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on September 11, 2003
Okay, I'll admit, I am absolutely right about it being a wonderful start, but you'll have to pledge with all your heart that you're going to read through the entire thing in order to read through the entire thing, but I didn't do that, but there's a lot in the beginning that were of interest to me, constantly( go hmmm...NOW ).
First of all, the beginning gives you a lot about ancient mythology that will captivate your mind, and the history of everyone will not only give you squat on everyone's personality, but it'll show you how they were brought up, you might not know their personalities--yet, but I promise you, starting with the characteristics is going to help.
Now, if you read a lot of Emily Rodda, you can see that she styles her novelettes as a puzzle, you will find various riddles and quizzes amoungst the books, not neccessarily this one. But lets explore her world.
In the beginning, you find out how Leif discovered the reality behind the illusions, or a little after the beginning. Then the adventure starts. This part really moved my heart, where a boy who had lived in a palace all his life, finally meeting a humble shoemaker, and proves himself worthy of the trade after being mocked. Now, let's look at this book as a map.
Put an X on the scene I've just mentioned, mark that as an X for the start. Then, you move along as Leif discovers that all his life, the truth had been hidden from him and the prince. Surprise, surprise, the fairy just told Lief to follow the yellow brick road!
Soon, you hit shockwave as the castle had been attacked, the traitor is discovered, yet not discovered. Boo hoo, Lief just found out about the witch. Then terror goes around as the reader is informed about Barda, or the scarecrow, does that mean Lief is well on his way? Yes! Then, as havoc reaks in Deltora, Lief and Barda reaches The Forest of Silence. Having reached a miserable day, Lief and Barda are trapped( you see how well Emily Rodda lays the trap, she carefully organizes the characters' characteristics first to get the reader entranced on the novel, and then show their personalities as they move along, to secure her hold upon the reader. Classic, classic ), but in comes a spunky, flexible girl, who releases them, now we are introduced to the lion, mean at first, and then his heart spills out. Ah, as Dorothy faces a witch, Lief, Barda and Jasmine faces much more. Will they survive? Read this book along with the rest of the series to find out!
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on May 6, 2003
Well, I should say, this book was great, I couldn't get my hands off of it and I'm still reading it. I just want to convince Ms. Rodda to make a ton more books because this is an itching book, like you don't want to stop and want to find out what is coming up next, that's why I'm constantly wanting to read it. Since I have baseball three to four times a week, I can't read as much as I use to.
This book was exciting and adventurous, but also life threatening. I want to read another one. This book is also likeable because it also teaches some things to you about life and how you should handle things. Even if it's dangerous or nervracking.
The characters seemed good together because they all seemed like friends or family because they all have their laughs and adventures sometimes. They also are romantic seeming that Jasmine and Lief like each other,but they don't know that they like one another. But then it was weird to find out that Lief was the heir of the thrown and became king.
Now, for me to type this much, it gives you a pretty good description on how much I enjoyed this book.
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on January 7, 2003
This is a particularly good series for bright kids who are not born bookworms (although bookworms will probably love it too). The plots are intricate, but the prose is very simple and clear. There's lots of action and dreadful monsters to be fought: but there are also little puzzles, riddles sprinkled throughout the book, and many trick names which are significant if you pay attention to their sound rather than their spelling, or are anagrams, or have sinister double meanings. The adventurers find signs and symbols (illustrated in the book) that they have to puzzle out. All this appeals immensely to mathematically- or visually-inclined kids.
The moral world of Deltora is, of course, black-and-white, as befits the genre. Most of the bad guys are bad through and through, and most of the good guys are good through and through. But that doesn't mean that the books encourage a simplistic judgmental viewpoint. There are also people who seem bad but turn out to be good, and seem good but turn out to be bad. Many of the worst villains are shown to have been acting under various kinds of duress, disappointment, or obsession: some are rehabilitated. Also, although there's enough derring-do and fighting for the most dedicated comic book reader, there are also a surprising number of sticky situations that the heroes get out of by using their wits, sensitivities, and compassion. And each of the three has a slightly different moral "take" on the world, born of their varying experiences of it.
The series is mercifully un-sexist. The character of Jasmine, a wild girl who grew up alone in the forest, and can speak to trees, is as intrepid, skilled in fighting, and resourceful as her two male comrades, and she is often shrewder and more sensible. Monsters, wondrous creatures, heroes, villains, and faint-hearts, all generally come in two genders, with no fuss being made of it.
These books probably don't quite qualify as "classic fantasy," but they are among the very best of the second rank. I was very happy to find them, and my kids love them. If yours like these, go for the "Rowan of Rin" series by the same author, which is aimed at a slightly older, more thoughtful audience, and which I like even better.
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on November 16, 2002
May I just start off by saying that th Forest of Silence is a winner for both sexes and all ages! This book is the beginning of a famous fantasy series. If you want to become a fan of fantasy, this is a book to start with. This captivating book centres around a group of travelling people trying to save the world from the grip of the feared Shadowlord who is terrorising the world. Even though it is not such a hard or serious read, you will instantly be reminded of Sauron and the Lord of the Rings. The suffering world has one last hope... the gems of the belt, which is in possession of Lief, the main character. So as you can imagine, while Lief travels the world in this series, he must uncover the gems to stand a chance against the Shadowlord! Then he has to face the Shadowlands...
If you've never considered reading as a fun thing, or are in desperate need of an easy novel with the thrilling contents of a normal-sized novel, or really need an introduction to novels, or love dark, exciting fantasy books...The Deltora Quest series will enthrall you, I promise.
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on May 13, 2002
I think the Forest of Silence was a great book. It had a lot of action and excitement. It was about a boy and his best friend. One of the boys is the son of the king. The king died so his had to take the throne. Later the Belt of Deltora was stolen and shattered all over the Island to seven places. The belt of deltora protected the kingdom from evil, but with all seven gems shattered from the belt the kingdom was in danger unless the gems were on the belt again. The best friend moved to the town. Then the best friend sent his son and one of his friends to get the gems. They went to the forest of silence, but it was very dark. They met a lady that helped them. It took them a long time until they saw a person in a knight's armor with the gem at the bottom of the sword but he was not guarding the gem he was guarding something that makes you live forever. The lady went somewhere else. Then the knight told them that when the plant blooms stuff comes out and when you drink it you live forever. Then they started to fight but then the friend got stabbed. The son was about to get stabbed when the tree fell on the knight. The plant started blooming, he drank a little and it healed his wound. He does not live forever though. Read The Forest of Silence.
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on March 7, 2002
In the Ancient Past of Deltora, the seven tribes were united under the leadership of Adin and he crafted a belt to hold the seven talismans of the seven tribes. When the final talisman was added to the belt, the tribes were able to defeat the Enemy from the Shadowlands. Centuries later the Royal Family has weakened and then the Enemy from the Shadowlands takes control of Deltora. In a time of darkness and fear, the unlikely heroes - Lief and Barda - join forces to find the hidden talismans and to reunite the people of Deltora to throw out the evil invaders.
This series of eight books is brilliant for readers of all ages. I have noticed that this series of books is always out in the childrens section of the library that I work at - and that parents are just as keen to read these books as their children. I started reading the first book to get an idea of what the writing was like and then read the rest the books as soon as they came out.
Emily Rodda is a brilliant writer who combines action, adventure and magic into a world that is very real. This book will appeal to boys and girls, and if you like fantasy then you have got to read this book! (no matter ow old you are) I have just gotten hold of the first book in the trilogy that follows this series and can't wait to see how it compares.
If there is just one book you want to try this month then it has to be the first book in this series - I garuntee that you will be looking for the rest of the series by the time you reach the end of this one. If I could give this book six stars then I would.
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on March 19, 2001
Jarred and Endon, the prince of Deltora, have been friends for as long as they can remember. So when Jarred suspects that the Shadowlord, an evil that was defeated hundreds of years ago, has started to rise again, he insists that Endon, who has been made king after his parents mysterious deaths, to do something. He wants Endon to start wearing the Belt of Deltora, a belt that has seven powerful gems on it and is the only thing powerful enough to stop the Shadowlord, but the king is only allowed to wear it at his coronation. Endor's advisor convinces him that Jarred is a traitor and Jarred is forced to leave the palace grounds. But years later it turned out that Jarred was right and Endon calls for his help. Once Jarred returns to the castle they go to look for the belt and discover that the gems have been removed and scattered in the seven most terrifying places in Deltora. Endon and his wife are forced to go into hiding to protect their unborn child, who is also the only one who will be able to wear the belt. Sixteen years later, Jarred's son, Leif, has accepted the task of finding the gems and saving his land. And the first stop on his list is the Forests of Silence, a place so feared that even saying the name would invoke terror into all who know of it. But Lief has help, a man named Barda who used to be a palace guard before the Shadowlord came. But will the both of them be strong enough to finish their task? This book was a great start to a new eight-book saga that will be filled with adventure.
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on March 5, 2001
As a child growing up at the palace, Jarred was servant, companion, and only friend to the young prince, Endon. And as a teenager, Jarred was the only one who suspected the truth behind the sudden deaths of the king and queen. But Endon, now king, ignored Jarred's warnings, and allowed his advisors to banish Jarred. Several years later, Jarred discovers his worst fears were all true - Endon's closest advisor was a traitor, orchestrating behind the king's back the takeover by the evil Shadow Lord of the kingdom of Deltora. With Jarred's help, Endon and his wife, who is pregnant with the heir to the throne, flee, with Jarred vowing to someday return them to their rightful throne. Years later, on his sixteenth birthday, Jarred's son Lief learns the task to free Deltora from the Shadow Lord's power has fallen into his hands. Now it's up to one young boy to save an entire world. Is Lief strong enough for the enormous task that lies ahead? This book was the thrilling beginning to an eight-part fantasy saga. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series.
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on December 22, 2003
The Forests of Silence is the first book of the much loved deltora quest series- a story of magic, monstes and mindbenders. The basic plot of the story is that the great belt of deltora- the lands magical defense- is destroyed. Lief, a young boy of 17 must travel throughout the land of deltora, seeking the great jems of the belt, and thus restore the belt.
The first jem,the golden topaz, is hidden in one of the three Forests of Silence. These forests are inhabited by all maner of deadly beasts, and guarded by the most powerful of the them all, is the prise they seek.
Forests of silence is a good book, riddled with pictures, puzzles, magic and monsters. Emily roddar is espicially vivid with her descriptions, and the story is very imaginative. But the thing i like most in this story are the puzzles and pictiures littered throughout the storey.
Something else that deserves a look in is the wonderful front cover. Absolutely superb, to say the least.
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on May 23, 2003
Deltora Quest's first book, "The Forests of Silence" is a very intense and suspenseful book. The Deltora Belt that protects the land of Del has been broken. The seven stones that power the belt have been scattered across the land in places that no one would even try to find them. Lief and his not so happy companion Barda fight their way to the topaz stone with the help of their new friend, Jasmine. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine are the only hope to rid the land of the Shadow Lord. It is up to them to return the Belt back to the King. You will be at the edge of your seat as you read about Lief and Barda getting jumped by ugly Wenns that sting and paralyze you. You will be shocked as you read about Lief and Barda fighting an evil knight and escaping from scary, mystical creatures. I think that this book is exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, and good for all ages. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in fantasy.
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