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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on February 13, 2002
I was really looking forward to reading this book because it seemed so unlike the traditional romance. This is the last of all Lindsey books available for me to read and I have to admit I was rather disppointed and left quite frustrated. Both Corinne and Jared have such domineering and tightly strung personalities that I dispaired of the two ever getting together. They clashed so often that their fights seemed to make up most of the story-line. It actually seemed like they would not reconcile until the very end where we are given no real reason why they refused to believe anything of eachother. Even more frustrating was that hardly anything was said to resolve their distrust and it is immediately assumed that everything is forgiven.
On top of this, we are supposed to believe Corinne is an extremely strong and independent woman, who only wants freedom. Yet whether we could put her constant tears and annoying reaction to being raped to hormones I really don't know. her father disgustingly accepts his "most beloved daughters" rape as her fault and easily accepts Jared's request for her hand.
I had an overall feeling of confusion about these characters and how they could possible end up being happy together. Although this is hardly the worst romance I have read and I must admit it is a very unique concept I just can not bring myself to praise this work like I can most of her other titles.
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on October 1, 2002
I consider myself a big fan of JL but for this book I was not quite engaged with it and I actually wanted to give it 3 and 1/2 stars, yes, I guess that's my final verdict.
From the start, Jared's motive for revenge seems to be very weak and unconvincing to me. However, his intention to use Corinne as a means to an end (to get even with Corinne's father) is understandable, although it seems to be only an excuse for the story to go on.
What I found missing in this book is the chemistry between the two characters, Jared and Corinne. I know that they are supposed to hate each other first and then begin to fall for one another. The plot is fine with me. However, what I don't really understand is how they become to attract with each other or even love one another as the story goes by. I don't see the turning point in Corinne because she hates Jared so much for what he does to her (he rapes her, get her married and leave her with an announcement in a newspapers that he just simply deserts this woman). I don't really see the point why Corinne has to go after Jared to Hawaii, to get even with him?? I don't know because it's obvious that Jared doesn't really give a damn about her. As the story goes, Corinne just suddenly realizes that she loves him, despite his violence (he beats her), his lack of trust in her ( he thinks she's a whore) and her tears. When and why, I don't get it !!! (She's probably a masochist).
It's even worse with Jared's case. He is a typical mean, illogical, violent hero (or jerk, to put it more simply). Like I said above, I wasn't convinced with his motive to get revenge with Corinne's father at all. And after he left her for Hawaii, I can't see any indication that he cares and longs for Corinne or gets attracted, even a little, to her, as his wife. Even when he forces her to stay at his house, there is no obvious developments of both their feelings. For Corinne, she just suddenly knows that she loves this jerk. For him, I don't know when. I just don't understand how anybody could learn to love another person while he/she lacks total trust in his/her partner(he keeps calling her 'whore' and fall for her?? That's beyond my understanding). I don't see how 'Love' could be developed in such an atmosphere. (Again, he's probably a sadist!!)
The bottom line--this is one of the early JL's writings, I guess (it was first published in 1981, when I was 4, hahaha :)). If you don't mind the points of my complaint above, you might find it entertaining. But, do not compare it with the Viking series or Malory series or even some other stand-alone books (the Secret Fire or Prisoner of my Desire), okay? It's not that charming.
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on November 7, 2000
I have read and reread just about all of Lindsey's books, and have usually loved her strong, passionate characters. So I was surprised and disappointed that I didn't even like the two main characters in this book. Corrine was a spoiled brat who seemed a bit too arrogant and conceited. Jared was cold, ruthless and abusive. I couldn't find any redeeming qualities to make them even like one another let alone fall in love. There's a name for a woman who falls into bed with a guy to settle a monetary debt--and it's not heroine! And a man who would beat a woman because she pointed out what an S.O.B. he was...well he's no hero. Through most of the book, there was just spite, mistrust and dispicable behavior. By time any tender feelings showed up, I didn't really care what happened to the characters. With slightly different characterizations, I think I could have really liked this book. The plot was intriguing, but the characters weren't. If you're looking for a good read, I would recommend one of Lindsey's other titles.
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on September 23, 2002
I find nothing appealing about a hero who will publicly humiliate a woman to get even with her father, hurting her a lot more in the process than the man he wanted revenge on. I also find it truly offensive when the hero later hits her across the face hard when his sister took offense at something she said. There is nothing at all romantic in a story with a hero who is nothing more than a violent, mean-spirited man who will use his strength to hurt a woman half his size. The heroine acts like a spoiled brat almost from the moment the story starts, but you have to feel sympathy for her because she certainly didn't deserve what she got. I wouldn't wish a man like this on my worst enemy.
This is the second story I have read by Johanna Lindsay, and I can honestly say she just isn't for me. I don't like her violent, rapist heroes. It was all I could do to finish Paradise Wild, and when I was done I mostly felt sorry for the heroine. She ends up with a man who might backhand her again if she makes him angry. Some people liked this story, and I respect others opinions but I will not be reading anything else by this author.
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on July 18, 2004
Hands down, "Paradise Wild" is Lindsey's WORST novel. It shouldn't even qualify as a romance, it is so awful and boring.
The plot of "Paradise" revolves around two characters plotting revenge. Jared hates Corrinne's father and marries her as part of a plan to ruin her family financially. But Corrinne is so humiliated that she tracks Jared down to Hawaii to get her own revenge by ruining his reputation.
Both Corrinne and Jared are despicable as the heroine and hero. Corrinne is angry, unreasonable, catty, and money-hungry. She does have an interesting vice - she's a gambling addict - but even that bad habit (and its interesting results when she runs out of money) cannot make her sympathetic. She's just lame - and, in my opinion, gets what she deserves. Jared is also blah. After we are treated to a detailed love scene with his mistress (sure way to make the hero unlikable), we get to hear all the boring details of his business and his plans to ruin Corrinne's father through poor investments. After spiting and mistreating each other CONSTANTLY, these two somehow fall in love, though I'm not sure why. Jared refers to Corrinne's beauty enough times that I'm pretty sure it was her looks he loves, not her personality. Pretty shallow, all in all.
The only thing remotely interesting about "Paradise Wild" are the descriptions of Oahu, Hawaii. However, I've been to Oahu several times and had no problem following the tidbits Lindsey dropped about location, foods, and language. I'm not sure if a reader who has never been to Oahu would appreciate these details fully.
Over all, this book sucked. The plot was listless, the characters terrible, the romance nil. Even the writing was stiff as a board. "Paradise" is on par with "Captive Bride" and "A Pirate's Love" as seriously terrible Lindsey romances, though "Paradise" is the worst of the lot. I wouldn't waste time with it.
If you want to read a wonderful Lindsey romance, try "Savage Thunder," "A Heart So Wild," "Once a Princess," or "Hearts Aflame." These are REAL romances.
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on April 23, 2004
Set in the 1890s in Boston and Hawaii. Corinne Barrows is the head strong spoilt daughter of a Boston businessman who has a penchance for gambling. Her aim in life is to marry soon, so that she can claim her inheritance. She also wishes to marry a weak man who will leave her with her independance. The mysterious Jared Burkett waltzes into Boston one day and starts courting Corinne. They go gambling together and Corinne loses her hand at cards and her innocence to Jared. Jared is a man filled with vengeance and blames Corinne's father for the suicide of his mother. So he sets out to ruin Corinne's father. When that doesn't work he conjures up a plan to ruin Corinne by marrying her and then announcing publicly that he deserts her and returning to Hawaii. Corinne, not one to be sitting around crying follows Jared to Hawaii and concocts a plan to make it seem that she is taking many lovers to humiliate publicly Jared. Somehow the two leads fall in love with each other.
Jared and Corinne are both filled with so much hate for each other I do not really see how they can fall in love with each other. They are both bent on getting revenge and are blind to anythingelse. This is not one of Johanna Lindsey's better books. There just wasn't the chemistry between the two lead characters. However, it was an easy read if you have nothing better to do.
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on September 17, 2003
This is the first book by Johanna Lindsey that I've read and I can't believe it could be classified as a romance. Jared and Corrinne are two of the least engaging characters I've met in a 'romance' novel. Jared is vengeful, violent and vicious. Corrinne is spoilt, bad tempered and completely unloveable. So Jared has, as a little boy, witnessed the death of his mother by suicide - yes, a traumatic experience for sure, but I could not forgive his violence towards Corrinne nor his downright vindictiveness. Men who are violent towards women are NOT romantic figures and should not be portrayed as such. Ask any woman who is the victim of domestic violence. I was appalled to find Jared and Corrinne having passionate sex after a particularly violent episode. I could see no development of any deep loving feelings. Corrinne just wakes up one day knowing she loves this violent creep - but with her background and personality, how would she know anyway?
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on May 17, 2000
I LOVE JL, but this is her worst work to compare all her work to. The frustration you feel for the heroine is just the begining. The hero is not much of a hero. He does these things to the heroine out of his moronic "justification" to avenge his father. Then just leaves the heroine to deal with the havoc he has wreaked,then doesn't think twice about her. We are suppose to believe through all this that he comes to love her and she him, when I came away thinking, they deserve each other. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking into reading Johanna Lindsey for the first time,wait til you've read her other fantastic books to get an idea of how she usually writes,this isn't it. I gave her 3 stars because she's the best in romance authors today, and everyone has an off time, or a bomb. hope this helps anyone interested in reading her books.
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on January 16, 2008
I can't understand how this book could possibly get ratings higher than 1 star. I only wish there was a lower rating to show how very disturbing I found it. Neither character was likeable to begin with. The hero's motivation for revenge seemed weak and childish, and the heroine was arrogant and foolhardy. I persisted because I thought it would get better and that they would redeem themselves. However,halfway through the book, after a despicable rape scene and other highhanded and abusive behaviour by the unremorseful "hero", I was so angry and disgusted, I could not go any further.

I shudder to think that people could read this book and still write how "romantic" it was that, "hate turned to love" and other ridiculous comments. I know these books are fantasy, but this one required too much of a departure from reality.
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on June 22, 2004
I won't describe the story since others have already outlined it and in fact I wish I read them before reading the book myself. I have been a Johanna Lindsey fan for years and have read almost ALL her books, including books with violent themes, but I can honestly say that this is the first book that I have finished and felt that hero will likely repeat his abuse. I know the characters aren't real, but I love to think characters in books move on to have beautiful lives together and this wasn't the feeling I had finishing Paradise Wild. The book should have a built in scary song chip that plays when you're reading the last chapter, because the thought of them sailing off to Hawaii together was not a happy ending.
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