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on March 2, 2004
I've always been a big fan of vampire and werewolf books. So, when my fiancé's sister handed me a stack of her favorites, I dug into this. Blood and Chocolate was the most recent one I've read.
Usually I'm not big on werewolves, and I seldom read young adult novels anymore, but I really enjoyed this one. It had the right mix of supernatural and real, teenage problems that made me feel like I could relate. I'm not werewolf, but I do remember problems with friends and boyfriends and parents from that age.
It was nice to read a book about a teenager that fully accepted who she was. Vivian loves being a lope-garou and she loves running around in wolf form, feeling the air in her fur. What she doesn't love is the disarray her pack is in while they try and recuperate from a tragic fire the year previous that claimed the life of Vivian's father, who also headed the pack. She doesn't care for Gabriel, the target of her mother's current interest, and the most likely male to lead the pack.
When Vivian meets up with Aiden, a dreamer and poet whose free spirit seems to attract unusual friends and parental disapproval, she feels as if she's met her soul mate. Despite the packs disapproval, she dates him, and later reveals her true self to him. This causes disaster as Aiden can't accept her for who she is.
As the romance between Vivian and Aiden is the driving force behind the book, I was a little disgruntled when it took an unexpected turn midway through. Aiden goes from loving Vivian totally and being open-minded to being terrified of her and wanting to free her from her curse. One incident is all it took, and I think it kind of soured the rest of the book for me. I understand it's the driving force behind the second half of the book, but the switch from "I love you, let's be together always" to "You're a monster! Get away" seemed really out of character.
Overall I think this is a well written book, especially for the genre and age group. Most teens that enjoy vampire novels or supernatural books will probably like this. Actually, anyone who enjoys supernatural themed novels would most likely enjoy this.
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on June 14, 1998
I absolutely loved this book!!! A review that said "Annette Curtis Klause does for werewolves what Anne Rice did for vampires" is what pushed me to buy this book and I never regretted it. I finished it the first night I bought it, it is definitely a page turner. Blood and Chocolate is a story about Vivian, a young werewolf, and her struggles on her journey to womanhood. She is a strong character with many conflicting emotions, and she is enough of a human for us to be able to relate to her. She falls in love with Aiden, a forbidden "meat boy" but it can never be between them. Her animal instincts are too strong for her to ignore. Amidst the trials of her leaderless pack, trying to lead a normal life, the pulls of the moon, and finding her identity, Vivian realizes where she belongs and follows her heart. This is a truly compelling story of love, anxiety, and every other screwed up emotion a teenage werewolf could possibly experience. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the way Anne Rice writes.
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on December 27, 2001
Vivianne is what people would call a werewolf. She is sleek and beautiful, and at night her body transformes into something beyond human comprehension.
It is only one day at school, when she submits her "wolf art" into a school newspaper, that she notices the poem next to it. A poem that describes the change and what it is to be a wolf. It is written by a boy named Aiden, and who she initially seeks out to meet.
Aiden has an unusual interest in magick. All things wierd. Him and Vivianne fall in love despite the fact that Vivianne knows that she is forbidden to date a "meet boy" and she belongs to the clan leader Gabriel.
But will her and Aiden's relationship survive? Will love conquer all, as they say? What will Aiden do when he finds out what and who Vivianne really is?
Woo hoo!! Great read!! I have to say that, unlike some people, i LIKED Gabriel. He was strong, aggressive, and the gorgeous bad-boy type. This was an AWESOME book!!
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on May 4, 2000
"Blood and Chocolate" is about a female werewolf coming of age. For her whole life, her father has been the leader of the pack. After his sudden death, the pact moves to the city. This is where the story petty much starts. She is torn between two lives, not knowing if she should just sit back and wait for a new leader to be chosen to take the pack somewhere safe or go to school and be with the human boy that she has fallen in love with. To make things worse, she is the only female in her age group from the pack and everyone in her family is telling her to choose her mate.
The story is well-written for teens and young adults. It uses a lot of terms related to teenage slang, for example boy-toy, meaning boyfriend. The author is seeing things from the perspective of a sixteen year old girl who doesn't know if she is really happy with what is going on in her life. This is a problem a lot of teens have, and can relate to well. The fact that she is a werewolf gives the book that great twist.
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on July 4, 2002
Vivianne is not a "normal" teenager. She is a sleek and powerful predator. She is a wereworlf. But one day at school she notices a poem describing the change into a wolf next to a picture she has drawn in the school newspaper. She immediately seeks the author out wanting to know how some human should dare know the change into wolf form. The author turns out to be a boy named Aiden, who with his bohemian looks and interest in magaick and all things weird intruiges Vivianne like no human ever has before. Aiden and Vivian start to fall in love even though she knows it's forbidden bcause he is a "meat boy" and only half a person for Moon's sake! Not to mention that she is now Queen B and belongs to the leader of the clan, Gabriel. Vivianne decides she no longer wants to hide herself from Aiden and decides to show him her true self. What will happen? Will Aiden still love her?
What a GREAT book. Man, I thought that Gabriel was awesome and Aiden was a real wimp. What is it with hott dangerous guys named Gabriel (see Dark Visions by: LJ Smith)? Anywayz buy this book. You wont regret it.
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on November 13, 2001
I dont know why but books about supernatural creatures have always facinated most people.
However, i find this book to be one of the best that i have read in a while about this sort of thing. anyway, heres some of the story line, although you get enough of that usually in other reviews.
In this book, Vivian is a Werewolf, and lives in a suburban area. this and werewolves dont usually fit however, and this is shown when the pack starts to gain friction and momentum. this is becuase the pack has decided that they need a new leader, and to determine who is the best fit to take control they have a small tournament (not really all that small). the problem with this is that there arent many wolves in the little group that Vivian is part of, and so, not many wolves to contest for the position. coupled with this plot, there is the fact that Vivian feels attracted to a non werewolf, which just doesnt usually work out. however, Vivian thinks that Aiden will understand her if she just gives him time to get to like her, or be her soul mate as he says in the story. the problem with this is that werewolves cannot have children with non-werewolves (its not biologically possible), and so, the relation couldnt work out unless she could turn him into one, which cant be done like in most storys with the biting, pultices, and drinking from a pawprint of one. but anyhow, this book is very good and i highly recomend it.
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on March 3, 2003
This is a darker YA book then I ussually read but I loved the Silver Kiss so I had to get it and after hunting it down and having it in my hands I wasn't sorry I bought it.
Vivian is a 15 year old girl who just want's to know what it feels like to fit in and be normal.
Except she can't-under the light of the full moon her true nature is revealed. She's a werewolf.
Vivian at first made me uncomfortable because she's very straightford and very instinct driven and not shy about what she want's. She's a unique of a character as I've ever read and once I stopped thinking of her as a normal human character I started to get her a little more but it was still a strange ride.
Like a normal girl though, Vivian feels the pain of losing her father to a fire and the hurt at not being accepted by her classmates. When Aidan comes along she thinks she might have found happiness and acceptance but Aidan is a human who is completly clueless that he is not in love with a human girl-but a werewolf, a thing of fairytales and bad horror movies. Aidan is facinated by the occult, the mysteries of life but can he accept that his girlfriend is a wild thing with the forest in her blood? Or will he act like a...boy with brains and guts of jello?
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on December 21, 2003
At sixteen-years-old, Vivian Gandillon feels that her life is perfect. Sure, she doesn't really fit in at school, she has no real social life, except for that with the Five; her father is dead, and her mother acts like a teenager. But she is beautiful, both in her human skin, and when she morphs into a werewolf. Sadly, her pack is still leaderless, and they have just settled in Maryland, where Vivian now longs for a normal life, but how can someone who turns into a werewolf be normal? Then Vivian meets Aiden. A meat-boy, who loves her, and is kind and gentle. He's everything that Vivian has been looking for, but when she decides that it's time to show Aiden who/what she really is, she gets an unexpected surprise. Now Vivian feels divided in two. She has loyalties to her pack, but she also has loyalties to her human life, and to Aiden.
As someone who has read very few books about werewolves, I was very skeptical about reading BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE. But I could not be happier with my decision. Annette Curtis Klause is to teens, what Anne Rice is to adults. Her novel is character-driven, and action packed, and seems so much more adult than other young adult novels. Vivian is a fascinating character, who is beautiful, strong, powerful, artistic, etc. Her transformations from human to werewolf and back are a thrill ride both for Vivian and the reader. The Five are funny characters, if not a little dangerous, and wild. And Aiden is a wonderful character, who is kind and gentle, and will win the hearts of all female readers. A must-have book for all fans of the paranormal.
Erika Sorocco
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on December 21, 2003
This story is of Vivian, a werewolf who currently lives in a house with her Uncle Rudy and mother, Esme. They and their pack currently live in West Virginia after being burned out of their last home. So now leaderless they try to get a leader and find a new place to live. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Vivian ends up falling for a human which is not okay with her mother or the Five (her age mates), especially Rafe who has had his eye on her. Things get even more complicated when murders happen... by a werewolf. And Vivien starts to believe she's the guilty one. Chaos insues and Vivien finds that she doesn't fit in either of her worlds anymore but something's got to change. And will the one who has to help her be the last person she'd have thought of?
I only gave this 4 stars because I wasn't entirely happy with the ending but it was okay. Other than that, the story was enjoying. A teenager you could relate to as she struggled to fit in and control herself (in more ways than one), a mother who refused to act her age, antics from various characters, and so on. Insinuating comments, gestures, and other actions make this book suitable for older teens. Probably for 14 years and up.
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on May 23, 2002
At a first glance, Blood and Chocolate by Annett Curtis Klause did not sound that appealing to me. The story is about a girl living in the human world, with a group that can change into wolves (including herself). She falls in love with Aiden, a human boy, and they begin dating. The pack she lives with doesn't really approve of this "inter-species" mixing. While Vivian, the girl, falls deeper in love with Aiden, one of her own claims her as his mate. Now Vivian has to choose to live either with her pack and her admirer, or leave the pack to be with Aiden.
My friend lent me the book with the warning that I wouldn't be able to put it down. Not believing her at first, I started the book and found it surprisingly interesting! I liked how Klause made the story come alive and seem realistic, as if these human/wolf creatures really do exist. The story was easy to relate to because Vivian is a teenager going through her High School years, just like me. She deals with things like becoming accepted among her peers, just like all kids at her age do. The story was suspensful, and draws you in. I give Blood and Chocolate a five-star rating. I would reccommend this book to teenagers, high school age and up. This age group will understand and be able to realte to some events better than younger kids and adults could.
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