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on July 22, 2001
Having really liked the previous book, "Out of Time", I was very eager to start reading "Behind Time". The book continues where the previous book left: Emma Merrigan's mother, Eleanor, is trapped in the wasteland and as a result, her real body is in a coma. Emma, along with the mysterious rogue - Blaise Raponde, tries to further explore the wasteland and rescue her mother from the curses. What complicates matters, is that one of the rogues she encounters takes on a body in her close vicinity - a girlfriend of her good friend Matt.
Sounds kind of messy? It definitely is.
I think the author really wanted to get this book done with. The first two thirds of the book should've been compacted to 50 pages; almost nothing happens, and it just feels like an attempt in filling pages. The rest of the book is not bad, but way too rushed, and more than that - a few things in the book don't really feel complete, which makes me feel cheated because most of the book was so slow - other parts just don't make sense. I guess it will be continued in another sequel..
If you liked the previous book, you can read this one - but don't expect too much: despite it being an okay book, I can't say I wasn't disappointed - I really expected more!
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on March 29, 2003
I didn't realize that this was a continuation of another of abbey's novels until I was half way through, and I wasn't about to quit reading in order to get the first part. Turned out not to matter. The book does a good job of giving enough of an overview of the previous book that you understand completely what's happening, though I imagine reading them in the proper order would give you even more empathy for the characters. Of course, reading this book first spoils the ending of the other, but go figure. All in all, it's a good book and if you can't get your hands on Out Of Time, you'll still enjoy this one.
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on July 17, 2001
This is an author I picked up browsing the book store shelf, I fond the material intresting being from Michigan and an insomniac. Although the premise is considered typical the writing is very good and the characters believable. I love that the heroine is not some twenty year old but someone with experience, who uses both her mind, education and new found abilities. I do wish that the details of her mothers background and the organization she is involved with were explained in greater detail. I am definetly looking forward to Lynn Abbey's next book.
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on February 5, 2002
Emma is struggling to save her mother, who has fallen into a coma, though the use of her psychic powers as she accesses a world which Eleanor introduced her to, which has consumed her mother. As she travels between worlds she becomes increasingly involved in a handsome man's life and in a world frequented by supernatural forces. A haunting, multi-faceted story powered by strong characterization.
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on January 18, 2002
Some of the plot was a little thin and cliche. The original book was much better but it is still a fairly good read.
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