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4.3 out of 5 stars

TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 25, 2016
An awesome book from a qualified guy that gives a lot of cool and realistic examples of how we can connect through the web and how the (web) business is changing, evolving so fast.

There is a lot of great insight and advices by the author, Mitch Joel, on how to keep the pace in this fast evolving world of doing business on the internet. It's a good wake up call for some.

I strongly suggest you read this if your business is doing business on the web and if you feel your are trailing or lacking efficiency. Six pixels of separation is not far... but stil...
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on December 9, 2015
I bought this book for school. It was an interesting read if you are indeed inclined to this type of information. "The online trust economy", as Mitch Joel called it, is in favour of the consumers, whose rants, raves, comments and reviews have immense impact on purchase decisions. Joel asserted that the impact is real and relevant. I trust you see the relevance here!
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on May 22, 2014
Many of the ideas in the book are explained with technologies that are out of date, or examples that are not valid anymore.
The book itself is good, but it is one of that books that nobody will read in the next decade.
I believe more generic and life-time ideas should be published as book. Maybe, the weblog is a better way of expressing them.
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on September 20, 2013
Terrific all round. Describes the evolving use of social media in laymens terms. Great book, great service. great price yes
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on August 30, 2012
Joel's book was very timely... if i had read it in 2009 when it was published, i would have been far more impressed with the content. But this book isn't really targeted at me: i'm online, have a blog, and am familiar with many of the services he mentions -- and i don't even run my own business.

That said: if you are a business owner and you aren't getting the majority of your business through the internet (whether it be referrals, sales, customer relations, searches, or advertising) then this book is for you. No business, no matter what size or how remote, has any excuse not to be online -- it just makes good business sense. You better do this, before your competitors beat you to it. This book might provide you the insight and motivation to take your business to the next level.
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on March 12, 2012
Good insights. Mitch Joel is well connected and understands it. Read his book and follow him online if you're seeking a better understanding of digital / social
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on February 1, 2011
In Six Pixels, Mitch Joel (President of Twist Image) discusses the rise of the online trust economy, a powerful force that favors the crowd over companies. He provides readers with a wealth of information on how to successfully navigate this new medium, including information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging and Customer Reviews. By making use of such phenomena as the momentum effect, faith based initiatives, and viral expansion loops, businesses can build a following through digital channels and begin to realize a tangible return on investment. The key, according to Joel, is to be flexible, put in the time required and relinquish control so that your customers can play with your brand. Definitely a must read for anyone making their first foray into online marketing.
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on January 12, 2010
I really enjoyed reading this book! Having started a new company in 2009 ([...].), this book was a timely read. I have so many ideas to now try out as we begin our online marketing strategy.

Thanks Mitch!
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on December 31, 2009
I picked up this book to help with a work assignment on social media. What I immediately liked was the tone of realism and pragmatism. Mr. Joel is up front that success means you must understand why you want to do this, what is required, and what tools are currently available to you. All warnings aside, Mr. Joel is clear that the flattening effect of the new channels allows anyone to carve out their niche. Marketing has become personal, and each individual can build their own "personal brand".

The book is well architected. Topics progress logically from basics of the digital channel to future trends. Chapters have a summary at the end. Through out the book Mr. Joel provides lists on topics such as `building trust', `the six online tools you should be using', `the six general rules for a healthy blog', and `the four types of content'. He shares examples from his own career. Mr. Joel asks you many questions to draw you in, forcing you to reflect on his themes.

Mr. Joel lays out the evolution of marketing from a one way feed controlled by few players to open, trust-based conversations between many participants. The ecology analogy permeates the book. There are any many niches that evolve in a "Digital Darwinism". The genes for survival include credibility, responding to your community, patience, understanding your environment, and innovation.

Passion is a core theme. To achieve the required focus and commitment, you must be passionate about your topic. Passion gives you your voice; it supplies the energy to consistently contribute. Passion makes you authentic and keeps you engaged for the long haul.

Also core is the intertwining of the medium and the message. Chapter twelve, "Tribal Knowledge", explores this theme in depth. In effect, content becomes the carrier signal for the message. Content can be improved by collaboration and conversation to be a better carrier signal. A better carrier signal means the message is delivered in a more engaging manner. Engagement is two-way, making listening, responding, and being trustworthy important to success.

Mr. Joel should be proud of his work. He is optimistic and upbeat without leaving the impression that he has all the answers. This is a pragmatic introduction to the topic of social marketing. For further reading consider one or more of "World Is Flat" (T. Friedman), "Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives" (N. Christaskis and J. Fowler), "Tribes" (S. Godin) and "Blue Ocean Strategy" (W. Kim and R. Mauborgne).
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on October 30, 2009
Let's start by saying that Six Pixels of Separation is a worthwhile read. If you don't believe me, click here and check out all the terrific reviews it has gotten since it was launched last summer. Written by Mitch Joel, Canada's Digital Marketing Rock Star as many say is a book where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about digital marketing, personal branding, social media, but didn't dare ask. A roadmap of some sort to help you cross over to the new world of interconnectivity. (like Dan Ariely said author of Perdictably Irrational which I haven't read yet).

When I turned the last page, I felt I had run a marathon. I felt I had put out a lot of effort, kept my focus on the big picture while going over chapter after chapter of this amazing amount of information and ended up learning so much. A bit like one would feel (I imagine) in tackling a marathon one mile at a time in order to reach to the ultimate goal. Mine was to learn as much as possible which I did and I felt good afterwards.

This might seem strange coming from someone who has a somewhat good knowledge of digital marketing. I have recently started this blog in the hope of living up the experience of digital marketing more thoroughly. I've gotten somewhat involved with social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Mybloglog, Friendfeed, Technorati, Delicious, Youtube, Google Reader and others. I followed the Canadian Marketing Association Certificate in E-Marketing Course given by Mitch Joel himself and got my certificate. (A real gift I made to myself by doing that. I highly recommend that course). I worked as a web strategy consultant for a major company for the past 3 years. In short, I think I knew more than the average folk from the outset. I was a bit curious to see how much more I would learn. The conclusion is that Mitch's book will now become a reference book for me. His book is a real roadmap.

Of the specific things I learned, I certainly appreciated the chapter on Digital Nomads. If you're not familiar with that expression just think Wifi and I-phones, or being connected all the time, anywhere. I am not very knowledgeable about mobile marketing. I've not worked yet on any mobile marketing projects, so it made it very interesting for me. (For your reference, in Montreal, Yasha Sekhavat is an expert in that area). I also enjoyed the chapter called You are Media, which deals a lot about personal branding, a new in-word which is not always well understood.

Mitch Joel is not an inventor, but he is an awesome communicator and a very passionate man. I find that there is something evangelical about him because of his true power of persuasion. (This personality trait might come from his love of motivational books.) In reading Six Pixels, I felt that he was speaking to those of us that need to acknowledge the changes are at our doorsteps and to start embracing those changes in new media now. He does so in a very convincing and authentic manner.

If I was a senior level manager or executive in the corporate world, this book could serve as a major wake up call. The message I would receive is Act before you're too far behind... This book would also answer all of the many questions I might have about new social media. It would provide me with a picture of things, and how everything interlinks.... (Note: I would strongly recommend his book as gifts to your clients for those of you like me who are consultants.)

Another thing gained by reading the book is all of his references. Many contemporary authors are mentioned. There are tons of concrete examples of companies that have successfully used the Web. In short, you get how it all works and fits together by reading about true stories.

I think that my favorite quote from the book would be. It says it all for me:

Now we're all forced to understand better what happens when user-amassed wisdom forms in the shape of communities and meets through the power of technology. (p.225)

I really have great admiration for Mitch Joel. I have posted an article previously about him. Click here to read it: Thank you Mitch Joel! He is so talented and energetic, the sky is literally the limit for him. I wish him all the best. My feeling is that he is a man who simply loves life a nd people and wants us all to have access to all that is best... Thanks Mitch, once again!

Let me know if you also read the book and what you thought!

P.S. Six Pixel of Separation refers to the famous adage where we are only six steps away from any other person. Wikipedia says it this way: Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.
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