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on March 24, 2003
It's cute. I enjoyed the ending, it was quite surprising! It luckily saved the overly used plot. But the writing is VERY... amateurish. Example?
'"Can someone make me hot chocolate?" It was Alex, their younger brother. He had a faint scar over his left eyebrow, where he had run into a slide. His hair was tousled and messy. His sweatshirt was backwards. At least his socks matched. That was better than usual.'
It gives you a good example of what Alex is like but when I read this to myself/aloud, it sounded repetitive (he, he ,he, his, his, his) and their was little sentence variety.
A good read for those ten and under, but older children will be bothered by the monotonous structure/notice certain spots where stronger writing could be used- like I did.
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on December 15, 2003
Abby Hayes tries to "Reach for the Stars" (as her mother calls it) to get the lead role of Wendy in her school's play "Peter Pan." Abby tells her friends, Jessica and Natalie, that she majorly wants the role of Wendy (or Peter Pan). "Let's practice after school," her friend Jessica suggested. The girls practiced until audition day. Briana, the snob of the grade who takes many kinds of lessons, gets the part of Wendy even though she tried out for Peter Pan. Natalie gets the role of Peter. Abby receives the job of . . . I really loved this excellent book. Now I can't wait to read the others in the series.
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on July 6, 2002
These books are very short, but they are worth the short time you spend reading them. You see, I am going to be in a play, and after reading Anne's words about how life is being a 5th grader and trying to stand out to receive a big part in the Peter Pan play, it encourages me to try my best. She has to memorize, sing, and dance plus work very hard to stand out during the audition. As the back of the book says, will she be tall enough to reach the stars? Or will she just stay and work in the crew? A great story for growing girls like me, as all of Mazer's books are.
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on April 10, 2004
I loved the third book in the series of Abby Hayes, called REACH FOR THE STARS. Ms.Bunder and Ms.Kantor are having a play, and it turns out to be "Peter Pan". Abby wants a big part, like Wendy or Captain Hook. But when she auditions, things go unexpected. Abby doesn't get the part she wanted-exactly. She gets a part that is the biggest and best and most important in the play. Everything turns out fine, and everyone is happy. That is, everyone expect Brianna :). This was a great book and I enjoyed because I love acting. Get a copy of this book soon!
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on July 2, 2001
This book was as good as all the rest of Abby Hayes. It was really goooooood! It made you feel a lot of different emotions in this one, such as surprised, dissapointed, excited, and happy! It was different from the rest of the Abby Hayes books, in a really good way, but if I said it, then it'd give the book away to people who haven't read it! All I have to say is 5 stars and everyone should read it!
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on July 25, 2003
I am the biggest fan of "Abby Hayes" she and Anne Mazer make a great team! Anne Mazer is by far one of the best authors! The reason why I liked this story is because it attracted me to my normal teen/pre-teen life. Abby is a clutz, a fun loved girl, and a big color purple fan. (Like me) basically this book gives the normal life of a girl a little push!!!
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on November 21, 2002
Abby's teachers announce that their class is going to be in a play. Brianna brags that she is going to get a star role because
of her acting lessons. Meanwhile Abby's grandmother is coming to
town the day before the play and is going to hear her perform. Abby has to get a starring role! If you love plays this is your book!
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on January 25, 2001
This book particulary had a nice little story. It was very exciting, with Abby Hayes practicing her singing, dancing, and acting skills. And the countdown to audition day begins! Did she get the role she wanted? Is Natalie the star? Will Brianna finally be outdated? Read on to find out!
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on June 16, 2003
Anne Mazer is a very gifted writer and her stories of a young girl, Abby, and the troubles she and her friends encounter are just as magnificent. This series is certainly for a younger crowd but I still enjoy it. Six- eight year olds are sure to love it!
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on July 28, 2001
I love ALL the Abby Hayes books that I've read so far, but this is my favorite! I love theater AND writing, so this book was just perfect. You should read it even if theater isn't one of your interests-it's still great!
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