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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 31, 2007
I guess whoever reads the customers reviews is a fan or at least have heard about Nora Roberts. The reason I write this review is that I am not a Nora Robers fan and I actually avoided her works, but since I was done with all my favorites writers and I wanted a book to read on the plane in summer and a friend told me since I liked "After the Night" by Linda Howard I will love Carolina Moon as well. Anyways, after I read the book I must say that she was right and I really loved it but since I do not know much about her works. I was wondering is you people who read all of her books might give me ideas as what are her best books and buttom line, which ones would you recommand. I will appreciate it.
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on July 8, 2004
My first Nora Roberts wonder she's so popular! In a great blend of mystery, romance and suspense this story tells the tale of Tory Bodeen--a woman with the gift of ESP and hellish childhood memories. As a child, her best friend and soulmate Hope was viciously murdered--and the culprit was never found. Now, as a young woman, Tory returns to Progress, South Carolina, the town where she grew up, to confront her own personal demons. However, there are a couple of physical ones that Tory must also contend with; her own abusive father, who seems intent on continuing that legacy, and Hope's murderer--who is still out there. Or are they one and the same? Equally disturbing to Tory are the feelings that she is discovering that she has for Hope's surviving brother Kincade...has she found love at last? Can it survive all of the violence and evil to come?
Nora Roberts has put together the best of every genre in this wonderful tale. She has certainly found another fan in me.
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on October 2, 2003
Carolina Moon is a sultry, exciting murder mystery that is also loaded with romance. The lead characters are Tory and Cade, and they remain one of my favourite 'couples' because their personalities are built up so well and they have a fantastic spark between them.
Tory Bodeen was the victim of violence as a girl but now she has returned to her childhood home to confront the past. I liked her because she was a strong woman who wasn't brash or rude, instead she was quiet and vulnerable but with a core of iron. The fact that she was gifted with physic powers was an interesting subplot that was handled well.
Cade Lavelle is the brother of Tory's best friend who was murdered when they were little. His unique point is that although he has inherited farmland from his father he has gone out on a limb to practise organic farming despite the ridicule he faces from neighbours and workers alike. The chemistry is there between the two from the moment they meet up again and only builds as the novel progresses. I liked that Cade was protective of Tory but not in an overbearing way. He really respects her and doesn't react badly to her 'powers' such as having visions and reliving past events which another man in her past did. He was thoughtful and caring in a manly way.
The only complaints I have were that sometimes the story meandered with aimless points of view of seemingly minor characters which didn't have a lot to do with the main story or plot development. During these bits I just thought 'Let's get back to the real action with Tory and Cade'. Secondly Faith, Cade's sister, was not at all likeable in the beginning and was very rude and bitter. Even considering her cold upbringing I thought she was overly harsh, especially to the man who clearly loved her, Wade. However the romance between her and Wade was done well and by the end of the book I was pleased that they got together and felt glad that she had turned into a better person.
Overall Carolina Moon is a fun, gripping read with original characters, strong dialogue and a smart murder mystery. I would recommend this to people who want to read a really good example of romantic suspense.
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on February 7, 2002
"Carolina Moon" by Nora Roberts is a skilfully rendered tale of mystery and romance. Roberts has created a chilling story, full of rich characters and haunting imagery that is sure to stay with readers long after the book is done.
Tory Bodeen has returned to her hometown of Progress, South Carolina to deal with her memories of an abusive father and her childhood friend Hope's brutal murder. She is determined to open her own store and rebuild her life, and so sets about doing just that.
As Tory struggles to deal with her disturbing visions of Hope's death, she develops a relationship with Hope's older brother, Cade Lavelle. Tory and Cade find comfort and passion in each other's arms, and their romance is exquisitely tender and highly erotic.
Unfortunately, Tory's connection to Hope's death makes her the focus of the Lavelle family's hatred. Cade stands by Tory, but the bitter accusations and threats from his mother have Tory questioning the future of her relationship with Cade. Cade and Tory have an unbreakable bond in their grief and love for Hope, but will that grief bring them closer together or tear them apart?
Living back in Progress has been hard for Tory, but it's about to get a lot more frightening and dangerous than she ever expected, because Hope's killer is still at large, and is much, much closer than anyone realizes!
"Carolina Moon" is a captivating mix of mystery, suspense, and romance, guaranteed to keep you turning pages. The storyline is highly original and very intriguing. You don't want to miss this one, so buy it today and enjoy!
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on October 27, 2001
Tory Bodeen has returned from New York to Progress, South Carolina, her small home-town from which she had fled at the age of 18 to escape the beatings of her brutal, evil father and the rumors that surrounded the death of her best friend, Hope Lavelle, 11 years earlier. Tory had special sensory skills that allowed her to see and know things that others could not. She had actually used her powers to help locate missing children during her years in New York. The mystery of the brutal death of her childhood friend still plagued her, and was part of the reason she was returning to Progress. She was also attempting to confront and banish the lingering sense of failure and fear instilled by her father.
When she arrived in Progress to open up an artistic gift shop, she immediately caught the eye of Cade Lavelle, the older brother of her former friend, Hope. Cade was attracted to her, even though she brought back painful memories of his younger sister. Hope's twin sister, Faith, is the bad girl in the plot with her flamboyant, lazy ways and string of failed marriages.
The book is populated with unique and interesting characters and quaint depictions of small town life. Tory's vow to solve the mystery of Hope's death provides a level of intrigue and suspense that serves as an interesting back-drop for the burgeoning romance between she and Cade. Another sub plot is the developing romance between Faith and Wade, the town's vet and Cade's best friend.
Although the outcome of the romance is predictable, the solution to the string of murders is surprising, and the plot keeps you intrigued to the last pages of the book. Nora Roberts has mastered the art of weaving romance into a believable and interesting story.
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on October 17, 2001
I've never written a review before, because I haven't felt strongly enough about a book to do so, but here goes:
While reading Carolina Moon, I was entranced from the beginning. Tory Bodeen's story was exremely fascinating as are the alternate charachters in the book.
The variety of twists and turns in plot kept me turning pages. Throughout reading the book it was as if turning each page, you didn't quite know what was going to happen next, and to whom!
Personally, I found this book to be one of Nora's BEST! I have read a lot of her books, but in all honesty hadn't read the last few. I am glad someone suggested it to me, and I will be going back to read the ones I have missed.
I did not want to put it down. Excellent creativity in development of plot scenes and characters. I found Carolina Moon had just the right amount of detail which enabled me to get lost in the story so I could envision myself right there amongst the action.
Of course I found Tory (Victoria)to be an extremely powerful character, which in my opinion did not overpower the story itself. Loved it!
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on June 17, 2001
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I was only looking for a quick summer read to tide me over until one of my favorite authors released a new novel, but what I discovered was that this author is superb at her game. The blurb on the back cover gave me the information that intrigued me into choosing this paperback: Tory is moving back to her southern hometown after years away because she can no longer avoid her strong feelings about her childhood best friend's murder. Tory hopes to put her lingering melancholy to rest by facing it directly, and in the process she finds herself growing closer to her late friend's older brother. Unbeknownst to her, the killer is aware of Tory's presence and making terrible plans. There's also a supernatural element that adds a deliciously Stephen-King-esque flavor to the tale. Roberts crafts her stories with excellent attention to detail; settings are lovingly rendered, characters reveal themselves slowly but compellingly, dialogue is snappy and incidents are described with an immediacy that puts the reader right in the character's shoes. I was falling in love with the town, feeling like the characters were my friends too and all around impressed with Roberts's technical skill. I picked up some of Roberts's previous romantic suspense after reading this one - I personally enjoyed 'River's End', but a book written prior to that one, 'Sanctuary', had some plot element problems. I think Roberts, who is apparently branching out from mainstream romance, was feeling her way into this genre and I think she shows amazing potential to get even better. As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to her next foray into suspense.
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on February 22, 2001
I read this book, and the comparison IMMEDIATELY jumped out at me. I gave it to mys sister, without telling her what I saw, and she got the connection too. I mean, the small, southern town, the death, the separation, the children of both the founding family and of the resident white trash, the hero's sister. All of it was eerily familiar. Even Robert's inclusion of "the sight" smacked of Linda Howard.
Still, the comparison didn't disturb me. I love Howard, and I liked "After the Night," but this was so much better. All of the characters were more appealing, and the story was stronger, and much more sympathetic. in ATN, there was a vicious arrogance about the hero, and an old, cruel conflict that I never felt was fully resolved, or that he was ever even really sorry for.
The characters in CM are stronger, and much more grown up. They have conversations that last more than ten minutes at a time, don't solve every problem with hot, hard sex, but make a connection on a more intellectual level. So, yeah, they're similar, but this one comes out on top!
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on May 24, 2000
I have not read any other books by Nora Roberts. Reaching for a book to read while I was trapped in a car on a roadtrip, I remembered a favorable blurb in the newspaper and grabbed Carolina Moon. Soon I was engrosed in the story of Tory Bodeen and her quest to return to her hometown to confront the ghosts from her past. The white trash Bodeens had been tenents of the Lavelle family and young Tory's friendship with Hope Lavelle was a source of joy for both children. a brutal act cuts short the life of Hope and sends Tory into hiding from her self and her feelings. Eventually, Tory realizes that she must confront the past in order to heal. She returns to Progress, the town of her childhood to delve out the secrets of the past. Once there she renews contact with the remaining Lavelle family and family members who still live in Progress. She also begins to trust and rely on a special gift that has always been a part of her. In the process of setting out to start a new life, she discovers love and a very real danger from her past which can destroy her. As the story caomes to an end,it almost seems too prepared. This was a really well paced book and I plan to look into other books by this writer.
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on May 1, 2000
Nora Roberts' latest novel, "Carolina Moon," fits quite comfortably in the category of romance.
Unfortunately, that particular description seems to have a stigma that turns away people leery of the genre, especially men, expect the stereotypical white-knight, breathless-heroine, ripped-bodice plots.
The readers that turn away are missing out.
Most novels that are called romances are so much more than that, and just as deserving of readers' attentions as anything by John Grisham or Stephen King, or backed by Oprah Winfrey.
"Carolina Moon" is no different. It is a tale that will thrill any romantic spirit, but also quick-witted, engaging, erotic and contains enough danger and mystery to make it a viable action-adventure.
You won't be bored.
As a child in South Carolina, eight-year-old Tory Bodeen escaped her abusive father's rage through the adventures she shared with Hope Levelle, the eight-year-old daughter of a wealthy family. When Hope was brutally murdered, shame and secrets surrounded Tory's departure.
Years later, she's back in town where it all began - Progress, South Carolina - and the same whispers are still following her as she fights to make peace with what happened the night of Hope's murder.
Along the way, Tory finds friendship with Hope's rebellious twin sister Faith, and love with Hope's older brother Cade. Just one problem - the monster who killed Hope is still free. And he's been waiting for Tory to return.
Roberts has penned an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Each time Tory (who has a bit of a psychic thing going on) feels the presence of Hope's killer nearby, the reader's heart pounds with fear. It's a chilling whodunit, enhanced by the fact that everyone in town is suspect.
It also deserves mention that one of the most interesting characters is Progress itself. The town has a mood, an aura of mystery to it, and is filled with bizarre characters to give it an eclectic feel:
There's Cade and Faith's domineering mother, a woman who puts the capital "B" in ... There's Cade's eccentric Aunt Rosie, whose absent-minded thefts drive Tory up a wall, and there's Cecil, Tory's grandmother's kindhearted plumber/lover.
Faith is a particularly joyous delight to behold, and her sizzling affair with Wade, the town's sensitive veterinarian, is a hoot.
Don't let the "romance novel" label scare you away from this wonderful book. "Carolina Moon" ultimately boils down to good old-fashioned storytelling at its best, and no one should go away without experiencing it.
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