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on January 12, 2000
I have been reading SEP since I picked up IT HAD TO BE YOU, needless to say, it is one of my all time favorite romance novels! Phoebe and Dan's story was hiliarious, sweet and sexy. Then, to my immense pleasure, NOBODYS BABY BUT MINE came out and again I'm having problems deciding between the two plots, because Jane and Cal are so funny and wild. I love the way SEP does not always write about impossible to believe heroines who always seem to be in their early twenties, but instead let's us read about real women with real issues who don't always have it together and are in their (horror! )thirties! Well, I just hope her next herione (in DREAM A LITTLE DREAM)is similar in age and attitude to Phoebe or Jane. If by chance s/one has already the book, let me know! Can't wait to read it. CIAO
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on March 9, 2004
Dr. Jane Darlington, a genius physics professor, wants nothing more than to have a baby. She has a couple of obstacles in her way though. She currently has no prospects for the father. And growing up as a genius made her feel like a freak, so she wants to spare her child this pain. Therefore, she needs a very special man. A stupid man. When she sees Cal Bonner, the famous Chicago Stars quarterback, her prayers seem to be answered. He's handsome, a jock, and with his good ol' boy ways, he must be slow-witted. But when he figures out what she's done, he's not about to go along blindly with her plans. On top of that, Jane begins to realize, a little too late, Cal may be a whole lot smarter than he looks.
This is the third installment in the Chicago Stars/Bonner Brothers series. A funny, fast-paced, interesting love story between real people, each with their own set of insecurities.
SEP has an uncanny gift with writing complex, three dimensional characters. They become so real, I half expect to look up from the page and find them in the room with me. Her stories and characters wiggle themselves under your skin and in your heart where they stay.
There is a secondary story with Cal's parents that was quite good as well. Overall, I certainly enjoyed this book, except it was difficult getting through the portion where Cal was so angry and spiteful toward her. Even after considering this, it's still a favorite book of mine. Once Jane decides she will no longer sit back and tolerate his behavior, well then it really gets good! I still smile every time I see a box of Lucky Charms cereal!
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on October 5, 2003
You'll love Jane Darlington the minute you meet her and you'll never want to live without the handsome Cal Bonner. Susan E. Phillips has a great gift to open up the romantic side in everyone. She tells the story of two people in desperate need of one another but yet unaware of that very fact.
Jane Darlington believes to lead an empty life, so she sets up her mind on having a child of her own and the lucky sperm donator is quickly chosen, our own football star Cal Bonner. Unfortunately, Dr. Jane cannot (as planned) keep her pregnancy a secret from our great quaterback Calvin Bonner. With his sense of duty he forces her to marry him and chaos breaks loose all aorund them.
This is a heart-warming story full of passion, fun and love. Jane Darlington is warm and intelligent woman with many all too human flaws at the same time. And Cal Bonner is at first a man not from this world, until we realise that he is in fact a very believable and loveable man who needs someone to settle him down.
If you have a romantic vein running through you, you'll never go wrong with Susan E. Phillips great stories. Don't hesitate and buy this sharp and witty story.
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on July 23, 2002
Nobody's baby but mine is one of the best books around. It has so much passion and love. Its so much based on what is happening these days in our world. I am only 14 years old and i read this 376 page book in 5 days. Most parents know its not easy getting there kids to read. well let me tell u i am the same its impossible to get me to read but i read and when i went for the first time into borders to pick my own book for once i found nobodys baby but mine. I fell in love with it. It made me cry it made me laugh and it also made me think. This book is not only for adults but kids should read it to. It helps you on your vocabulary and reading skills. This book shows you how the poeple speak in certain parts. This book is full of so much love and hate. About a plan that back fires but and so much hate between two people that suddenly turns into true love. U should really read or even better buy this book it was one of the best book i have ever read. I am sure you would say to. I might not have lots of experience but i have read over 400 hundred books since the 4th grade i still have almost every book and i even handed some down but far more Noodys angel but mine is the most romantic and best book i have ever read.
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on October 22, 2001
Jane Darlington is a 34 year old genius. She really isn't a very sociable person. She is a very nice person, but always believed that people thought she was weird because she was so smart. Her next door neighbors daughter Jodie comes over to borrow some coffee. She realizes that Jane has been crying and starts trying to find out what is wrong with her besides being a weirdo. Jane confides in the young girl. The young woman for her own selfish reasons tells Jane that she can help her with her problem. Jane's problem was she wanted a child of her own, but didn't want the child's father to have any intelligence whatsoever. She felt is the father was stupid, her child wouldn't be talked about and critized the way she was. Jane sees Cal Bonner and football player and she thought he was stupid because of the way he talked to the interviewer. She said he would be perfect aloud and the young woman said she could set it up. Jane was going to be Cal Bonner's birthday present. They even tied a pink bow around her neck. Jane couldn't believe what she had to do, but I don't think she counted on Cal finding out her little secret.
Cal Bonner was nobody's dummy. Yes, he was a football player, but he happened to be one with a degree in Biology. Cal came from a family where the men seemed to get caught up with having to marry a woman because she was pregnant. When he first met Jane, he knew she was no ordinary hooker. He didn't believe she was a hooker at all. He overheard Jodie talking about how she set up his birthday gift. Cal made Jodie tell him who Jane was and everything. He was so mad he could have hurt Jane. He confronted her and made her marry him and that's when the fun starts.
I don't want to go on because I know I will give it all away. You will love this book. The characters were good and you could actually visiualize alot of the scenes in the book. This is my second book by Ms. Phillips, the first one was First Lady. I am now trying to find all of her books. She is a good writer and I enjoy her stories. They aren't as heavy with issues as some others I've read recently. I'm glad my friends told me about her.
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on June 29, 2001
I enjoyed this book and I have to disagree with the person who said she didn't care for Cal in the first 100 pages because of how he acted. He seemed unforgiving toward Jane, this is true, but he was entitled to it in my opinion. He hadn't even wanted to sleep with her when he thought she was a hooker and she tricked him. He was wronged and I didn't blame him for being bitter since his choices were taken away - no one likes that. I enjoyed how both characters developed thoughout the book because of their experiences together. She mellowed out, not being so uptight and dignified all the time. He finally had someone he can be himself with. I think Jane dealt with his overbearing issues quite well. Cal's mentality may have been a bit old-fashioned (though, how many old fashioned men would have let you hang out with their competitive enemies?) he was charming nonetheless. This book is not to be missed. After this one, read Dream a Little Dream, Cal's brother Gabe's book, which is another great story. Gotta love those Bonners.
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on April 11, 2001
I am a big fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and _Nobody's Baby But Mine_ has got to be one of my favorites. Ms. Phillips is the expert at humorous romance and this book had me in stiches. I've never laughed so hard reading a book before. Dr. Jane Darlington and Cal Bonner have got to be some of the wildest, most interesting characters I have ever read about. So the story line is a tinsy bit hard to believe... it doesn't matter. Ms. Phillips brings her work alive and keeps you reading late into the night. Her plot was interesting and all of the twists and turns it took held me right until the last word. Jane and Cal are so fun to read about that you simply can not put this book down. I just love Ms. Phillips' special combination of laughter and tears- it is the perfect combination and makes her books winners. Her characters are special individuals with amazing stories and lovely lives. There are some highly origional scenes in this book. I will never look at Lucky Charms the same way ever again.
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on October 21, 2000
Laughter and tears are the two best ingredients essential for a great novel. SEP never fails to deliver! "Nobody's Baby But Mine," is a real tear-jerker. Dr. Jane Darlington desperately wants a child, but she's a brainy physicist who thinks she's a sexual dud. Au contraire! Jane meets Cal Bonner, or more specifically, targets Cal Bonner to be the unwitting father of her child. Who would have thought that America's top physicist and a football player would get together? At first, I found Cal to be very juvenile because of his preference for young brainless women, but the reader will discover the reason behind his silly preference and it really just makes you laugh. This, along with other incidents add humour to the story. Although Cal seems brash and inconsiderate towards Jane, I think that he loved her almost from the start. There was definitely an attraction! It was just a matter of revealing truths and growing to trust each other. I've read "Noboby's Baby But Mine," about three or four times. This surely predicates a great novel!
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on March 16, 2000
I read a lot of romance books, by many different authors, but no one can compare to Susan Elizabeth Phillips! Nobody's Baby But Mine was the first book by her I read. I read it so fast, I was mad because it was over so fast! I loved all her characters because they were so real to me I was truly caught up in their lives! Nobody, I mean nobody has a sense of humor as Susan does! Besides at the time I read the book, which was about a year ago, I had just embraced the sport of football! (Thanks to my son!) I pictured her hero as Howie Long! I kept telling people that this was so obvious! (Or maybe just wishful thinking on my part!) I love all her books, but the football themed ones are my favorite. After reading Nobody's Baby But Mine, I had to read everything by Susan I could get my hands on! She is truly unique! I usaully read about 4-7 books a week, so it gets pretty expensive, I frequent most all the libraries in my area to search for her books. Finding a Susan Elizabeth Phillips on the shelf is next to impossible they're so in demand! Still I managed to pretty much read them all. I always purchase my favorites though! Even reading as many books as I do, I sometimes read hers more than once! Susan I love you, you are simply marvelous!
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on May 25, 1999
After reading the second book, Dream A Little Dream, (read backwards on accident) I felt like I knew this family well. Nobody's Baby but Mine is the first book in this wonderful series about the Bonner family.
On Jane Darlington's 34th birthday, she realizes that one thing is missing from her life, a baby. Although she desperately wants a baby, she doesn't want a husband. After some research she finds the perfect "sperm donor", Cal Bonner, the aging quarterback for the Chicago Chiefs. The reason Cal is picked is because he is presumed to be "a dumb hillbilly". After being set up as Cal's 36th "birthday present", Jane finds herself pregnant. She is thrilled. Unfortunately, (or fortunately??) Cal finds out about it. Being no dummy, he doesn't want his child to be raised without a father so he forces Jane to marry him (planning a convient divorce after the baby is born).
After the quickie marriage, Jane and Cal leave for North Carolina to spend 3 months. There they fight a lot and finally fall in love, although without a lot of snags.
When I first started this book I didn't like Jane and Cal. Dowdy Jane seemed too straight laced and boring and Cal seemed like a jerk. Throughout the book I began to love the couple as I did Rachel and Gabe in Dream A Little Dream. With the second book, this book also had a secondary story that was wonderful. Cal's parents Lynn and Jim are having problems and finally realize that, although they were forced into marriage at a very young age, they have a true love for eachother. I hope that Kevin is in a book sometime in the future. I really liked the guy.
If you're a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips (or if you're not become one!) this book is a must read.
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