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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on May 10, 2003
In the early dawn of the 21st century, a time of the Urban Wars, a group known as Apollo is blowing up buildings demanding an end to the corrupt government. After many ignored demonstrations of their power they finally go too far, and are systematically eliminated by the government. Fast forward to the present, 2059 and history seems to repeating itself.
Eve must stop this new terrorist group before they destroy her beloved city. Okay...I have to say that this book was written in 1999, and the eerie likeness to the events of September 11th, 2001 gave me chills. Despite the bad memories this book drags up, it is still GREAT! I finished it in under 24 hours. After the slower pace of CONSPIRACY IN DEATH, this book is like getting strapped into a roller coaster with no brakes. Wow, the action in LOYALTY IN DEATH in fast, intense and explosive!
As a bonus, this book focuses alot on Peabody. We get to meet her brother, Zeke, a free-ager visiting New York. She also continues to struggle with her love/hate relationship with McNab. Wow, that one is really heating up. Book #9, LOYALTY IN DEATH certainly does not dissappoint. It is a great, exciting addition to this series.
JBogue...Specializing in paranormal romance and fiction.
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on February 12, 2000
The "In Death" series is very nearly perfect - I've seen reviews from readers who say the plots are not realistic - I have enough reality in my life - that's why I read romantic mysteries. The dialogue between Eve and Roarke is marvelous, as it is between McNab and Peabody, and I adore the fact that Summerset cuddles Galahad when neither thinks anyone is watching. The love scenes between Eve and Roarke are exquisite - graphic enough to be exciting but never slipping over the line to distasteful. Roarke, of course, is everything most of us want in a man, and he adores his Darling Eve who is tough, smart and totally at sea as to why this man should love her so desperately. All the characters are developing at their own delightful pace. I have read this whole series to tatters. When I receive a new J. D. Robb, I gulp it down in one sitting, then go back immediately and reread every word. I have no idea where Ms. Robb will take us next, but I know I'm going to enjoy the journey and I can hardly wait for it to begin.
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on October 13, 1999
WOW! I hounded my local bookseller for days waiting for this one to hit the shelf. Got it home, ignored my chores, put my daugther to bed, and stayed up all night to finish. It was worth it . . . the only bad thing is - now its over and I'm back to waiting.
Eve is a multifaceted character and we get to see the good with the bad. Same goes for her husband Roarke. Finally characters who truly love and respect each other, but aren't afraid to disagree. And the secondary characters are right there doing their jobs - filling in details, adding depth, generally moving the story along.
On the one hand I love the timeline of these stories. Each book/case seems to pick up where the last one left off. We find out about how Eve and her cohorts live their daily lives. Relationships have depth. But, because of the timeline, I can't jump to the end and get my happily ever after fix. When will they have kids, how will Eve handle pregnancy and her job, when will Eve be promoted, will Roarke eventually own New York City?? AAHHH the questions. A sure sign of another J. D. Robb 5-star book. I'm anxiously awaiting the next one.
And please Nora, don't just leave these two characters hanging. If you do ever write a final installment . . . we've gotta have that epilogue to tie up their future.
If you want action, adventure, romance . . . BUY THIS BOOK. If you've never read a J.D. Robb, Eve/Roarke story . . . you'll want to start at the beginning and experience "In Death" in full detail.
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on January 22, 2002
"Loyalty in Death" by J.D. Robb finds our tough-as-nails heroine, Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD, pitted against a group of terrorists. This enigmatic group, known only as Cassandra, has no clear motive for the death and destruction they are causing. Indeed, it is simply the thrill of murdering the innocent and the fun of senseless destruction of property that they thrive on.
So Eve, with a little help along the way from her handsome and brilliant husband Roarke, sets about finding the trail that will lead to these murdering terrorists. She uncovers a connection to a mystery that began decades before and begins putting together the pieces. But when the threats from Cassandra get a little too personal, Eve shows her true grit by putting her life on the line to save those she loves!
I really can't say enough good things about this book. The mystery is thrilling and fun, and puts a fresh spin on what could have been a rather mundane topic. Eve and Roarke's relationship is as satisfying as ever in this instalment, and is still full of heart-pounding passion and exquisite tenderness. I have become so attached to Eve, Roarke and company that I feel like they are old friends - which makes picking up each new book that much better. I fly through each of Robb's books in record time, simply because I can't put them down.
"Loyalty in Death" is a first-rate romantic suspense novel, in a series that is sure to impress. One word of warning though - don't start reading these books if you can't afford to buy all 13 of them, because once you read one, you have to read them all! Robb's "In Death" series is absolutely irresistible - with it's vivid and lovable characters, fascinating futuristic setting, and ever-entertaining storylines - you just can't go wrong!
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on November 29, 1999
I found this to be a very enjoyable book to read. If you want to read a book that goes straight to your heart, read Stolen Moments by Barbara Jeanne Fisher. . .It is a beautiful story of unrequited love. . .for certain the love story of the nineties. I intended to give the book a quick read, but I got so caught up in the story that I couldn't put the book down. From the very beginning, I was fully caught up in the heart-wrenching account of Julie Hunter's battle with lupus and her growing love for Don Lipton. This love, in the face of Julie's impending death, makes for a story that covers the range of human emotions. The touches of humor are great, too, they add some nice contrast and lighten things a bit when emotions are running high. I've never read a book more deserving of being published. It has rare depth. Julie's story will remind your readers that life and love are precious and not to be taken for granted. It has had an impact on me, and for that I'm grateful. Stolen Moments is written with so much sensitivity that it made me want to cry. It is a spellbinder. What terrific writing. Barbara does have an exceptional gift! This book was edited by Lupus specialist Dr. Matt Morrow too, and has the latest information on that disease. ..A perfect gift for someone who started college late in life, fell in love too late in life, is living with any illness, or trying to understand a loved one who is. . .A gift to be cherished forever.
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on February 4, 2002
In this volume of the "in Death" series, we learn far more about the "past" of the series - their past history, still in our future. The series is set in the 2050's; however, the events of this book flow from events thirty years in their past, in the 2020's. This gives us more of an idea of why the New York of Eve Dallas' time is the way it is.
If you are new to the series, you may find it helpful to read some of the previous books as well - while each book in this series can stand alone as a police procedural/thriller, it is more fun if you can also follow the background stories of the personal lives of our characters. Eve Dallas is our police lieutenant hero, of course, and her husband Roarke (just Roarke) is his rich, enigmatic self. The interaction between Eve's sidekick/aide Peabody, and fellow cop McNab, gets tenser in this book (think elevators!). Mavis, Eve's best friend, is having success with her singing career. All of these background sub-plots are one of the fun parts of the series. It's a tradition that hangs over from police procedural series started more than 40 years ago, such as Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series, and it's nice to see Robb pay homage to that great tradition.
The plot of this particular volume involves a terrorist group destroying New York landmarks, a theme that will perhaps resonate even more with readers now (I write this review in Jan 2002) than it did when the book was first published. It is poignantly sad to see that on the list of proposed targets is the Twin Towers - I had to shake my head and say, sorry, the terrorists didn't wait that long... The final target, and the culmination of the book, will keep you awake and reading. And who the terrorists are will make you think, about how such things carry on through the generations, and contemplate how we could go about trying to break that cycle.
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on February 19, 2015
Despite the mention of several murders right from the start – this story begins rather placidly. Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, is called to a particularly gruesome killing that appears down-played and surreal, with the DA offering the culprit Man 2 without so much as waiting to receive the relevant paperwork. Case closed and shut in a day. Nice! And I am sure, we have all heard of cases just like that – no wonder, J D Robb uses this in one of her Eve Dallas plots.
Something doesn’t sit well with the Lieutenant, though, especially once she and Rourke attend the reading of the dead man’s Will, which ‘showers’ the murderer with millions – and there is no law against that. Can you blame Eve for digging deeper? And then, literally, all hell breaks loose!
Nora Roberts – writing this series as J D Robb – tackles the subject of mass bombings. Those people, who kill indiscriminately because they feel short changed – be that literally in financial endeavours or more laterally because they want their 15 minutes of fame. Murder the innocent and blame whoever or whatever comes in handy.
Yet another pretty controversial subject stacked on top of the other covered in this storyline is that there is one law for the rich – who can ‘buy’ themselves the best and most unscrupulous lawyers they can possibly find – and one for the poor who have to accept whoever is assigned to their case to defend their rights, a very active and troublesome subject indeed.
J D Robb – in her usual, easy flowing writing style – once again captures the reader’s attention and interest with intrigue and plenty of ‘Red Herrings’. This is an absolutely fascinating series, not only for the subject matters and thrills where murder is concerned, but even more intricate watching a very anti social homicide Lieutenant ‘learning the ropes’, evolving into a woman who is well loved and learns to love right back. And this time round, the people she cares about are alive and not ‘resting’ in the city morgue …
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on April 23, 2004
Jd Robb's 9th entry in her "Death" series has Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke receiving threatening letters from a terrorist group. Each letter brings about a public threat/bomb that threatens civilians, property and the city.
Like all the "Death" novels, the mystery and relationship between Eve and her husband are effectively blended. There is also a subplot involving Eve's police partner, Peabody and her brother. The main plot of the terrrorist threats and the subplot advance and blend seamlessly--until the end where they are eventually connected and intertwined. Its nice to get some background on Peabody and her life--each book in the series gives us more and more information on the secondary characters.
In the wake of 9/11, I found that the plot of the book hit all too close to home, as New York was again targeted by terrorists. It was almost painful to read about the bombs and chilling when they go off and harm innocent civilians. Loyalty in Death is definately one of the better novels in this series.
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on October 20, 1999
These books were recommended to me by a writing tutor and they are an excellent example of futuristic crime and romance. So far, I have enjoyed every one of them. I did feel, however, that Loyalty wasn't as good as the others. Roarke, for once, annoyed me with his constant interference in the investigation and Eve gave in to his arrogance time and time again. He should have respected her wishes in some aspects. As usual, the perpertrator was well-hidden and the addition of a wild and loose Peabody was great! 'bout time, too! I enjoyed the humour in it too, but I was less than satisfied with the sudden ending. I would have like to have seen the tension build with a bit about the other sites being checked rather than the sudden rush to the actual place of confrontation. I can't see how J.D. Robb can stop writing after the little tid-bit about Eve's parents - that this is the last book would be cruel and unusual punishment! So, I look forward to more, but like everybody else, I have to wait patiently, *sigh*.
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on October 6, 1999
Though technology has made incredible advances over the centuries, people from various eras seem to behave the same. In the latter part of the twenty-first century, crime runs rampart in the Big Apple. Guns may be banned, but murder still occurs at an alarming rate with some culprits using ingenious methods to accomplish their nefarious deeds. For instance, the mistress of J. Clarance Bronson felt her lover was cheating on her. She simply took her paramour's power drill and riveted him to a wall. Though everyone believes Bronson was a faithful person, police Lieutenant Eve Dallas thinks there must be more to this story.

However, Eve leaves the Bronson case on hold to deal with a paramilitary fringe group, Cassandra, who wants to depose the government. The group has challenged Eve to a contest in which the stake is to see how quickly they can destroy her. The group terrorizes the city by blowing up abandoned buildings and highly populated landmarks without a conscious look back at the impact on innocent people. Billionaire Rourke helps his beloved wife Dallas as they close in on a dangerous group of terrorists, not yet knowing that this will lead them to an even more menacing radical gang.

J.D. Robb continues to provide freshness to her ongoing "Death" series by spotlighting other recurring characters like an aide and a fellow officer. The complex who-done-it is entertaining as it focuses on a "history" that occurred earlier in the twenty-first century. Ms. Robb delights her fans with the next installment in her futuristic saga.

Harriet Klausner
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