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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 26, 2014
This book follows Brian into the wilderness. This time, he is choosing to go back there. He realizes that he doesn't fit in at school and needs to find himself in the wild. It helps kids to see that they can choose to leave the crowd and find their own way in life.
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on October 22, 2001
The book Brian's Return is a very good book. It's interesting and no matter where you stop reading you can tell something good is coming up next. It's not a high reading level so it's easier to understand. The author explains every thing throw and it's not really at a high reading level.
Brian's Return is the last book in a series. The first book was called Hatchet, second was The River, third was Brian's Winter, and then Brian's Return.
Hatchet was about when it all started. Brian was flying on a single engine plane to see his dad up North. The pilot had a heart attack and the plane went down in a lake in the middle of the wilderness. He had to learn how to survive alone in the wilderness with only a hatchet for fifty-four days.
In The River, the government asked Brian to go back to the wilderness and show astronauts and the military his survival techniques that kept him alive. Derek Holtzer went with him to observe him and take notes. But during a storm, Derek was hit by lightning and falls into a coma. Brian builds a raft a tries to transport Derek to the nearest town down the river for medical help.
Brian's Winter is a little different, it takes after Hatchet. The author made it that what if Brian didn't get rescued and had to make it through the winter. The stakes were raised for survival. Brian had the longest winter ever.
Finally, Brian's Return. Brian was rescued every time before and brought back to his mom in the city. After everything Brian has gone through he has to try to fit back in with the city life. He had to get used to the tv, stove, microwave, grocery store, noisy vehicles, and everything else that he had learned to live with out. He started school again and tried to make friends and hang out, but he doesn't feel that he fits in. The whole time he is in the city he can't quite thinking of the wilderness and how much he wanted to go back. Nobody was really interested in what he felt and his stories. He felt alone until he meet a blind guy named Caleb. Caleb was very interested in what Brian had to say and always asked him to describe the scenes that he has seen. Caleb understands that Brian needed to go back to the wilderness and helped him. His mom didn't want to go but let him considering he would only be gone for a month or two and he brought some supplies such as a canoe, tent, and some food.
With both his parents gave him permission, Brian made arrangements and went back to the bush. Once he got there a thought came to him, "Should I go back home at the end of fall or stay here were I belong?"
In conclusion, I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about wilderness and survival. If you read the first three books, then this book would be better and easier to understand. I enjoyed this book very much and I think you would too. I definitely give it 5 stars.
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on May 17, 2001
Brian's Return, by Gary Paulsen, is an adventure/survival book about Brian's long-awaited return to the Canadian woods written by Paulsen, a three time Newberry Honor award winner. The story begins with Brian, a 16 year old boy trying to live a normal life. The hard part for him is, he spent 48 days in the Canadian woods after his pilot had a heart attack and it changed his perspective on life. He can't find joy in having his food put right in front of him, or talking about who was going out with whom. After beating up a football player, he sees a counselor named Caleb. Caleb listens to his beautiful descriptions, and tells Brian that the answer was to go back up into the wilderness. He creates a list and a plan for a hundred mile kayak trip to eventually visit the Smallhorns, who rescued him in Brian's Winter. Brian goes through yet another action packed wilderness experience in Brian's Return. This book would be a little hard for young kids to find the true meaning of, so ages 11 and up would be a good reccomended age. Anyone who enjoyed Hatchet and its other sequels will enjoy this book.
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on August 5, 1999
I think Brian's Return is a great book. If you have read Hatchet, The River, and Brian's Winter (like I have) then you will understand the story better 'cause you probably wouldn't really understand it if you haven't read at least one of those three books that came before this one. This time, Brian is back at home and he can't seem to adjust to his formal life at home. After he gets into a huge fight with this kid who is jelous of him and gets arrested for it, he decides that the best place for him is back in the woods and so he goes back there. This time, Brian is prepared and he is used to the way the woods is so he can survive. I think this book is awesome and if you have read Hatchet, The River, and Brian's Winter and liked those books, then I can gaurentee that you will like Brian's Return! Even if you haven't read those books but have read other books by Gary Paulsen then you should get this book!
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on January 7, 2001
This book was about a boy named Brian who stayed in the wilderness for awhile and went to the city with his mother. He didn't like it in the city. One of the days he was in the city he got into a fight and got put with a counselor to fix his problem. After awhile he went back to the woods because he didn't like it in the city and because he wanted to go back. He thought that he would behave better in the wilderness rather then the city. He took a cab to a cabin of a pilot and then took a plane to a river. From there he took a canoe to find a campsite. Along the way he got into many more adventures. I really liked this book and would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures. Also to someone who has already read the other books by Gary Paulsen.
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on March 4, 2002
Brian's Return has some fighting. Brian fight's a bear and a big bully at a pizza place over a girl. The book is about Brian wanting to go back to the wood's. I like this book a little because it is like going on a camping trip. And I kind of don't because it is more of a boy's book than a girl's because there is fighting and Brian kill's animal's. In Brian's Return Brian bring's more supplies like salt. Brian's Return is a 5 star book. Brian meet's a boy named Billy until Billy leaves while Brian is sleeping. I kind of also like this book because Brian camp's in different spot's then in Hatchet. Sometime's Brian will fish without a worm.
A 12 year old
From Indiana
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on March 4, 2002
A ...reader. I really liked the book because it had lots of action, hunting and he going to the woods and it's all about survival. And I liked it because he would have to take care of every thing and put things up in the tree so bears, wolves can get it and destory it all and at the very first he was going to a pizza place and these big kid slammed the door in there faces and Brian hit him and punched him all over until he was black and blue and the cops finally came and took Brian home and Brian decided he was back to thewoods and he spent lots of money getting all the right stuff to go to the woods and finally went back to the woods and that's when it all happenes.
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on February 16, 1999
I don't understsand how he does it time and time again - comes up with original ideas and story lines. The conclusion of the series - and there was no other way to finish it. I often wondered what happened to Brian when he returned to school and the "real" world. I couldn't help but like his world better. The adventure - to be that self assured and confident of your own abilities. To be able to survive and even see yourself years down the road as he did. This was one of Mr. Paulsen's best books - I wish the series didn't have to end - but since it does - he did an awesome job at it!
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on March 29, 2002
Mr. Paulson is an excellent writer and he proves he writes well in the book Brian's Return. Mr. Paulson never leaves out any information needed. He keeps his readers minds working hard by using sense imaging for the reader's imagination. Even if you never have been to Minnesota you will know what it looks like just from his descriptions. Mr. Paulson makes his books so that all ages can enjoy it. In his book Brian's Return, Mr. Paulson proves he is a very intelligent man and knows what he is writing about. I recommend that everyone tries to read one of Mr. Paulson's books they are excellent.
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on October 21, 2003
Gary has pulled off yet another one! Brians return is an overall great read for a rainey day. It is when brian gets saved befor the winter and is shipped back to his home town in the good old USA. Brian has adjusted to the wilderness and is not yet ready to go back to civilazation. Things happen and brian is forced to go into tharepey with a blind x-cop. The x-cop shows him the light and now brian is preparing to go back into the wilderness, but this time he's prepared. Another great book from Gary Paulson and a great book for all ages.
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