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2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
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on March 17, 2013
I am one of those who loves the character of Jack Ryan and the books Tom Clancy has written about him - books that are detailed and demand a reader to pay attention, books that create a character one can admire while at the same time engage those looking for action. But do not look to this "sequel" to "The Bear and the Dragon" as another real contribution to the series. Sadly, the novels about the Jack Ryan we know and love ("Ryanverse") effectively ended with that book. Perhaps the first tip-off should have been the fact that "The Teeth of the Tiger" is so short. In it, Clancy quickly kills off one beloved character and elevates a disliked one. It's as if he's telling the readers who love the series, "Take that, I don't care anymore." The writing is pathetic (filled with inane dialogue like, "Hang a big Roge-O on that, bro") and the plot is silly. I suspect (and dearly hope) that this was ghostwritten. The character of Jack Jr. is interesting, as is the concept of the environment in which he finds himself, but Clancy has let his audience down with this one.
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on January 15, 2007
I was sifting through a box of books left in the "donation" area of our condo building and found "Teeth of the Tiger." Having read all of the Jack Ryan novels, I felt well versed in the Tom Clancy dogma and decided why not continue forward. What a waste of time that turned out to be. I couldn't believe some of the wooden dialogue that was written for the three central characters. The two brothers (Dom and Brian - cousins to Jack Ryan Jr.) spoke to each other like two wide-eyed Archie comic high school students. If I spoke to my brother like that I'd be hard pressed to show myself in public. I find it easy to suspend myself in the reality that the TV show "24" creates from episode to eposide, because the action has you on the edge of your seat so you have no choice but to lean forward and give in to the thrill ride. Conversely, Teeth of the Tiger has a couple too many coincidences, such as the brothers (who have been recruited by a clandestine government sponsored anti terror agency) who just happen to be shopping at the mall that's been targeted by suicide gunmen. What a bore, to me the climax happened way too early, and caused me to flip unread pages to the end, which was entirely uneventful. I think Mr. Clancy, out of respect for the fans who he impressed with the Ryan chronicles, should kindly step aside and let a new generation write for an age that requires an entirely different type of dialogue, and a heck of a lot more adrenalin.
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on August 12, 2003
The last novel that Tom Clancy presented to readers was not well received. With," Teeth of the Tiger", we are again presented with a young Jack Ryan but this time it is a new generation and not a work that is a prequel to previous books. This book ends abruptly and does so at a point that would normally mark the half way mark in terms of length of one of Mr. Clancy's works. This book is not a sweeping complete tale; it is clearly one in a series. This work borrows from, "Clear and Present Danger", "Without Remorse", and finally, "Rainbow Six".
The concepts of sanctioned action outside of nearly any governmental oversight, the drug trade and finally forms of revenge were all explored in the other works that I mentioned. The new twist here has to do with populating the events with Jack Ryan Jr. and two of his first cousins. There is nothing here readers have not been exposed to before and have enjoyed. Mr. Clancy brings great authenticity to the organizations he creates here just as he always does in his work. What is missing this time is the very deft hand he has always been when it comes to the gadgets and weapons systems he presented. His books read as though he had unique access to information, one work even included a satellite photo that caused a bit of an uproar. His very first book was said to have caused consternation in the Navy due to the remarkable and correct detail he offered readers This book's events largely take place in the world of cyberspace and Mr. Clancy clearly is not as comfortable with this and related subjects.
I have read all of his stand-alone novels and as a reader from the very first work I would like to see new novels and complete works like those he presented in the past. When you see this book you will immediately note how slender a volume it is for this author. At 430 pages it is comparatively brief, and with the introduction of Ryan Jr. it appears much of Jack Sr.'s career is going to be explored once again. Placing the next generation of the Ryan family in the loop does not constitute a new novel. In this instance the book read like a re-tread and is not a major new work by Mr. Clancy. If fans are not enamored by this work it will mark the second tale in a row that has disappointed his readers.
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on July 13, 2004
To be fair, I thought the idea of a clandestine, vigilante group to be intriguing. (Why not level the playing field? After all, we can't win 'til we're all playing by the same rules.) But after reading Teeth of the Tiger, I've sworn off anything new from Tom Clancy (especially since this is the second stinker in a row). This was barely worthy of a soap opera / sit-com writer. The dialog is mostly unbelievable and annoyingly repetative; the plot is so contrived that F.W. Dixon--who wrote the Hardy Boys--would've reconsidered it. ("Let's see, we need an intel weenie to go help the twins. Has to be somebody young, someone they trust..." Hmmm, who will it be?)
I don't know if it's because of the successful movie versions, but it seems like he's "dumbing down" his books for a wider appeal. How about we just get smarter readers?
This wasn't even palatable as a propaganda piece like the ones produced during the 1940's.
If you've run out of ideas, take a break - you must have enough money by now.
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on May 22, 2004
This is by far the worst Tom Clancy book I have read. I thoght Red Rabbitt was bad, but this is even much worse. When Clancy first started writing novels, plots were well developed as were characters. Much like Sid Meier's computer game of the same name, Hunt for Red October, was superb. So much so, that the U.S. Naval Institute (a group of former naval officers)for the first time in their history published Clancy's book as a unknown author. Most of the rest of the Jack Ryan series were similarly taut. Now that Mr. Clancy has developed into a full blown businessman (he owns part of the Baltimore Orioles, for example), he seems to have forgotten his readers, the folks that got him his fortune. Teeth of the Tiger is actually boring in spots and comes across as well as a first draft of a freshman english essay. I forced myself to wade through most of the book only to be set up for a sequel at the end. If Clancy thinks that his name recognition alone will sell his books, he may start wishing that he was still selling insurance, the job that he had prior to his first book.
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on May 13, 2004
Where has the Tom Clancy that we all know gone???
I read this book in one day - I could not put it down. That's not to say that I found it captivating - but I kept reading to find out what the twist was going to never came.
I thought the idea of 'the campus' (a privately run espionage agency) was laughable at best, but thought 'what the hell, we've read enough about the CIA, this could be refreshing'. Oh, how wrong I was!!
Then to introduce Jack Ryan Jnr., and his two cousins (who just happen to be fraternal twins) and who, from memory have never been mentioned in any of his previous works, was ridiculous... but I read on anyway.
I could not understand the need to spend 5 or so pages descibing the early childhood and subsequent career of the Mossad agent only to kill him off a few pages later and then not tie that into the story apart from mentioning that it was a joy kill for the story's "BAD GUY" (a phrase used about 300 times throught the book).
And Tom, maybe it's just me, but if you are going to introduce two main characters, for God's sake don't give them nicknames. I had to start taking notes to try and keep track of who was talking to who - was it Enzo or Aldo? or maybe it was Brian. No wait, I think it was Domonic!! or was it Jack Ryan Jnr. who couldn't seem to go one paragraph without referring to his father, grandfather, mother, sisters.....
Who wrote this drivel, Tom Clancy Jnr. or his twin cousins Alberto and Gino?????
I have read all the Jack Ryan series (with the exception of Red Rabbit) and loved every one of them. While most (not all) were verbose in the description of characters and their thoughts, the plot was that good that it was easy to forgive and even overlook it. In this book he takes the term 'verbose' to an entirely new level altogether and the plot is that bad that I found myself constantly skimming pages to get back to the story.
The countless errors (already mentioned by other reviewers) contained throughout the book made me draw the conclusion that this story was written on a roll of toilet paper while Mr. Clancy was drunk and suffering from an extended bout of verbal diarrhoea.
The ending...well what can you say? It just ends!! A 20 year old graduate, come intel analyst, come assassin (after only 2 weeks or so) kills a "BAD GUY", casually says goodbye to his two cousins, jumps on a plane..... and that's it.
I for one, will not be rushing out to buy the next installment to see how two "BRO'S" and a "CUZ" manage to neutralize an International Terrorist organization with a laptop and two neurotoxin injecting pens. Sounds more like a Macgyver episode than a true Tom Clancy novel.
Shame, Tom, Shame. If you refund the hard earned money I spent on this book and promise to write a serious novel next time (and not a comedy) then I just may reconsider putting you back on my list as "One of the best".
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on May 7, 2004
I thought Red Rabbit was horrible, but man, this is horrible! The Teeth Of The Tiger is about a secret organization called 'the campus' where it is a anti-terrorism organization (sort of what Rainbow is). So now we meet Brian and Dominac; Brian is a former FBI agent, while Dominac came back from fighting in Afghanistan to join the organization. Then we meet Jack Jr. now a grown man and ready to follow in his father's footsteps when Jack Ryan was hunting down the Red October, and getting the Special Forces in Columbia after a failed operation to get rid of the Cali drug cartel.
So now, terrorist hook up with the Cali cartel in Columbia to sneak them in America so that the terrorist can attack a shopping mall in D.C. So now, Brian and Dominac go into the mall to shop for some new shoes and they discover the plot. So then Jack Jr. Brian and Dominac head to Europe and get the main man for coming up for this operation.
So why the one star? For one, Clancy got LAZY with his writing, and he calls the terrorist 'scumbags'. He is VERY RACIST toward the Arab characters in this book, and him writing that it takes Brian and Dominac 30 minutes to run a mile, for one these men were fit, so why would it take them 30 minutes to run a mile? I can walk a mile in 30 minutes. The book is POORLY written and it begins good, but is SAGS like a poor swimmer who is sinking in water. I felt this novel had potential, but Clancy didnt take his time and I felt that he would just retire.
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on May 6, 2004
Having read most of Tom Clancy's books, and finding Rainbow Six to be my favorite, I am supremely disapointed with this book. Tom Clancy has certainly found his niche when it comes to writing (Terrorism seems to be a good topic for him) but this novel fell short, figuratively as well as literally, of what I would expect from someone of Mr. Clancy's reputation.
There were four great flaws that I saw in the book. One was that the main terrorist attack occured and was resolved halfway through the book, rendering the rest of the book pointless. Second was that the dialogue between the two Carusso brothers almost seemed childish after awhile. No one, not even Brigadier General's who've spent their entire lives in the military communicate soley in military speak. Every response was a "roger" a "negative" or a "roger that bro." I mean, come on... are we really expected to believe that there is anyone who talks like that on a regular basis. Thirdly, it's highly unlikely that the two brothers would be recruited in the way that they were (in fact, it's highly unlikely that a black ops agency that specializes in counter-terrorism would ever put two brothers together in those types of situations. It was also a bit arbitrary how the "targets" were chosen for the brothers assignments. It almost seemed as though the individuals running the "campus" just took turns throwing darts at a poster with lots of terrorists faces on it and whomever the dart hit, that was the next target. Finally, the book didn't end. It just stopped.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Tom Clancy fan, but these disappointments compel me to plea... come on Tom!!!
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on March 11, 2004
I feel ripped off. There is only a third or maybe even half of a good book here. I feel like clancy must be trying to squeeze money out of his loyal readers. The book leaves you knowing that a sequel is just around the corner, but to not to tell us that up front is a rip off. Not Clancy's (previous) style at all.
Jack Jr. cannot be any blood relation to Jack Ryan Sr.! He appears as a comic figure in a world of murder and terrorism. The whole scene in the restaurant is laughable and idiotic. There are questions about Jack Sr. and many of our other favorite players brought up but left unanswered. The other characters display a severe lack of knowledge of spookdom through experience they supposedly possess. This book is a complete departure from the real-world writings of Clancy's previous novels. John Clark would be ashamed of being associated with these yokels.
All in all, this book is a big disappointment. I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy, I have all of his books in my library, and until know have enjoyed them completely. There is poor character development in many of the players, and worst of all the ending that leaves the audience hanging. The plot is basically a good one, but it is also not clearly developed, but rushed through and incomplete. Even Red Rabbit was better than this. For what we pay for books these days, we deserve a lot more that this.
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on March 10, 2004
I read this book with real excitement, and still a little disappointed with Red Rabbit, so I gave Clancy another chance, and beside this was Tom Clancy; the master of the techno-thriller! The Teeth Of The Tiger is by far THE WORST book I have ever READ! I read a lot also; about 200 books a year, and this is just stupid! The book is about Brian and Dominac, and Jack Jr. joining this secret organization called 'The Campus' which was set up by Jack Ryan. So now as they train, terrorist set up connections with the Columbian drug lords so they can bring them to America and attack a mall full of citizens shopping. So now, as the story moves along, we discover the terrorist killing them, and Brian and Dominac spring into action killing the terrorists. So now, Jack Jr. Brian and Dominac head to Europe to kill the main planner. The end.
So what makes this book so BAD!? The writing, and also boring story telling. Clancy did not take his time writing this novel, he rushed it just to get it out, and he rambled about stupid stuff like this 'Brian and Dominac were watching the History Channel.' For one, they are NOT HISTORY BUFFS because history buffs talk about HISTORY, which they DONT! Also if they are supposed to be smart, why are they saying 'right on bro.' Intelligence people dont refer themselves by calling each other 'bro's'. So Clancy, get your stuff right, and stop writing this crap!
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