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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 20, 2003
I agree with a couple other reviewers that most of this dialogue seemed highly anachronistic. It made me reflect "These people sound straight out of Brideshead Revisited" which was set in the 1920s I believe. Everyone is very witty, slap-happy, and droll. Phrases such as "dumb as a post," "where the hell?" and "butterfly kiss" indeed weren't in use as early as 1813, as well as words like "teeny" and "dither."
Is this what is called a "costume drama"? There was no detail as to their surroundings, clothing, or technology of the time. It didn't make me feel "You Are There." I, too, felt she had been too lazy to do any research. However, I do like the hero. I get tired of "perfect" heroes who are handsome, rich -- oh wait, I guess Simon is both of those! -- but at least he had some flaws which to my trivial mind makes him "deeper." :)
Overall, just way too much cutesy dialogue that went on and on forever.
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on April 3, 2000
After all the buzz and rave reviews, I expected this book to become one of my favorites... instead I found myself dissapointed. For one, I have read my share of regencies and am a little bored with the genre. And while Quinn's novel is delightful and sweet in parts, the core of it follows a typically trite regency plot line... The ball, the scandelous kiss in the garden, the duel, the marriage, and happily ever after. You know the drill.
Aside from the brainless and cliched plot, I found the novel quite likable. Throughout the book, I found myself wondering who the mysterious Lady Whistledown could be (the editor of a society paper who seems to have spies all over London), and even confess to flipping to the end of the book to find out. I was also more than won over by the hero, who's traumatic childhood stuttering has left him with hidden scars. As a reader, I have a weakness for stuttering heroes and heroines (remember Olivia, from Jane Feather's Brides Trilogy), and found myself warming to Simon immedeatly. Best of all, there is a fleeting reference to the immortal Pride and Prejudice, which perhaps saved the book in my eyes.
As a whole however, the story was just too boring, too... regency. I was more entertained by the Author's notes and the short bio on the back cover than the trials and tribulations of Simon and Daphne's life in the ton. If you love regencies, you'll love the book (and probably hate me for writing this review). But if you, like me, find yourself at odds with the genre, try picking up Loretta Chase's "Lord of Scoundrels", a regency of a different breed.
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on February 6, 2000
"Cute" is the best adjective that describes this book. If you are looking for the hero who rips the clothes off of the strong but virginal heroine...forget about it in this one. Yes there is passion, but there is lots of funny dialogue and interaction between all of the characters in this book. The story centers on a young lord determined never to marry because of a horrid relationship with a father who wanted the perfect son and instead, got a son who stuttered. He disowned him until he found out that the son had achieved inspite of his neglect. By then it was too late. The young Lord forms a pact with the sister of one of his college friends so that they both can be protected from the marriage seekers of the "ton" and from there the sparks fly between the two of them, as well as the brothers who want to protect her. If you like cute "romance lite" you'll like this story.
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on June 3, 2000
I enjoyed the Duke and I! Simon and Daphne are trying to accomplish the inevitable during the 'season'; she trying to finally catch a wealthy husband and he, trying to avoid all those looking for wealthy husbands. But alas, they find each other make a bargain which will enable the other to fulfill their goals for the season, however, neither considered falling in love part of the bargain. Towards the end it became somewhat 'sappy' but still enjoyable. I especially loved Daphne's brothers and their plan to wreak havoc on her marriage, however, I would love to see her brothers in love stories of their own. Simon eventually became a senseless bore and again, it proved that 'women' rule when Daphne's psychology opened Simon's mind, eyes, and heart.
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on April 3, 2000
I couldn't get into it. The heroine's family was a little too modern - very 1990's while living in Regency England, and the plot line was a little too cute. I don't think that the author really did her research on the norms and mores of the times. Yes, it was a fun read, but it just didn't capture me.
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on January 23, 2000
I bought this book on the basis of all the five star reviews and all I can say is Ms Quinn must have a lot of friends working over time. Don't get me wrong. It's a pleasant way to pass an afternoon just no big whoop. Lots of dialogue. Lots of cute. Not what I expected after all these raves.
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on February 24, 2000
It was enjoyable, as are all her books. Not a bad way to spend a quiet Saturday.
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