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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 27, 2002
While I've known Terry Pratchett's name for some time now (his collaboration with Neil Gaiman in Good Omens is fantastic) I'd never read one of his books before. I was familiar with the world from an old graphic novel of one of his books (I think Color of Magic) so I didn't feel obligated to start at the beginning.
Interesting Times follows the character of Rincewind on a journey through the Counterweight Continent, the discworld version of the Orient. Rincewind is an interesting character and Pratchett plays him well as a rather powerless wizard who just happens to get by through a sheer amount of luck, and the quickness of his fleeing legs. A pessimistic character, I liked him through the beginning of the book, though by the end his uneagerness to help anyone grew a bit tiresome (though unconciously he tends to help out a great deal.) Rincewind shares the stage, however, with a group of aging barbarians called the Silver Horde who steal the show really. The best bits of the book are the ones involving the Horde. Their lessons on how to be civilized and inability to change their habits.
While I can't rate this in comparison to other Discworld books, I found it highly entertaining, and though, probably not the best place to start the series off. Read some other Pratchett books to aquaint yourself with the world, and work your way up to Interesting Times. It's worth the time.
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on October 29, 2001
This was my first Discworld book, read about a year and a half ago. Pratchett binging ever since. I think I've read ten or twelve now. I do know there have only been two non-Pratchett books and a small hiatus to re-read the Hitchhiker's Guide when Mr. Adams passed on.
The only reason Interesting Times doesn't get 5 stars is because "Small Gods" was a rather seminal book to me, and overshadows this one, if only because of the topic it covers. (Using hilarity to outline a church concept which had me smacking my forehead and cracking the back of my head on the headboard.)
Anyway, I read this and had no idea who Twoflower was, or Cohen, or CMOT Dibbler, or any of the other usual suspects, and still enjoyed it immensely. The follow-up effort "Last Continent" left me wanting, but my girlfriend loved it.
I still think the quote on the back of one of his newer books seems to say it best... it says something along the lines of 'you'd expect Mr. Pratchett to recycle material or become formulaic in the Discworld series after XX books, but each time he goes back to the mine he returns with a motherload.'
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on June 3, 2000
This book may have finally goten my husband to read a Pratchett novel. Whilst looking over my sholder in the dentist's office he caught the names Cohen the Barbarian and Ghengiz Cohen. that piqued his interest.
Interesting times seems to be mainly about the characters who have successfully avoided Death in the past. Rincewind is back with the luggage (which promptly gets lost) and takes on the wrestless wrestlers. Cohen has joined forces with 5 other barbarians and a teacher to form the Silver Horde. And Twoflower's memoirs of his trip to Ankh-Morpork have become the manifesto for a revolution.
Yes, I would say Terry Pratchett did a good job on this one. The puns are awful as usual and even when you see the set up for them you wind up groaning or giggling. (This tends to cause people sidle away from you in a crowded room.)
Fate and Lady are at it again. Lady, of course chooses her favorite character and the Unseen university receives a message asking for the Great Eizzard to be sent to the Counterweight Continent. After much arguing about the dangers inherent in such a trip, they decide to locate Rincewind and send him. He finds himself in the middle of a revolution being run by polite revolutionaries. He runs into Cohen and his horde who are out to steal something really big. From there the usual chaos ensues. If you enjoy the dryer humor of Terry Pratchetts discword novels, you'll enjoy this one.
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on December 1, 1999
Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett is worth reading. Like Jingo, Feet of Clay, and other Discworld novels, each of its characters deserves a biography of their own. Allthough all of Pratchett's books are very funny, this is the only one that made me laugh out loud. It is very crazy, which characterizes Discworld novels. Take for instance 6 old men, one in a wheelchair, but able to take on armies. These and other odd characters appear in this book. I only give it four stars because the plot could be better.
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on April 19, 1997
Oversimplified biased view of the east notwithstanding, this book has lot to teach our young people (and the chronically old) about correct outlook on life and poeple and teaches it with out pissing the reader off. If only these bloody English authors can get it in to their heads that the world has non-Anglo Saxon saviours....
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on July 18, 1999
Discworld anti-hero Rincewind and one of its heroes - the Luggage :) - are back. With the support of Cohen and his horde of elderly co-barbarians, they stir trouble in the Discworld equivalent of China, where politeness keeps the People's Army from getting on with their revolution. Well-written, funny, nice to read!
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on September 5, 1998
Rincewind, as the 'Great Wizzard' is sent to the Agatean Empire as the legend goes with the great wizzard summoning the red army. Features the Archancellor, Twoflower, Cohen and the Silver horde. Very interesting, with a good storyline and the book 'What I Did on my Holidays'
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on June 11, 1998
I really enjoy Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, although I prefer more time being spent in Ankh-Morpork. I've had this book on the shelf for a while and just got around to reading it. It's good and a must for all of those who enjoy the Discword series.
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on July 21, 1999
Rincewind the Wizzard is back, and more hilarious than ever! Fans of Discworld, beware: long periods of helpless laughter due to the riotous nature of this book may ensue upon reading. Readers are in for a side-splitting, spirits-lifting good time.
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