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2.7 out of 5 stars
Why Am I Still so Afraid?
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on June 18, 2001
As has been stated, this is a basic book about a complicated subject. I guess I can see how some people would find it too simplistic or be disappointed that their ptsd wasn't cured by reading the book, but I found the concepts pretty sophisticated even if stated in a simple fashion. For example, one reviewer complained that the book shouldn't include the bit about the patient "falling in love". It seems to me that "erotic transference" is a pretty common experience in therapy, especially in people who have been traumatized, and I kind of liked the fact that it was discussed by the authors. I've read a bunch of books on the subject, and several gave very specific treatment suggestions that seemed--at least to me-- to reflect that the author had a specific ax to grind. While this author is a psychoanalyst, his suggestions seemed pretty commonsensical to me. The q and a format isn't my favorite, but it did make the text move along, and they covered the waterfront. I didn't expect my ptsd to get cured by reading the book, but I did want to understand it better, and I found it one of the clearer books on the subject. I'm not sure why there is so much of a mixed feeling about the book.
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on April 28, 2001
I was not at all impressed with this book. It was over simplistic and is in question and answer format. The book gives such advice as, you should see a councilor. Well, that is a bit obvious. One question was: I am in love with my therapist, but it is not appropriate for us to have a relationship while he is my doctor, should I get a new therapist so I can date my doctor? The answer was no, with obvious reasons supporting that view. Well if a person falls in love with their doctor, they have a few more issues than post traumatic stress disorder. I would hope a different councilor could help them with that problem as well.
The questions and answers described pretty well the fear and the inability to move on after a major trauma, but very little advice on what to do about it. It was as if they were trying to be as vague as possible. It really made me angry. I suffered a trauma a few years back, and was looking forward to releasing and letting go of it, but my hopes were dashed by this book because after reading it, I was no closer to that goal.
If anyone finds a great book on this subject I would be trilled to here about it. This one is not the one.
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on May 21, 2001
For people who don't know much about PTSD this is a good book. I found it to be rather simplistic but it did cover a lot of material related to PTSD. Buy it if you're newly diagnosed, it will help. Don't buy it if you've moved on to books that help with treatment, this one won't.
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