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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 3, 2003
Diane Mott Davidson brings us Goldy, of Goldilock's Catering, "where everything is just right," a loving mother, cook, small businesswoman, and amateur detective. Goldy runs a catering business in the mountains of Aspen Meadows, Colorado, is a single mom to son Arch, and has a knack for solving murders.
Unlike another female investigator based in central California,(who shall remain nameless here but is well known to mystery fans) the one who makes herself boiled-eggs-mayo-ketchup sandwiches at odd times for nourishment, Goldy really cooks.
Included in every book in the series are wonderful, inventive recipes. As a long time family chef, I find myself identifying much more with Goldy. No matter what else is going on, no matter how little sleep she manages to get, Goldy preps and cooks on a regular basis. Bless her!
Although the plotting is uneven and stretches the imagination just a little to be credible, this first book of Davidson's long series is an entertaining read. Recommended.
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on July 30, 2002
"Catering to Nobody" is the first delectable book in this culinary mystery series full of crazy, different characters.
Lightly entertaining, and a good murder mystery Davidson's witty writing and clever clues combine with some yummy recipes along the way to solving this short, fun mystery.
Goldy is a former battered wife who has finally divorced her abusive doctor husband and strikes out to support herself and her pre-teen son by starting an upscale catering company.
Handsome police officer Tom Schultz adds another delicious dimension to the story. If you enjoy Grafton, Evanovich, and Tamar Myers (my other favorite mystery authors who write about 'real' people) you'll enjoy Goldy's sleuthing attempts to determine 1)who keeps trying to poison her lovable (?) ex-father-in-law, 2)who murdered her son's lovely, yet peculiar prior elementary school teacher and (deep breath) 3)WHY does everyone seem to know more about the entire mystery than Goldy? Most mysterious of all her books I've read to date! Excellent.
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on March 19, 1997
Catering to Nobody starts with a clever title and never lets up. The main character, Goldy Bear, is a former battered wife who finally divorced her abusive doctor husband and sets out to make her own way in the world with an upscale catering company. In addition to her business, she must deal with her nearly teenaged son and help him cope with the divorce. In this entry of the series, Goldy has to deal with her ex-husband when his father is poisoned at a funeral reception she is catering. Soon Goldy realizes that the only ay to save herself and her business is to solve the mystery herself-- and along the way she meets handsome police officer Tom Schultz, who reappears in later books in this series. Goldy is a character with whom many of today's women can identify. The recipes add another dimension to the book -- try them yourselves
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on April 22, 1998
One thing that's important to a story line, especially in murder mystery fiction, is believability. Diane Mott Davidson's stories are tightly written, well thought out, and believable to every day life! Her humor is an important link to her character, but also to the reader of her stories. She starts the book with enthusiasm, meaning that the story "just never drags." I really appreciate that in a mystery writer, in that you don't wait until page 206 for the murder to take place! (Some authors do). Very identifiable characters, and a real treat for anyone who has an understanding of small towns in Colorado! As that her characters are very "on par" to residents ! The cooking is great, and a wonderful read.
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on October 4, 1998
It isn't very often that a writer brings freshness and believability to a mystery. After all, "there's nothing new under the sun." Diane Mott Davidson is, however, a new voice (to me) with a lot of pluses in her column.
Davidson's characters are real enough to live in my home town and Goldy's situation is to pay the bills, raise a child alone, have a life and deal with a vengeful ex. And, to have a suicide and attempted murder thrown in for good measure just adds spice to the mix!
I have the rest of Davidson's works and look forward to reading them...if only I can finish without gaining 10 pounds!
Go, Goldy!
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on July 24, 2002
I wanted some easy fun reading that was a no brainer and I got it. I really enjoyed this book and cant wait to start on the others in this series. I liked all the crazy different characters and everything that went along with them. Plent of twist and turns kept me reading on through night so I would see how they all came together. Overall if your looking for fun easy reading, check this one out.
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on June 19, 2000
I am so glad I discovered this series. Anyone who enjoys Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich, and other authors with 'real' people will love Davidson's books. My only beef is with a blurb on the cover, comparing her to Mary Higgins Clark. I found the characters in this book far more human, appealing, and humorous. I'm furiously ordering every one of the books in this series. She's just my style.
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on November 5, 1997
I loved the book! I found it by accident and am I glad I did! However now I have several more of this authors books to read! This is a wonderful book! Goldie Bear is a great cook and a fun sleuth. The book is peppered (sorry about the pun) with wonderful recipes. The characters are well developed and Ms. Davidson does a wonderful job of keeping you guessing.
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on July 3, 1998
I have to say that sometimes my mom actually reads some pretty good books that are not too weird. I could not put this book down at all. It pulled me in like a fisherman. Good character development and VERY believable. I LOVE this book, buy it NOW!
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on May 21, 1999
Catering to Nobody is the best mystery that I have ever read. Diane Mott Davidson has this reader hooked on Goldy Bear's delicious recipes for crime solving and eating.
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