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on February 15, 2000
A friend recommended SEP's books to me and this was the first one I picked up. It really hooked me for several was the very unusual female lead. Usually romances don't have genius scientists as heroines, and this one was drawn in a way I found very believable...and touching, that she didn't want to pass on the problems of her difficult childhood to her prospective baby. But also, SEP absolutely hooked me with the first chapter, which is one of the best uses of POV that I've ever seen. The reader meets the heroine through the point of view of, frankly, a bimbo who's a sports about opposites, but the way it was written gave a good deal of insight into the main character and was actually pretty sympathetic to the pov character. The rest of the book lived up to the promise of the first chapter combined humor, conflict, and romance for a truly wonderful mix. I recommend this book highly.
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on February 10, 2001
I've read a lot of romance novels and lusted after a fair number of heros, but Cal Bonner is the only one I wanted to lift whole from the book and take home for my very own. He's incredible - a star quarterback with a killer body, tremendous wit, an impressive intellect and great values. Sure, he can get a little grumpy and stubborn, but usually in a sexy, kind of adorable way. Thank goodness Susan Elizabeth Phillips created Jane Darlington, a woman worthy of Cal. Jane is an egghead physicist intent upon finding a physicially perfect but intellectually challenged sperm doner. She mistakenly assumes that Cal is going to fill the bill, but boy is she wrong. The ensuing struggle between these two is hilarious, touching and very sexy. SEP always writes great books, but this is one of her very best. Even if you're not a big romance reader, I promise that you're going to love this book!
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on January 12, 2000
I have been reading SEP since I picked up IT HAD TO BE YOU, needless to say, it is one of my all time favorite romance novels! Phoebe and Dan's story was hiliarious, sweet and sexy. Then, to my immense pleasure, NOBODYS BABY BUT MINE came out and again I'm having problems deciding between the two plots, because Jane and Cal are so funny and wild. I love the way SEP does not always write about impossible to believe heroines who always seem to be in their early twenties, but instead let's us read about real women with real issues who don't always have it together and are in their (horror! )thirties! Well, I just hope her next herione (in DREAM A LITTLE DREAM)is similar in age and attitude to Phoebe or Jane. If by chance s/one has already the book, let me know! Can't wait to read it. CIAO
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on June 19, 1997
One of Phillip's finest works to date. Can a brilliant woman who's biological clock is ticking find the right man to father her baby? He has to be as untilligent as she is brilliant. She refuses to let any child of hers become fettered with the stigma's she's had to battle all her life. The heroine finally finds the appropriate candidate--a dumb jock and gets herself pregnant. But all hell breaks loose when he discovers she's pregnant and didn't intend to tell him. The bottom completely falls out of her dream when the heroine realizes her football player-sperm doner is as bright as she is. What has she done? The poor baby won't have a chance. See how two headstrong people with shattered dreams realize a greater dream together
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on July 8, 1998
This book is wonderful. First Dr. Jane Darlington ( who is a genius and a scientist ) pretends to be a prostitute in order to sleep with football player, Cal Bonner and have his baby. She does this because she doesn't want her child to be a genius like her ( because she had a hard time growing up being smarter than everyone else and she doesn't want that for her child ) and she got the mistaken impression that Cal Bonner is as dumb as a post. She gets pregnant, than Cal finds out who she is and that she's pregnant and insists that they get married. He says that they can get divorced later. Alot of very funny things happen as they get to know each other after they get married.
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on April 15, 1998
I listened to Nobody's Baby But Mine on audio tape read by Anna Fields. I have never been as completely entertained as I am with this book. My commute is 100 miles/day and this tape has made my drive so enjoyable, if you can believe that! Susan Elizabeth Phillips is wonderful. I have listened to several of her other books on tape and thoroughly enjoyed them too. Luckily, there are still some left and I look forward to all of them. I hope Dream A Little Dream is coming out soon on tape. Anna Fields is a terrific reader, putting emphasis just in the right place. Her male voices are the best I've heard yet! Thanks for this book and all of your others.
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on June 17, 1998
They say you can't judge a book by it's cover but that's exactly what i did until i read it. I thought it would be a sad story about a woman who despreatly wanted a baby but it wasn't quite like that. It was hilarious! Calvin Bonner has to be every woman's dream man the way Susan discribes her charecters is superb. I was inspired to say the least. I read books all the time but this hit my top list. My husband was sleeping late one night and here I am laughing out loud unable to control my self. He awakens and wants to know what was so funny. I told him and he just starts to laugh at the scene i was discribing and he doesn't like romance. Imagine that.
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on November 8, 1999
Like another reader, I read the sequel to this book first. It didn't matter, because as with all of SEP's books I thoroughly enjoyed it. Apart from the clever plot and interesting characters, SEP included some keen insights into male/female relationships that were alternately maddening and hilarious. The characters were so interesting and endearing (especially Annie) that I hated for the book to end. It was also fun to read about the current status of characters introduced in earlier books (Bobby Tom Denton, Phoebe Calebow, et al). As another reader noted, I'd like to see a follow up book with Kevin Tucker as the main character.
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on May 29, 2000
This was the first book I have ever read by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, in fact the first contempary romance I've read, and would like to say that that I was extremely happy with the book. Jane is a great character, perfect but flawed, and Cal is great too. The part I loved the best invovles Lucky Charms, have no idea what I'm talking about, good then go and read this book. The only problem I had with the book was the romance between Cal's parents, the book turns from being happy and light hearted to depressing. But it is only a little thing. So do yourslef a huge favor and read this book, you will not be disappointed!
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on May 7, 2001
This book is by far one of SEP's best! It will definately keep you laughing the whole time. Jane and Cal are probably two of my favorite characters of SEP. If you have never been one to laugh out loud while reading a romane then I suggest you read this book, because I was on the city bus while reading the funniest part of the the book and people were looking at me like I grew a second head, I was laughing so hard. Believe me you will be fast on you way to reading all her books after this one. SEP's books are quite addictive, and you owe it to yourself to give in. Enjoy and happy reading!!
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