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on May 19, 2004
I am so grateful for this book and wake up everday relieved when I look in the mirror. I've visited multiple dermatolists, tried Proactiv, minocyclin antibiotics, vitamins, prescription stuff - many types and nothing has worked. Proactiv did not work despite the info-mercials. I tried each remedy at different times in my life. As I've gotten older into my mid-twenties, the acne has gotten worse.
I just about given up when I came across this book and read the reviews and thought, why not? I tried everything else under the sun. And the excerpts from the book was logical and made sense.
The results for me are amazing. My skin is smooth and my scars are disappearing. I don't expect it to completely cure - due to hormonal occurances or stress. However, it has certainly improved my skin 95% and I'm not embarrassed when I don't have foundation on. I've been using this process for 4 weeks now and have recommended it to my sister and friends.
The other reviews show that people don't know what brands to use or where to find the items. Here is exactly what I used:
2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide - On the Spot, Neutrogena. Available at Target, Walmart, any pharmacy... about $5
2% Salicylic Wash - Oil Free Acne Wash, Neutrogena. Available at Target, Walmart, any pharmacy... about $5
Glycolic Acid - 7% Glycolic Exfoliating Wash, DDF. Available from Sephora. Can also be ordered online from Sephora. $27
Hope this helps you as it did me! Best of Luck.
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on May 31, 2003
I bought this book with a lot of skeptisim, but ready to give it a try, as it boasts a cure, not a treatment.
I found the information difficult to understand when it came to "exactly" what I needed to buy. The Glycolic acid was the worst. A few brand names were quoted, and the percentage of what I needed...8% glycolic acid, these products were available only online, and after I found the brands recommended, I was totally confused as to "which" one I was suppose to get. The brands that were quoted have tons of products, and I spent hours trying to find the exact one I needed.
Later on in the book they say, after your skin is acne free, you should follow up with a cleanser with glycolic acid "if you can find one". Yikes all this research and you don't know if there is one???
I have been doing the treatment for 3 weeks, and do see a noticable improvement, but nothing like I expected. I do have peeling skin and wonder if other things that happen are what is suppose to be happening.
There are no answers as to what your skin will look like during week one, week two, and so forth, so I can only assume the peeling is normal, and the "new" type of acne I am getting now is normal???....there are just too many unanswered questions.
I could write a book on what I have learned NOT to do, and what products to buy that are cheaper and easier to get.
Well after the ten weeks, I am not cured. I still have acne, though there is less of it, the acne I do get is just plain different than what I use to have. I get very few actual pimples, but they seem to take weeks to go away. It's just weird. My skin is always dry, though I moisturize like crazy. I'm not sure where the "other" reviewer gets her products, but if they were so simple and cheap to find, I don't think Terry Dubrow would have come up with his own line of products to use while on this program. The Glycolic acid is the costly product. Those containing Alpha Hydroxy acids are not the same as glycolic.
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on June 7, 2004
I wrote a positive review several months back about this book. I'm surprised to read several reviewers' negative comments. I started Dr. Dubrow's programme, as outlined in the book, just before Christmas. I was amazed that for the first time in my life something that made a claim about helping acne actually WORKED.
Now, seven months later, I have no acne. None. I don't mean less, I mean NONE. I wish I'd had this book twenty years ago when this problem first showed up in my life. Imagine what it's like to wake up every morning and know that when you look in the mirror there will be nothing wrong with your face. That's what I experience now because of what I learned in this book. What's more, while the initial six-week programme is quite involved, in the "maintenance" phase of the programme, where I am now, I have to do nothing more than wash my face in the morning and night.
You're entitled to scepticism -- we all are. Sales of bogus or harmful acne cures are a gold mine, and we're the slaves working it. I don't want to cast aspersions on these other reviewers -- they've had whatever experiences they've had. But I wish I could give every acne sufferer the results I've been so fortunate to have since finding Dr Dubrow's book. If you're hesitating, I'd say to take the risk. It's made a world of difference for me.
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on May 25, 2003
I've had an on-going battle with acne for around 10 years - I've have been through two Accutane treatments and have tried every prescription drug that exists. Although I would currently describe my acne as moderate (Accutane was fairly effective), I still break out every now and then. As such, I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago and decided to give the suggested treatment plan a try. The regimen suggested in the book is logical (without going into detail, it combines the use of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide). However, I could only follow the plan for about five days. My skin became so irritated from the combination of medications that I looked like a tomato-on-a-stick (no exaggeration!) and, consequently, I broke out even more. I also tried the alternate program for people with sensitive skin (although I don't have especially sensitive skin), but it didn't make much difference. On paper, the program appears promising, but unless you have extremely durable skin, I would recommend trying something else.
As a side note, if you do plan to try the treatment program, I found that the primary medications used are - contrary to the other review - widely available and fairly inexpensive. Together, they probably cost less then [$$$] a month.
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on December 26, 2003
Hello everybody! I wrote a review on this book about a month ago and now it's time for an update.
Shortly after I posted my first review, I got weak. I squeezed everything that was there to squeeze - EVERYTHING - even the innocent blackheads. My face had to suffer just because I had a bad day. So many things did not work out that day in my personal as well as professional life and I needed somebody to take it out on - unfortunately it was my skin.
The progress my skin had made up until that particular day was not really overwhelming though either, and that was probably another reason why I didn't care to much about squeezing.
Never the less the overall look of my face did change since my first treatment - I could definitely tell there was an improvement of the smoothness of my skin - but I still grew pimples. The big ones - four to be exactly (one on my forehead, two on my left cheek, and one on my left side close to my ear).
After this, I call it my "everything bad day", I apologized to my face and kept sticking to the program again. Only this time I wanted to be really smart and changed from a 2,5% BP to a 10% BP lotion. Why, why, why? Bad choice again. After two applications of the new BP my face got so dry and flaky, it even affected my breathing through the nose. My nose started to be so dry, I was bleeding on the inside when blowing my nose. I woke up every morning feeling totally sick because I wasn't able to breath through my nose.
After a week or so, I realized... hm...maybe the 10% BP isn't so good after all. I returned to using the 2,5 % BP, and from that day on I applied it only every other day. (A reader of this page actually recommended that, that's where I got it from).
From that point on my face pretty much stayed the same. The dryness went away but I still had my four pimples and they made no effort to go away. They where really deep down and started to build a crust on top so that I couldn't even conceal them with make up. I felt this hard knob growing underneath my skin, and started questioning the "non-squeezing" advice. From the experience I have made, I have to say: in my particular case (...a huge pimple that comes to the surface and is ready to be popped - and yet I do not pop and stick to my plan so that the pimple eventually closes up and dives back deep down into my skin to just cause me pain), I am convinced: popping a pimple can't be so bad after all.
I'm now about eight weeks into the program. My four pimples did a good job with going away. The surface got harder every day until I started to scratch it away - it was red underneath but I could put make up on it. Now there is "only" this knob to feel deep down in my skin, you can't see it from the outside but it's there. Oh well,...I can live with that.
The last week was actually the first one with no visible blemish in my face - just in time for Christmas, hurray. No new ones seem to arrive at the moment, but I want to be careful about feeling too happy! I always had a couple of good skin days - it might be just one of them.
I will keep you updated on what is happening. Thanks for listening!
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on November 23, 2003
I'm 21 years old and have tried pretty much every product on the market starting with "Neutrogena", "Clean and Clear" over adult-super-expencive "olay" stuff. I bought the entiere product line just to make sure I'm not mixing any wrong ingriedients. What a waste. But during my teenage years I was convinced that the commercials on TV are saying the truth. After all, who would sell a product that doesn't work (Dr. Dubrow explained it to me).
Like so many people out there, I wasn't looking for any more cure. Nor did I ever think of looking in a bookstore for an: acne cure book.
To make a long story short: I found the book; I spent money on it; and I believe I have never treated my skin better than I do right now!
What made me buy the book, was not so much the fact that it said "acne cure" on the cover, but that the book told me about my skin. That was something way more deeper and interesting to me than any "proactive....this-will-be-the-last-product-you-buy" commercial.
Learnig how my skin works, and that it puts so much efford into curing my pimples, makes me like my skin again! Now I understand why I have pimples, why they do take a long time to go away, why they are red, why ordianary cleansers don't work...
I'm in my third week of following the steps explained in Dr. Dubrows book. During this period of time new pimples arrived on my skin and look nasty as always. However, because I believe in Dr. Dubrows excellent written explanations about curing my acne, I will not get weak and start squeezing. It's a process that takes time and after suffering for almost a decade I now have the time to let my skin do it's work without interrupting.
I will come back to this page and keep you updated on my skin! I'm sure it will be positive updates!
Thanks for listening to my story!
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on October 18, 2003
I've had acne for more than 10 years and I've done so many things to try to cure it that it is incredible. I did the Accutane, antibiotics, very strong peels that left my skin destroyed for days, birth control. I was resigned to having acne be a part of my life. A few weeks ago my skin revolted again and I was so incredibly upset that I was willing to go for another Accutane treatment even though I know very well that this medication has so many side effects and is so unhealthy.
By chance I saw this book in a bookstore, even though at the time I didn't think there was an acne cure. After doing the program just a few days my skin Feels healthy! I have had this feeling only when on medication! And the program is so simple yet effective! The idea to dilute the acids with a few drops of water is very smart, this way you can cover your whole face not just the problem areas and you can prevent new pimples from showing up. Try this program, it is really worth it!
So, thanks Dr. Dubrow, I appreciate it! I wish I had this information when I was a teenager!
PS: A week ago a doctor told me the old "Don't eat chocolate" story. I am so glad that Dr. Dubrow dispels this myth because chocolate is the only thing that I truly love to eat!
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on August 2, 2003
I struggled with acne for 17 yrs, and the program outlined in this book gave positive results in less than one week. It has even made those dreaded "cystic" ones a thing of the past. However, I do agree that it is a fairly harsh regimen. I would consider my skin to be VERY durable and not irritated easily at all; yet at about the two week mark, my skin started to peel and get really dried out.
My suggestion to anyone wanting to give this a shot is to use the full protocol sparingly when first trying it out (perhaps every other evening) or try what another reviewer suggested and slowly add each component to your cleansing ritual. I personally use a 2% salicylic wash by Neutrogena every AM and on every other PM (like I said, I have tough skin). On the evenings I don't use the salycylic wash, I use an extremely mild soap and will alternate between using the glycolic acid and the benzoyl peroxide.
Sounds confusing? Well, it takes a bit of commitment to keep it straight, but the results are very much worth it. Up until about 4 months ago when I started this, I had no idea what it was like to wake up in the morning and not dread looking at what had sprouted up overnight. Another reviewer commented that it was difficult to find the acids - I had to go to a skin care specialist to get mine. However, I have noticed that sells glycolic acid by several different makers; sephora is on the pricey side, so you might want to look around some more.
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on March 23, 2004
After searching again for acne cure I found this book and read the reviews. I went and got this book from the library instead of buying. I have moderate but persistant acne, I have been tru everything including TWO courses of Accutane! I was familiar with all the products, but I didn't realize that it is necessary to use them together in a certain order. It made sense after reading the book. This book is to the point and I see positive results with the use of the techniques. Cheap 8% AHA acid could be purchased in Walgreens, their brand and it costs $5.99, large jar or lotion, salicilic acid is cheap, so is BP. I am looking forward till I finish 6 weeks ( it has been about 2) so i can have perfect skin. Nothing else worked, but thanks to this wonderful book I know exactly what to do and noone will persuade me otherwise. I have done a lot of reading and research on my own in reagards to acne and its treatments, this book is written by one smart man and I am so happy I found it !!!! Please try this treatment!!! Healthy skin is soooo important and I think that it is the first sign of beauty.
AHA and salicilic acid makes my skin very smooth. I don't get that much irritation because my skin was tortured enough already before. Actually, I got my skin more irritated just by using BP of 2.5% twice a day, and now using all the products in combination my skin is just fine, I pretty much don't have any peeling. Also, I went and found good night cream as per Doc's recommendations: Nivea CoQ-10 night cream, it has Vit C, E, and other good stuff. I just put it around my eyes and twice a week on the whole face at night. Good luck to everyone.
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on May 9, 2004
As the title suggests, it's more of a "cure"-- while acne needs to be healed AND controlled.
I've tried almost everything with differing results-- Retin-A, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, birth control pills, Proactive Solution, facials, vitamins, drinking gallons of water a day, cheap over the counter stuff, expensive products...
I'd been doing OK for the past year (sulfur-based AHA wash, Differen at night, and then either BP or salicylic acid with an oil-free SPF during the day) with only a couple of zits every so often. Until some recent stress. Then, my cheeks-- which have always been acne free, since I break out on my T-zone-- completely exploded into inflamed whitheads and red bumps. Nothing was working to decrease that acne, it was only getting worse. So, I tried this book.
Yes, in the beginning my skin did get dry, red, raw. I'd recommend, on top of spacing the regime out, to water down some non-comedegenic lotion/moisturizer and aply it after the last step at night (I used Curel). Doing this, my treatment took the full six weeks but my cheeks completely cleared!
That was about a month ago. I am still figuring out a regime, and have once again gotten pimples in some of my old areas (chin, forehead). The book is well written on how to heal current acne, but I found the section on KEEPING your skin clear much too vague. I've had trouble finding some of the products/ingredients he mentioned (a looong list of specific antioxidants, glycolic acid wash for acne prone skin). I've also had trouble doing the Cure on just the 3-4 pimples I have, while figuring out how to treat the rest of my face.
However, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an entire area to treat, rather than just a spot or two to get rid of.
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