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on January 13, 2009
So far, I've been horribly disappointed by this book. The title and premise of the book states that its about how biology and culture shape the way we parent. Great, that's why i bought it. However, I'm almost half way through and so far, all Small has managed to do is repeat over and over again the evolution of ethnopediatrics and justify its validity, with vague sweeping statements about 'biology and culture'. I know that this 'science' is not recognised by other sciences but I don't care. If I did, I wouldn't have bought the book. I keep asking myself why someone didn't edit all this waffle out.

To give some credit where its due, she has brought up about 4 specific parenting methods and compared them to evolution and different cultures (hallelujah!). I just find that wading through all the waffle to get to something I can sink my teeth into is very frustrating. How many times can one author say the same thing and not realize 'we get it!'? For now though, my husband is reading the rest of the book hoping that it actually goes somewhere useful. If it does, I will change my rating but for now, 1 star for wasting my time in making me read 100 pages for very little reward.
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