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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 24, 2003
I especially liked this Book because it really starts the Jedi/Sith relation ship and it begins the actual story because it introduces the real enemy to the Jedi: The Shadow Academy.
In this book, Luke tells the Young Jedi knights that he encountered spies in his acedemy long ago, sent by the Second Imperium. Luke came across one truely talented young man by the name of Brakiss. Instead of banishing him like the others, he decided to keep him and train him. Luke made an attempt to turn him from the dark side.
One day, while Luke was giving the young man lessons, Brakiss left the Jedi acedemy and fled. Luke had failed to turn him and later will encounter him in a more deadly form.
The Solo twins, Jacen and Jaina, and their friends, Lowbacca and Tenal Ka, have been given permission by Lando Calarissian to come to his Gem diver station located on the Gas Giant Yavin. They all decide to go, except Tenal Ka. She imforms her friends that she thinks that the experiance would be boring and that she had seen rainbow gems on Gallinore.
When the twins arrive at the Gem diver station, Lando shows them around and tells them how his company mines a very rare gem known as Corusca Gems. When Lando is done showing them how to capture the gems, an unknown fleet appears. Lando tells them that nothing could get past their heavily armored walls, but the fleet had a speacial mechanism that got through. They later relise that the ship was using Corusca Gems to cut trough. When the ship docked with the station, and Dark women walked into the station with a squad of strom troopers. Jaina, feeling a distrubance in the force, somehow knew that they were after her and her friends.
The dark women stunned all the guards and captured the young jedi knights and took them to the Shadow Acendmy where they would be trained as Dark Jedi to assist the Second Imperium.
I really enjoyed this book and it was a very good addition to the Young Jedi Knights series.
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on December 6, 2002
This story is about the Dark Jedi apprentice starts his own school of training Dark Jedi-the Shadow Academy. Luke Skywalker had once tried to turn him, but the evil training of the Empire proved to be firmly placed inside him. He had disappeared...only to reappear now.
Meanwhile, the twins and Lowbacca are visiting their adopted "Uncle" Lando's GemDiver station, the job of the place is to capture valuable Coruscan gems. Suddenly, an Imperial fleet appears and attacks the station. The Imperials shoot all the workers, including Lando, into unconsciousness and kidnaps the twins and Lowie.
Tenel Ka, who didn't go along with them because she had to have a meeting with the Ambassador Yfra, and Luke Skywalker race to find them. They find out that the Nightsisters of Dathomir, who had been all destroyed, was rising up again and were making alliances with the Empire. They also find out that the twins and Lowie had been taken to a Shadow be trained into becoming Dark Jedi Knights for the rising Empire.
What will happen to the twins and Lowie? Will Luke and Tenel Ka be too late?
This book is great, I love reading it! I'm sure you will too, and the next book, "The Lost Ones" is just as good so you will want to read it as well!
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on February 25, 2002
Written by the terrific husband and wife team, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, the Star Wars Young Jedi Knights series are not to be missed! These series of books center on the young twins of Han Solo and Lei Organa, Jacen and Jacen, and their friends, Lowbacca and Tenel Ka, as they journey on the road to becoming Jedi Knights.
The second book, "Shadow Academy", begins where the twins and their friend Lowie journey to Lando's new venture, GemDiver Station. Unfortunately, Tenel Ka couldn't go with them since her grandmother, the Matriarch of the Royal Hapan Cluster, had sent her ambassador, Yfra, to visit her. Tenel Ka has still not confessed to her friends about her true identity, the heir to the Royal Throne of Hapes. But little does anyone know that an evil force is growing stronger all the time, this same evil force with evil plans for the young jedi knights...
"Shadow Academy" is so much fun, one of my favorites of the first part of the first six books of the series. But "Lightsbaers" and "Jedi Under Siege" comes pretty close. The five main characters of the books are well likable because each of them have their own personalities, characteristics, and quirks.
JACEN: He loves all living thing from plants, animals, to insects. In his own room he has his on menagerie of them. He has a special talent in using the Force to communicate with living creatures.
JAINA: An almost complete opposite of her brother, she takes after her father, Han Solo. She is a mechanical whiz and just loves taking apart and putting together droids, machines, and just almost anything. Also like her father, she is very spirited and has a self-confidence which makes her a natural leader.
LOWBACCA: Called Lowie by his friends, he is a Wookie and the nephew of Chewbacca. Very courageous and strong, he loves his friends very much. But sometimes he can't but just help missing his home planet Kashyyyk.
EM TEEDEE: Very much like C-3PO (almost to a fault), Em Teedee is a miniature translating droid who is always kept on Lowie's belt. Though talkative and annoying at times, Em Teedee is a member of the five friends.
TENEL KA: My personal favorite character, Tenel Ka is the daughter of Teneniel Djo, one of the witches of Dathomir, and Prince Isolder of the Royal House of Hapes. Loyal, a little humorless, brave, and strong, she is a warrior and most of all a true friend. Though strong in the force, she tries not to rely too much in it so she is very athletic.
So I highly recommend you read all of the fourteen books in order. The series are divided mostly into three parts. The first six books are about the rising force of the Empire and its Dark Jedi Knights. The next five books are about how the Jedi's must stop the Diversity Alliance. And the last three books are how the Jedi's deal with Czethros and Black Sun. Another Star Wars series I very much recommend are the "Jedi Apprentice" series. Don't miss them!
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on November 6, 2000
Shadow Academy is an awesome book to continue the YJK series! If you were wondering about the introduction on the Tie-fighter and the pilot in the first book, now you know!
The Dark Side is everywhere and now it's found its way to the twins! The newly borne Dark Jedi group -- Shadow Academy -- has been alerted to the twins' and their fellow Jedi's presence at Yavin 4 (by a most unprecedented means!) and want to use the twins' Jedi abilities to their own dark advantage. So what do they do? Kidnap the twins and any other Jedi who happen to be there! From where and how? You've got to do the reading! And what about the other Jedi Knights and Luke? Tenel Ka has her own problems to deal with, but it's a good thing she did otherwise... Lowie is in the same boat as the twins, and Luke's got some Jedi chasing to do.
The description and imagery is again vivid and the style is consistent with the first book. Again, great artwork (I miss the foil-embossing! ^.~) and another one to add to your (hopefully) growing collection!
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on August 18, 2000
I didn't actually watch Star Wars untill thrid grade. My parents had tried to show it to me when I was younger, but I just didn't get it. Then I saw them in third grade and I liked it a lot. That year we went on a vacation, so my mom bought this one for me to read on the airplane. I tried to get into it a couple of times, but I never got very far. I just couldn't understand it. I really tried though, and after those first two or three pages I fell in love with it. Now, of course, I understand it perfectly, I just didn't know enough about Star Wars then to get it. I never would have really gotten in to Star Wars (well I don't actually know that, but) if I hadn't read it. I couldn't put it down and read it rapidly. All I talked about the rest of the trip was my book and how good it was, and when I got home I bought the next one, and so started my Star Wars craze.
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on September 14, 1998
I know Anderson is a better writer than this book, and that is taking it into consideration that this is a book for young adults, but this book was not up to his usual standards (read the first in the series, and you'll see he can write a young adult fiction well). First of all, I cannot believe that with the twins being kidnapped, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and Lando (and remember, he is somewhat responsible) sat back and did nothing. That doesn't even fit with their character at all. I think the idea of the Shadow Academy is something Anderson should have used for his next trilogy...there was so much more that could have been done with this idea that just wasn't. I am greatly disappointed that ANderson let such a good story idea fall so flat.
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on November 22, 2000
This is one of my favorites in the series,(it loses by the slightest margin to Lightsabers and Jedi Under Siege) because I love all the warrior women in it. Tenal Ka is definitly my favorite character in the series and the sequences from her point of veiw are my favorites. Another thing I liked about this book and the whole series actualy, was that the adults have a real part in story, instead of just being there for effect. I thought the writing was exelant, and the characters extremly well developed, and I would recamend this series to anyone, though kids ten to fifteen would probobly enjoy it best.
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on December 25, 1996
It keeps on going and going doesn't it? First we had the original trilogy by Lucas, then the amazing trilogy of Zahn, and now we even have 15 more excellent Star Wars books. Where will it end? Certainly not here, 'cause with Shadow Academy, Kevin J. Anderson has opened the Star Wars universe again. 15 years after the destruction of the Death Star. It's interesting to learn all the new characters and to see that the Empire is still not defeated. The story never bores you and is very well written. I really hope to see more "Young Jedi Knights" in the future. May the Force be with them..
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on April 17, 2003
This is probably one of my favorites in the Young Jedi Knights sereis.
Jaina, Jacen, and Lowie go to Lando's GemDiver station. While they're there, a group kidnapps them. They are taken to the Shadow Academy to be trained in the Dark Side of the Force.
Meanwhile, Tenal Ka and Luke learn of the kidnapping and set out to find the twins and Lowie.
Will Luke and Tenal Ka find Jaina, Jacen, and Lowbacca? Or will the Shadow Academy succede where the Emperor did not(turning the heirs of Anakin to the Dark Side of the Force)?
Grab this book and find out! You won't regret it!!![.]
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on November 27, 2002
Any Star Wars fan out there must read this book. The Solo children are some of the best Star Wars characters ever and they are really good in this book too. This was sooo exciting; I couldn't put it down. Jacen, Jaina, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka, and Luke are really cool. Nobody went out of character, and this book was never boring. The plot was very original. A MUST-read for any fan. Do yourself a favour. READ THIS BOOK!!! Also, read the other Young Jedi Knights books too, because they're awesome!
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