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3.7 out of 5 stars
Blue Skies
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change
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on July 22, 2016
Good book, I love this author.
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on February 20, 2018
BLUE SKIES is the 4th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson. This book is also called A Coulter Family Novel as its main character is a Coulter.
This is a romance between Hank Coulter, a rancher and Carly Adams, a beautiful lady who was born blind.
The story begins just after Carly had surgery to restore her sight. She heads to a bar to listen to the music and to watch people.
Hank takes one look at her and knows her must have her. Then in one drunken moment, he ruins her life.
After finding her again and offering marriage as a way to help her, Hank then makes it his mission to see that she experiences life and all of its wonders. And it's while they are seeing the world around them that they fall for each other.
Catherine Anderson does a good job of presenting all the issues and problems that blind people might have. And the emotional issues as well.
And it wouldn't be a real romance unless the main characters didn't grow in the story. Carly's greatest fear comes to pass and she runs away. Hank then does everything that he can to show her that she will be safe and cherished forever.
And of course, they live happily ever after!!!
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on January 17, 2004
Catherine Anderson's writing skills are like a fine wine -- they only grow better with age. Blue Skies and my view? This is an absolutely wonderful book, packed with heart-rending emotion, but deeply satisfying. Anderson again pens the ultimate male hero in Hank Coulter. Tall, rugged, masculine to the core, yet this male oozes kindness and sensitivity.
In true Anderson fashion, she pivots her story around a blemished woman. Here it is the enchanting Carly Adams. Blind since birth, Carly's doctors have given her a new lease on life with a recent eye operation. Her sight restored, she innocently sets out to taste all life's experiences. One of those morsels happens to be the handsome Hank Coulter.
Outside a seedy bar, in the back seat of Ford pickup, Carly and Hank perform the mating game with successful consequences -- they solve the breeding formula. Reality rears its ugly head, and one month later what becomes of two conscientious strangers?
What I most enjoy with an Anderson novel, is the fact her two main characters are always cast together. Her characters must work on their unfamiliar pairing and work they do - but along the way the reader gets to enjoy their effort. This skilled author controls emotion with an iron fist. Catherine Anderson inflames her words with immense passion pressuring her reader to turn the pages.
This is part of Anderson's fine Kendrick/Coulter series and I think it is the best of the lot. I look forward to Zeke's tale.
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on January 8, 2004
I purchased Catherine Anderson's latest title with anticipation. I've read most of her books and enjoyed them consistently. Although Catherine Anderson's obvious writing and plot development skills are again apparent in this latest novel, I was taken aback and dismayed by the general disrespect given to the heroine, a 28 year old adult, by Bess and Hank. Bess consistently violates Carly's trust by discussing Carly with Hank - a man Bess doesn't even know! She even suggests the despicable tactic Hank eventually uses to initially win over Carly's approval to his "solution" to their problem. This trend continues when Carly's father also reveals information to Hank without Carly's permission. The final straw is when Hank (again with Bess's help) finds Carly and removes her against her will from her chosen place of refuge - with her father's approval and help!! Catherine Anderson has thus painted us a disturbing picture: it's okay to go behind a friend's back, to reveal personal information without permission or even the involved person's knowledge, forcibly move physically challenged persons from where they want to be, refuse them the right to make decisions regarding their own future - all in the name of that person's own eventual good!! The erroneous assumption here is that these people know what that person's eventual good is. It's impossible to know that, and it is extremely dangerous to assume that one does. The pervasive disrespect shown to the heroine throughout the book made this book impossible for me to enjoy. I hope the author's next heroine gets better treatment.
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on January 18, 2004
She is one of the few authors who ALWAYS make it to my "keeper" shelf. This time???? BIG MISS!!!! I gave this one to the Used Book Store as soon as I finished. Why? The first half of the book was a textbook and the second half was the most forced love story I've ever read. The sad thing is that she did a great job with explaining and portraying a heroine with a disability in Phantom Waltz. In Blue Skies, we get page after page of visual cortex this and visual cortex that.... instead of character development. ...
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on January 22, 2004
What is there NOT to love about Blue Skies and all of Catherine's books?? She knows how to take a tragic situation and turn it into a wonderful romantic 'informative' story. She does so much research into a medical situation and comes forth with all the correct information about it and turn it into a wonderful interesting book that you just can't put down till the last page is turned. Keep up the great work Catherine.
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on June 6, 2004
Catherine Anderson has a way of creating characters that feel like family. You are right there with them feeling every emotion and stuggle they are going through.
Catherine provides extensive information about Carly's blindness and what she has to face. And Hank is just the man to stand by her.
I found the ending to be powerful and emotional. Love it!
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on June 13, 2004
This is my favorite book by Catherine Anderson. The fact that the leading lady was blind touched my heart in more ways than I can even say. This book touched so many emotions so deaply. One page I would be laughing (just wait until the driving scene), and the next I would be bawling.
Great book.
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on January 20, 2004
Wow, way to go Catherine Anderson, your book has been out since Jan 6 and already nine reviews!! From what I can gather your readers either hated the novel or loved it. I fall in the second category. I loved it! It may have been heavy in medical terminology but it was never boring!
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on May 27, 2004
Carly wants to see everything now that she is no longer blind, and one of the first things her eyes fall on is well worth a second look. Hank Coulter is all man, and their dance goes from the barroom to the bedroom. Then, soon after, Carly discovers she's pregnant, and though Hank made a big impression on her, he can't even remember her name when she calls to tell him. To make matters worse, pregnancy will probably undo all the surgery's miracles, leaving her blind once more.
Hank's memory needs some work, but his honor functions well. He immediately wants to do the right thing and marry Carly. She agrees out of need, but as Hank spends weeks caring for her and showing her all she can see before the world goes dark, convenience turns into reality. Hank's world is full of innocent peril, forcing Carly to choose love or life.
(...)Catherine Anderson's name on a book is all that is needed to assure readers of a story that goes on the keeper shelf. It will always be heartwarming, filled with characters who jump off the page to your soul. (...)
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