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on April 19, 2000
I bought this book while in a pink cloud after a successful new cat introduction by my sister using Anitra's suggested method. I found her feeding instructions bogus. I agree with not overfeeding a cat, however her feeding ideas are based on the idea of a cat in the wild may get a mouse a day and be healthy. Well, guess what animals in captivity live longer, lots. My old guy has been on prescription CD all his life. There are good tips, but not all can be taken at face value. I don't like to declaw a cat, but my 16 year old part Siamese surely isn't crippled. My sister would declaw a cat for the cat. She was more horrified by her incredible part chinchilla persian howling for hours to get in the living room. Declawed cats do not belong outside, nor in my opinion any cat. I know this will raise some hackles, but anthropormophizing a cat has its limits. Also, how come my 16 year old NEVER had a mother, not from day one and is perfectly litter trained? I didn't hold him in litter and do all that stimuli stuff. I did that under warm running water until he and his sister were old enough, no mess. I did add excretia from a grown cat to their litter which I think is a must, but we have had no problems, and his "momma" didn't train him. I think Anitra needs more head stand asanas, ask Satch for a few. Please think for yourself. I am glad she debunked subcut rehydration and other medical treatment, so it is doable for scaredy owners. I liked the book overall, but I would have enjoyed more stories and less pontification. Some of the logic by Anitra is just abitra too much.
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on January 26, 2000
Thanks to The New Natural Cat I am happier. I suffer kiddey disease and require shots of Ringer's Lactate. My owners read this book and learned how to heat the fluids so they don't hurt when I get the shots. They also changed my diet and I am now given the nutrients I need in order to survive with my disease. Thanks to this book, I am a better kitty.
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on January 9, 2000
If you eschew the supermarket for the health food store and Tylenol for chamomile, this is the book for you (and your cat). It covers everything from how to make organic cat food to treating disease, cutting toenails and saying goodbye to your cat before going away. For those less sure of their ability to follow directions in a way that will be safe for their cat (I understand that not everyone will be comfortable putting raw organic chicken in the food processor with clover sprouts and quinoa or rice), the author also suggests products you can buy ready-made at pet stores to boost your cat's health and vitality.
Three years ago I adopted a mangy kitten from the Humane Society that had been rescued in the woods by the game warden, and was thought to be the offspring of a feral cat and possibly a bobcat (a not uncommon occurence in NW Washington state). She had a terrible case of ear mites, which the vet at the Humane Society said could only be dealt with using harsh chemicals. Following the advice in this book, I got rid of the ear mites with herbs, olive oil and Vitamin E. Three cheers for natural cat care!
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on October 28, 1999
Anitra Frazier's experience with cats gives her book an authenticity unmatched by other books about cats. What first struck me about it is her love for cats--a love extending to my cats, for whom she wants me to do the best I can. So, she tells me how!
In aiding me to assess problems correctly, she also tells me what to do about them, giving me the confidence to do things myself, to take responsibility for the cats and their health in a way I hadn't considered. In the process, this book has saved me hundreds of dollars in vet bills.
Switching to the raw meat diet she advocates make my cats healthier, happier, more energetic and affectionate than I thought possible! My vet marvels at the brimming good health of one of my cats who has a weak immune system and an auto-immune disease.
Anitra has helped me see things from a cat's point of view--which helps me care for them better. In understanding them better, I communicate better with them and we're all happier.
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on October 17, 1999
I first found this book in my local library-after reading through it I purchsed a copy of my own. Because of the information in this book, I was able to keep my cat, Loki, alive and in decent health for more than two years longer than the Veterinarian had given him, when first diagnosing him with kidney disease. The book showed me how to hydrate him, and feed him a healthy diet that kept him in good condition until he was 18, and finally died. The Vet. was impressed with how well he did, since kidney disease is very dehabilitating-Loki's coat was beautiful, and his eyes clear, right up to the end.
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on June 21, 1999
This book has provided not only excellent suggestions and techniques but has given us the courage and confidence to try them. We lost a beloved 14-year-old companion last fall and had been unsuccessful in administering subcutaneous fluids at home. When our 15-year-old recently became dehydrated from long-standing kidney disease, we knew he needed more fluids than he was getting but we were afraid to try the sub-q method again. It was only after reading this book's section on fluids that we were able to provide this valuable support to our Poncho. He is now glossy and happy, sitting comfortably purring in my husband's lap as I confidently give him the fluids that he needs. We have all benefitted greatly from this wonderful book.
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on January 13, 1999
This enlarged and updated sequel to "The Natural Cat is a must for serious cat fanciers. Filled from cover to cover with everything you need to know to care for any cat, this book will inform and entertain you again and again. A good, comprehensive reference, written with great insight and sensitivity. As a frequent participant in Cat Newsgroups on the Internet, I often refer to this text as a good source for answers to many questions.
A worthy and important addition to any catlover's bookshelf.
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on May 23, 1998
After my cat Maxie died, I knew I had to approach cat care wholisically. I read Anitra Fraizer's book and immediately took her advice on the fresh food diet and feeding routines for my cats. She uses laymen terms and her style of writing is easily understood so you never have to guess at what she is saying. I have 5 very healthly cats who are all the proper weight. The fresh (raw) food diet keeps their health and weight intact. Since the publication of her book, views on yeast for animals has changed and I have changed my mineral formula and am anxiously awaiting an updated book to see her new and improved ingredients.
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on January 12, 1998
I found this book very helpful in learning how to take care of my cats. Being a person who lives wholisticly, I only wanted the same for my cats. This book has great information which I found easy to incorporate into our lives. Adam Bernstein
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on September 24, 1996
Are you looking for a more "natural" way to care for your little bundle of fur? Do you have questions about a particular treatment method or illness? This is one of the best books that I've read in reference to understanding and learning how to better care for that very special feline companion. From diet recommendations to learning the best method of administering fluid treatments, it has many answers and all in one place. It's been a lifesaver for my 17 year old cat and I'm extremely grateful to
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