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on April 25, 2017
Have every book in this series. Very enjoyable. Addictive series. Nice inspiration to True Blood series which I miss dearly. Sigh!
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on June 8, 2009
I didn't think that this book in the series was of the same quality of her other Sookie Stackhouse books. It seems that the story is getting stretched a little thin and the story line with these "new characters" doesn't seem to fit. And of course, still the same dilemmas over Eric and Bill which is getting very tiresome. Just pick one all ready! I enjoyed most of the other books in the series but not this one.
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on August 16, 2009
I have to agree with some of the other mixed reviews of this book. It did seem very poorly edited and very rushed at the end. For someone who loves the series so far and waited not so patiently for this installment, it was disappointing. Having said that, I would still buy book 10 when it somes out, because I still have hope that the series will be completed with an great ending.
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on May 24, 2009
After watching True Blood marathon style in one weekend I went out 2.5 weeks ago and bought all 8 Sookie books and tore through them.
I went out this past week and got Dead and Gone.

I cannot believe how poorly written this book is and how little attention to detail there was.

I hope the next book is back on track
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on May 24, 2009
This was such a good book if you are a fan of the Southern Vampire Series! The author seemed to get mixed up in a few details, but like I said if you know the story line and the characters you will not be disappointed. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in one day! Enjoy!
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Vampires have been out of the coffin for awhile, but in the Sookieverse, it's time for the weres to show their stuff in public.

And of course that Great Reveal Part II stirs up murder and mayhem in the ninth volume of Charlaine Harris' bestselling urban fantasy series, "Dead and Gone." Sookie has a new array of problems from all walks of supernatural life (and some human ones), and Harris manages to balance them out neatly in her smooth, warm prose style. And yes, some new developments.

When the weres choose to publicly reveal their existence, the people of Bon Temps are relatively unruffled (except for the fanatical Arlene). There are some problems and controversies, but overall it's smoother than the vampires' Great Reveal. But it has caused new problems under the surface -- the new, uneasy vampire regime is affecting the were communities, Sam's mother has been viciously attacked, and the FBI has appeared in town about Sookie's psychic powers.

To make matters even worse, her estranged sister-in-law Crystal is found savagely crucified in the parking lot. Was it because she was a werepanther, or was it because she was a huge slut? As Sookie tries to unravel the mystery of who had killed Crystal (and why), she becomes embroiled in a very different kind of family feud among the royal fairy family. And she may be the next one murdered if she isn't very very careful...

Charlaine Harris' urban fantasy is not the usual kind -- it feels very cozy and down-home, and is set is a pleasant little town in the South. And while it's obvious that The Great Reveal Part II would cause a lot of social and religious problems, the focus here is on the struggles in Bon Temps primarily. They handle it pretty well, until the murders start.

Harris' warm, slightly tongue-in-cheek prose ("Did fairy parents tell fairy children human tales?") keeps the plot moving along smoothly, without getting bogged down in gruesome deaths. It also has half a dozen supernatural dilemmas (some directly related to Sookie, some not) that loop loosely through Sookie's life as the plot goes along, ranging from her sorta-kinda relationship with Eric to the FBI coveting her special skills.

Despite the light, pleasant atmosphere of Bon Temps, Harris is able to make it chilling when she wants too -- cold-blooded murder attempts, ghastly crimes (the brutal murder of a pregnant woman) and she even manages to portray rancid bigotry and racism without being preachy.

The biggest problem? While the plot speeds up in the last few chapters, it also sort of flies apart with some random character deaths and an anticlimactic fairy clash, as if she got rushed and had to finish it fast. And she glosses over the question of how the were Reveal would change things.

Sookie's plate is pretty full in this volume: fairy assassination, vampire pledges, the were Reveal and a double shift at work. Harris does a good job making her heroine all too human and fallible, while still making her sympathetic -- such as her worry that she's being selfish by not wanting to use her talents for the FBI, because she fears the horrors she'd be exposed to. And despite some meddling by her annoying ex-boyfriend Quinn, she seems to have more steam building with lovable Viking Eric, whose past marital experiences are revealed.

"Dead and Gone" is a solid ninth volume in a still-strong series, despite some flaws in the storyline's end. I'm looking forward to what Harris has yet in store for her telepathic waitress.
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on May 6, 2009
This is the 9th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I've enjoyed all nine of them for different reasons. "Dead and Gone" is 312 pages of the characters we already know (and some new ones). I found it a fast read and, for me, it was worth the wait. I'm not disappointed that Charlaine Harris took the reader in a somewhat different direction, otherwise, the book would just be a repeat of the previous story-lines. There's no mention of a 10th book, however, based on the content, I'm not sure where the author could take us, that would keep it interesting. I would, however, buy the 10th book, if it became available - just because I enjoy reading what the characters get up to!
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on January 25, 2010
I have enjoyed this series by Charlaine Harris but this will be my last book read as I believe the concept has hit a wall for her. I might try some of her other works but the Sookie Stackhouse series feels past its prime.

This book was o.k. and fans will generally enjoy it. It is a familiar cast of characters and while the story seems jumpy at times it was a good read. That being said I find there is little new in discovery with her characters and the world which she has created now seems constrained. There was little new discovery of the world and the character stories seemed stayed. For the most part this was a basic murder mystery just set in an already well developed world. Again, I enjoyed the series immensely, thought this book was o.k. but will be moving on.
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on May 9, 2009
Firstly I believe true fans of the series will not be deterred by a bad review from reading this latest release, but I agree with all the previous bad reviews. I love this series but that does not mean I enjoyed this book. I finished it in a couple hours and I found myself doing alot of skimming. The book did not seem to have enough substance, storylines were all over the place and I felt that it was put together rather quickly, and with the quickly botched together ending the end product is not worth buying. Luckily I did not have to purchase this book or else I would have been rather ticked with the lack of substance for the steep hardcover price.
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on December 14, 2010
-Minor Spoilers-
I was a little hesitant in getting this book after reading some of the reviews. I have found that as the Sookie series continues, it has lost momentum. I think after the first 4 or 5 books, I began to expect that bit of intense romance nested somewhere in each book. I loved Dead to the World, when Sookie has a romance with Eric. But I have decided to see the series through, even if it means spending more money, and wondering if (as lots of other reviewers have) the series will end in Sookie having matured and learned from her adventures and romances, with a happy (weird) ending. Since I braced myself for the violence against pregnant women (which I didn't actually find too heavy handed, although I did find Claudine's death while expecting unnecessary to the story), and was resigned to the fact that this book would not find Sookie making any major romantic decisions, I enjoyed it very much.
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