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on October 15, 2002
I picked this book out on a whim when out doing some shopping. ...The letter's made me feel as if I was sneaking around looking over the charters shoulders or reading there diaries. ... I love a clean love story that has life around it. The fight scenes were not long and drawn out, Nor was there a love scene every time you turned a page. Though the hero is immortal there are ways that he could be killed, and the last fight makes you wonder as you turn the pages. I enjoyed the ending because it doesn't leave yea feeling as you just read A Cinderalla Story with them riding off into the sunset with the They lived happily ever after type of feeling. The charters are left with so much more to go beyond the pages of this book. If you are looking for a bloody vampire story then this book might not be for you. If you enjoy becoming one of the charters or love a personnly relationship with the charters in a book then you might find this book a Great Moonlight read... I myself will be looking for more Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books and books about the Vampire Le Comte de Saint Germain.......
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on August 26, 2003
Hotel Transylvania takes place in 18th century Paris and serves as an introduction to the character of Le Comte de Saint-Germain, a vampire featured in this series of novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Anyone expecting horror will be disappointed in this novel, which I found to be reminiscent of --- although not necessarily derrivative of --- Anne Rice's vampire novels. Like Rice's novels, this book was more of an erotic vampire story than a horror story. Even the cover art makes it fairly obvious that the novel is a "bodice-ripper" with fangs. The story was predictable, but it was a smooth and enjoyable read and I enjoyed Yarbro's writing style. Though it ready annoyed me that every time she mentioned a door in the story she called it a "french door." Since the story takes place in France, I found that rather irritating. I gave the book 4 stars on the Amazon rating scale, but 3 1/2 stars would better reflect my feelings about the book.
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on June 6, 2003
This is the first in the Yarbro Saint-Germain series and as my header suggests, first impressions really do 'Count'.
After a friend of mine recommended the series to me, I began reading this one first, not really expecting to like it or the series and seriously doubted I'd get hooked.
Boy, was I wrong!
Captivating, engrossing and very romantic, this is the one to start with. Saint-Germain, though IMHO, not really at his best here, is still fascinating and sexy enough to hold the reader's interest. And Madelaine is a throughly enjoyable character.
The ending is a luscious combination of action and romance.
There are other books in the series I like better, but this one will not disappoint. None of Yarbro's books ever could.
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