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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 5, 2003
As someone who has been interested in the sort of topics mentioned in the Da Vinci Code, I was happy to see that Dan Brown actually had a good idea of what he was talking about. There are definite truths in here - and there is also some speculative truth. There have been indications of what the Holy Grail might actually be, instead of what it has come to be for the public.
Fundamentalist Christians, and those afraid of some challenges to the Christian faith, may not like this book at all. (I believe that is why some people rated this with one or two stars - emotional response, instead of using logic and researching the presented beliefs themselves.)
No one can say for sure what happened - one can only follow the clues left behind. This is exactly as Dan Brown has done. A page-turner filled with historical and scientific fact that points to a certain conclusion... What more could you ask for?
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on May 24, 2006
The great thing about this book - and this applies to all Dan Brown's books which I've read - is that it presents art, science, religion and symbolism in a very easy-to-read and enjoyable adventure. You don't need to believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene to read this book, because there is much more to it than just that! Enjoy it and you'll not regret it!
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on July 6, 2004
I just got this book less than a month ago and i finished it within a week, balancing my time from work and other household responsibilities to soak my mind with this masterpiece. No, you cannot take this book as the holy gospel, and if you are swayed by this book, your faith is truely weak to begin with. Though as a man who is interested in the truth, i am now very interested in the topic this book covers. The true Holy Grail, and the "cover up" that was posed by Constantine centuries after the death of Christ.
Back to the book, the story itself is so captivating that it keeps you glued to the pages for hours at a time. Though some of the escapes and plot twists took me aback as perhaps a bit too coincidental for reality to really hold true, a reader need to see past that to see the genius at work. The cyptic nature of the puzzles and the scientific brilliance that is Da Vinci is enough to addict a curious mind to the outcome of this story, and once the finale comes and goes, you only wish there was more.
For those of you who are exploring Dan Brown for the first time (like me), my next suggestion would be Angels and Demons, which is the first adventure of the main character in The Da Vinci Code.
If this book can single handedly grip me, a man with little time to spare, imagine what it can do to you. I warn, before you start this book, cancel any plans you had for the next few days...else you might be fashionably late...if you show up at all.
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on June 11, 2004
I loved this book. I'd purchased it some time ago and was the middle of reading another novel. So I loaned it to my daughter to read first. Then she loaned it to someone else. Next thing I know, I've purchased Angels and Demons and I'm reading it first. After I'd finished reading Angels and Demons, I immediately got in touch with my daughter and told her to get The Da Vinci Code back for me to read. Well, I just finished reading it...non-stop...and I hold the highest of respect and praise for Dan Brown as an excellent writer. After reading the book, I almost knew there would be a great many book reviews because of the book's subject matter and plot. Let's face it, any time an author writes about religion or politics, he's in for the scalding of a lifetime if his story touchs a nerve. Brown no doubt has touched nerves, and it isn't about how he writes because there's no doubt he's a very talented writer. It's more about the subject he picks to write about. I've never seen it fail, you get someone to make a comment about someone else's religion or politics, and you'll get a hot response every time. They aren't really seeing the story but only the subject matter. It's sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees. This is the second book I've read in the last three days for Dan Brown, and now I'm on my way to the bookstore to buy another one of his novels. I can't wait for his next novel. I can't wait to see this book made into a motion picture either. You go, Dan. ;-)
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on May 4, 2004
Author Dan Brown's controversial novel is a sleek, intriguing, engaging and factual(?) thrill ride of a novel. Book discussion about the novel among friends didn't focus on the story of a modern day quest for the Holy Grail (with clues of course in Leonardo Da Vinci's art work). The discussion focused on the concepts and theories that were raised in the novel. For me, the main characters and places serve as backdrop for the ideas being raised by the novel.
In the novel the reader is taken on a electrifying roller coaster ride. From Leonardo Da Vinci's painted clues, pagan rituals, a true secret society (Opus Dei), modern day Knights, the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus, the oppression and fear of the Divine Feminine and even a eye-opening insight into Disney's images, this book will raise more than few eyebrows and makes the reader think.
I can only image the amount of research Mr. Brown had to do with this novel. The author has done a breathtaking job of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for you that will leave you in suspense, on the edge of your chair and in some cases up all night until the last page is turned. I will definitely read more work by Mr. Brown, I simply can't get enough of his Art!s
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on April 28, 2004
THis is a very good audiobook--i listen to it as i do things around my home. however, it has become so interesting as it progresses, that if i am in another room, i have my ear plugged very tightly to the sound and if something happens, i have to run back in to hear it--doesn't help when trying to get housework done! but who cares! i love the french accents and language--i love the ideas about some of the real truths about the catholic church and da vinci's ability to see that and have what seems to be a strong sense of self so that he allows himself to be a prankster and does not allow the church to oppress him as he SEEMINGLY does not in the book. growing up catholic, it is refreshing to see hear this. Plus i love when people stick their neck out not just for the sake of it, but because they see the truth in things, are brave and speak out when others won't. and, they may do it ALONE! i love hearing the history, the art information, the religious information--knowledge is freedom--this book has freed me in many ways--not because i buy 100% that everything written in this book is FACT, but because it gives me the framework to realize that many fears, suspicions and beliefs that i hold right now about people, ideas, things,etc., are simply cobwebs and i can clean them out right now...
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on April 12, 2004
An easy read broken into many short chapters for nice stopping points, except that you really can't stop turning the pages. The mystery is laid out beautifully and Brown has done a great deal of research which surfaces throughout the book. The content of the research sparked my interest and forced me to do my own research on the Dead Sea Scrolls and The Magdalene which led me to more research on The Essenes, The Priory of Sion and Knights Templar. Fascinating topics that I knew nothing about.
It is interesting to read other reviews that slam this book for the simple fact that it raises questions about orthodox religion and beliefs that they have never questioned. I am a deacon on our United Church of Christ consistory, but I am always searching for more infomation. New information isn't necessarily going to change my beliefs, but it can open my eyes to a variety of other beliefs and thoughts that are available.
This book can lead you to many interesting viewpoints and thought processes on religion with a little bit of research on your own using the interent. The story itself keeps you thinking the whole way through and ties itself together beautifully in the end. To help answer one question that I read earlier, "Why would the Priory of Sion be so determined to keep their secret?" Ask the Cathars of the 1400's why the Church of Rome went on their crusades.
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on April 9, 2004
This book is FICTION people!!!! Get a freaking grip. Most low raters are clearly motivated by their fervor for Christianity while other low raters are less conspicuous about their convictions in their "reviews". Again, amazon has to do something about their "review" section because I guarantee that half of the reviews come from people that have never read one page of the book. Maybe amazon should have a quiz section to verify true readers. Why are so many Christians afraid of the damage that a FICTIONAL book can do to the religion? I have firmly held beliefs that are still intact after reading the book. It didn't make me question Christianity and what it stands for. Ever heard of suspension of disbelief?
I hope those that read this are not actually looking for a "review" to buy this book because they would be better served flipping a coin. Everyone who rates here on amazon seems to be motivated by something and totally uninterested in giving an honest review. Oh, and by the way, if you do care, this book is wonderful like all the major news media has stated! The book has been on the bestseller list this long for a reason.
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on April 9, 2004
Prior to reading this book, I saw tons of people getting this book, but had little word of mouth information and never knew what it was about until there was a television special about it. I decided to read it because I thought it was an interesting idea for a book. Especially because it went along with my curiousity about truth and fiction in the Bible and church history.
I absolutely loved it. It opened things up that I hadn't really considered, with my relatively conservative religious upbringing. It was a thrilling idea that Jesus was human, and not a robot without feelings and without a true human experience. It was also fascinating to consider the role of previous church leaders in information, or the supression of it.
It was interesting to see how the book ended, but more interesting was the information that I went out to research after I finished reading it. The book wasn't focused on sex. It was focused on the idea that the information we could have gotten that was such a threat to the authority of church leaders that they felt they had to surpress it. Anyone who walks away thinking the book was all about sex made a snap judgement and didn't see the problems posed by the church burying information. They came in with pre-concieved notions and would have been offended no matter how well or how poorly the story could have been told. They are also probably the same folks who watch television shows and movies just so they can whine about how violated they feel. And that's truly sad.
People who are deeply offended can move on, because they can go get one story spoon-fed to them every week. But those who are interested in looking at a work of fiction that can open their eyes to exciting ideas, while reading a gripping story, will truly enjoy this book. I read this book in a day and have re-read it several times.
This book has also given me a start to do historical research and find out what real events are behind this story.
Fantastic... Read it, but keep an open mind. If you can't do that... Then stay the same as you've always been.
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on April 8, 2004
As a non-Christian I find this book to be absolutly amazing. Our country was not founded on Christian freedom, but on all freedom. Today we have shows like "charmed" who portray pagans as people with supernatural powers. How is this any different from the DaVinci Code? It takes some truth, adds suspense and fiction, to make a fun book. This book is based in fact, while the pieces are true and may not add up to be a whole truth, it never claims to. It is true that experts critique the book because of it's factual mistakes, however, the book has got people interested. It has taken hold of the public and sparked people to look into the truth. Everything in today's society is critiqued and made fun of, just look at the late night television. This book is no different, except that it challanges the majority religion. Just like the movie Stigmata this book raises important questions and convinces people to look more closly at their own religion instead of accepting the dogma that is handed out. The Lord may be our Shepard, but that doesn't mean we have to be sheep and have no brains of our own. Anything that challanges the popular view is going to come in for criticism, Galileo is great example. Instead of looking at this book as a theory, people really need to look at it how it was intended: as a work of fiction loosly based on truth. Ladies and gentleman it's in the fiction section for a reason...
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