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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on October 17, 2003
In "Nancy's Mysterious Letter", Nancy receives a letter from London. Not just any letter though, it tells of her inheritance of a small fortune. Unfortunately, the inheritance is for a different Nancy Drew. But before all this, Nancy invites her elderly mail carrier, Ira Nixon, in the house for some hot chocolate because it was winter and very cold. When Ira has bid Nancy farewell and is about to leave, he discovers his mailbag has bean stolen! Then later on, Nancy discovers the thief who stole Ira's mailbag is planning to marry the other Nancy Drew for her fortune. Meanwhile, nobody told the other Nancy Drew about her inheritance! Nancy's out on a mystery to discover who stole the mail, and who the real heiress to the fortune awaiting in London is.
Overall, it was ok. Maybe if it had more suspense and action, I prefer those kinds of books. I'm not sure if this was just a dud, or if all the Nancy Drew books are like this because this is the first one I've read. The thing that bugs me is that everything works out so perfectly through the story, so it gets boring, and there's no surprise in the ending. Just because I don't care for it though, don't you not read it. If you like innocent mysteries and old-fashioned stories, you'll probably love this. *_~
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on May 8, 2003
This review concerns the original 1932 edition as well as the revised 1968 edition which tells a story similar to the original. Nancy mistakenly receives a letter intended for another Nancy Drew, informing her that she has inherited a large sum of money. Also, when Nancy invites her elderly mailman in for a drink of cocoa, his mailbag is stolen from Nancy's porch. Nancy sets out to find the other Nancy Drew and to locate the person who took the mailbag so that she can restore the tarnished reputation of her mailman. Personally, I found this book to be very boring. The mystery is not exciting and there is very little action in the book. Nancy solves the mystery in the end, but it is not through brilliant detective work, it is because she attends a football game at Emerson University. I know that chance encounters always play a big part in solving the case in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, but this was just pure dumb luck and nothing else. I wouldn't even waste your time on this one.
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on December 16, 1999
The Applewood Publishing Company's original version is the true, original story first published in the 1930's. Don't waste your time with the horrid (in my opinion) re-written, condensed versions that came out later. This was actually written by a man from what I have read! The original author of the series, Mildred Wirt Benson, was not asked to write this one. I read in the terrific book "Rediscovering Nancy Drew" by Carolyn Stewart Dyer that Benson and the Stratemyer Syndicate (who published the Nancy Drew series) had many conflicts over Nancy's character and how she should write the series instead of just letting her author the books. Mildred Wirt Benson later returned to write the 11th book of the series and resumed until #25, and then her last one for the series was #30. Stratemeyer also argued with man who wrote this mystery for the series in Benson's absence. I believe #8,9,10 were all written by the same male writer who also wrote screenplays for movies. This is an excellent story, and I heartily enjoy all of the original versions. They are far superior to the low-rent rewritten versions. Even as a child reading the series 20 years ago I enjoyed the orginal 30's versions of the series over the faster-paced but trashy re-written versions. I remember feeling as though my intelligence was being insulted with the yellow-bound rewrites, so I searched the shelves at the library for the old-school versions. I am enjoying buying these old original versions for my collection, and rereading them when I have a little extra time.
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on February 28, 2009
When the mail is stolen from the mailman at the Drew residence Nancy Finds out there was a letter addressed to her from England. She finds out later that the letter was intended for a heiress also named Nancy Drew.

Nancy then begins a search to track down the missing woman. It later becomes obvious that a man is preventing Nancy from find the missing woman. A suspect named Edgar Nixon becomes the subject of her investigation. Through clues Nancy finds out that Edgar is planning to marry the heiress and then plans to steal her inheritance.

She also discovers that Edgar is engaged in swindling racket that involves many innocent and trusting people. Perilous situations seem to be the norm for Nancy throughout the mystery.

Although the book started off very good I thought it lacked finish. It seemed that near the end it was more filler then mystery. The finish had no real big climax. It was too rushed I thought. I gave it two stars for this particuler reason.
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on January 3, 2003
When beloved teen sleuth Nancy Drew receives a mysterious letter from London informing her that she is the heir to a fortune, she sets out to find another person named Nancy Drew, who is the real heir to the fortune. But what she finds is mystery in every turn.
This was an exciting Nancy Drew mystery, that young readers will relish in. They will get to join Nancy on a mystery of a lifetime, and see if they can solve the case before Nancy herself. A very enjoyable book, and a must have for Nancy Drew fans everywhere.
Erika Sorocco
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on November 9, 2002
Nancy receives a letter from London that, although it is addressed to her, is meant for another Nancy Drew. The young sleuth sets out to find the intended recipient, and another fascinating mystery begins.
Ned Nickerson, a student at Emerson college, takes a role in solving this one. Nancy, Bess and George spend a weekend at Emerson and enjoy football game festivities while they unravel the mystery.
Brave, kind, tactful and intuitive, Nancy is a role model for generations of young girls. Highly recommended.
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on June 10, 2004
Nancy's Mysterious Letter is only one of many well-written books by Carolyn Keene. Keene does it again. With each book, the action starts on page 1. Sometimes it's so suspenseful that I actually worry about Nancy's predicament. Keene's vivid descriptions of the characters really bring out the color in them. I haven't read this particular book in a few years, but the style of Keene's writing is still fresh in my mind. This series of mystery books is a must-have for Nancy Drew lovers abroad.
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on September 16, 2001
This book had good action, the best being locked in the Emerson building. The broken bridge was neat, but still something a bit more neater could have happened. Oh, well. I guess that's just the way it is. I couldn't see the cover until I wrote this review because I got this book from the Boise Library. It was an orange cover, and that's it. I think the cover for the book is neat, but the book was a lot neater. This should be the eight or seventh of the top ten Nancy Drews.
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on October 19, 2001
This story was a really suspenseful book. Nancy Drew recieves a letter from England about a large sum of money. She relizes that there must be another Nancy Drew. She starts looking for this other Nancy Drew and find out that a man is engaged to merry her and then take her money. Will Nancy find this mysterious Nancy Drew? Will she be able to stop the wedding? All of these questions will be answered in this book.
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on September 1, 2003
This book has to be the very first Nancy Drew book that i ever read. True it may not be as exciting as her other books and the drama may not be so convinving. But if you think about it, what Nancy went through in the older versions of these books was a lot for people "way back in those times" I recommend this book for any young, middle aged, or older aged reader. Happy reading!
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