels to Texas to provide protection for a young woman caught in a feud among families. When he first arrives, he is not captivated by the woman. (She's not your classic beauty.) However, the more he sees of her, the prettier she appears to him.
Cassie has a bad habit of meddling in other people's affairs. In effort to end a 20 year feud between two neighboring families, she plays match maker by setting up a daughter from one family, with a son from the other. The two lovers then run off to be married, but come back to rejoin the feud. Now both families are mad at Cassie. They threaten to burn her ranch to the ground if she doesn't vacate Texas. Cassie seeks to hire a peacemaker. However, the peacemaker sends Angel in his place to handle the young woman's problem.
After facing a few weeks of Angel's intimidation, the father of one feuding family forces Angel and Cassie to marry at gun point. Cassie can't figure out why Angel didn't fight to stop it from happening. Nor does she understand why he took his marriage rights with her. She doesn't believe herself attractive, so she wonders why Angel would not insist that they have an immediate annulment.
When Cassie's parents show up, Angel's obligation is fulfilled. Feeling he can't offer her a good life, he decides to leave and let Cassie's mom push for a divorce. Before he goes, he wants to do something for her. He sets out to put an end to the feud that has been causing Cassie such anguish. Cassie wants to do something for Angel too, so she hires a detective to find his family from whom he was stolen as a child.
Both Cassie and Angel decide that they don't want to be divorced. Before they can tell one another, Cassie is kidnapped. Angel sets out to save his beloved wife from her captures.
Angel is a great hero. Even though he is a gun fighter, he keeps his killing on the side of the law. He protects the under dog and won't compromise his principles. He's dangerous, exciting, and still honest. Cassie is a very realistic character. She's not the usual raving beauty. Men don't flock to her. But she is vibrant, brave, and loyal. I do wish she wasn't quite so mousy in the face of her mother, but that is consist with the era of the story.
Some of the major problems that the characters face are too prettily solved. In stead of a realistic truce, many unlikely people end up in love at the end. It's the usual "Happy Ending Overkill." Still you leave the story feeling satisfied. The book held my interest from start to finish.
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on October 21, 2000
Angel is a man with no past. After paying his debt to Colt Thunder in _Savage Thunder_ he heads to Texas to pay his third debt. Cassie Stuart is watching over her father's ranch while he is away selling one of his bulls. Cassie has become friends with each of her father's feuding neighbors. Realizing that there is love brewing across the enemy lines, Cassie helps the couple elope. The results are disastrous. She has made things worse and is being threatened to leave town. Unable to go until her father returns, Cassie enlists the help of Lewis Pickens, the Peacemaker. But Lewis is ill so he gives the job to the man who owes him: Angel.
Angel is everything a woman could ever fantasize about. Cassie is no great beauty, but has the kind of looks that grow on a man. She is meddlesome, but only because of her kind heart. A wonderful couple with sizzling chemistry. A keeper!
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on August 21, 1997
I collect Mrs. Lindsey's books I'm only missing three titles. I read Angel for the first time a little over two years ago, I have read it numerous times since. It has become one of my favorites. It is always nice to see a connection with the books you read. Johanna Lindsey has the talent to re-introduce characters without making it seem like they are still stuck in the first book you read with the same characters. Cassie and Angel are a unique pair and they trully deserve a book of their own. It is also nice to enter again the lives of Colt & Joselyn and Jesse & Chase it almost feels as if you are visiting old friends. There's something that can be said about a book that not only, introduces new charaters to interact with old familiar ones, but also can make you feel as if you are living the story
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on October 9, 2001
One of Johanna Lindsey's very best books, it has humor, terrific characters, great storylines and action. Cassie makes you laugh outloud by what she does and says. Angel is so devastatingly attractive, I just wish he was real. Lots of interesting characters that fit well together and make for intriguing plot developments, as well as characters from Brave the Wild Wind and Savage Thunder. A devoted Malory fan, I find this book every bit as great or better than that series, and I love them too. This is a special love story that haunts after the book is finished. Would bet that if you like it, would end up reading it more than is as addictive as potato chips, one is never enough!
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on July 19, 1999
I really liked Angel and Cassie together. I have to admit I wanted more than anything for Angel to be happy. It broke my heart when he felt that Cassie would never want a man like him. All he wanted was to be wanted and not feared. My favorite part was when he asked her if "they" touched her and she said no, they weren't attracted to her and he saying they must be blind. What a sweetheart he was. I have to admit that I wasn't very happy with her mother for some time. I didn't like it that she tried to tell Cassie what to do with HER life. As all of JL's books, the endings are incredible.
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on June 4, 2001
I have probably read 90% of Johanna Lindsey's books and this one ranks pretty high. I really enjoy the western setting giving us all a break from the European and Southern plantation themes. I find the multifaceted plot to be fascinating and entertaining. One of Lindsey's trademarks is to build the story by incorporting more than one plot/conflict into the story. Angel has around four mini-stories within the main frame. Her hero is oh, so, masculine and her heroine has spunk. Look for some surprises near the end!
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on December 3, 1999
This book started out a bit too ruthless- and at first i was under the impression that Angel was a heartless killer, but then his soft side came through. Angel's and Cassie's relationship was sweet but it was frustating in the way that they most of the time could not get along -and fought over the stupidist things. It was also sad how Cassie kept on dissing Angel . But in the end all turns out well. It was a nice book but not one of the best . I definetely enjoyed the book and do recommend it.
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on August 29, 1999
"Angel" is the first JL book I've ever read and i loved it so much i have since bought everyone of her books and they are all amazing and unique and simply wonderful. This book is on my top five books of all time and it should be on everyone's. Angel is so adorable. He is so nice despite what happened to him and so strong yet vulnerable. Cassie was a perfect match for him. An excellent read...but that's not surprising coming from Ms. Lindsey.
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