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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on February 1, 2002
I used to be a fat lazy "Garfield" type cat. I am 10 years old and I hadn't played in almost six years because it was too much of an effort. My coat was brittle, full of dandruff and my belly nearly hung to the ground. I wheezed a lot since my belly was so big. My owners were very worried about me. They put me on these really expensive prescription diets that the vet recommended but I just kept getting more and more bloated. One day I noticed my Mommy reading THE NEW NATURAL CAT. I had hoped that she would finally come to understand me in the 400+ pages of this book. I believe my mommy paid attention! I believe my mommy finally understands how to feed me and how to communicate with me. I am a happier and healthier cat than I have ever been. I have lost 7 pounds, my coat is shiny and beautiful and I am in a much better mood. It is so much fun to play and pounce and scratch my post again. I can run again! I am not wheezing. My purrrrr may not be as loud because I am not as big but I am happier than I have ever been. If you want to help your feline friends - please, please, read this book!
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on June 25, 2004
This is THE best book on this topic that I've read, & I've read several. This book is loaded with usable, understandable information with how-to explanations. NO prior knowledge of natural-care-giving is needed to understand Anitra's writings.
Even the page layout is pleasant, with lots of white space surrounding the text; it's easy on the eyes.
I rescue dogs/cats, find appropriate homes for the healthy and adopt the "unadoptable." I am permanent guardian to almost 30 nonhumans. Since a child (now mid-aged), I've never had less than 8 cats & 2 dogs. I know animals & animal books.
If you can only afford 1 book, or perhaps don't care to read lots of books, BUY THIS ONE! I am thoroughly impressed. If you can buy/read two books, get "Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats." These 2 books are referenced in many other books of this type. Having read both, I understand why: They're both GREAT!
My ONLY COMPLAINT with the text: Anitra refers to us as "pet owners." We do not "own" our pets (nor our children). Therefore, we are not "pet owners" but are "pet guardians." I'll write Anitra :)
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on April 13, 2004
I would recommend this book to anyone who is truly in-tune with their pet(s). I am grateful to the authors writing this book and to the publishers for publishing it. I have owned it for 10 years. I credit this book with giving me 3 extra years with the love-of-my-life (Rubble), after her doctor said she may only live one more year because of her deteriorating kidney disease. I am not a very new age type of person, however, using the Bach Flower Remedies in conjunction with some traditional medications from my vet, as well as the communication techniques outlined in this book, Rubble had a wonderful quality of life until 21 years of age! Admittedly, I have never fed any of my cats a raw diet or the medicinal broths as this book recommends (and this is where the common sense comes in), simply because I REALLY know my cats, I make a point of being in-tune with them, and more importantly, if something sounds a little too "out-there," I use my common sense, my better judgement, and consult with my veterinarian. I treat my pets as I would my children, I would never put their health or well-being in jeopardy simply because I read something in a book! With that said, the communication techniques described in this book are outstanding and if you have never tried Bach Flower Remedies for your pets, you don't know what you're missing!! I have used Bach Flower Remedy recipes from this book on Rubble for a skin condition related to her kidney disease, as well as on several of the 5 cats that live with me now, with AMAZING SUCCESS!! So, if you know your cat and you have common sense, don't be afraid to use this book!!!! It's wonderful!
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on September 28, 2003
I'd checked this book out from the library and read it several times before I actually made the decision to buy it. The information in this book seems more or less sound. It explains a lot about cat behavior, and continually encourages finicky owners to "look to nature" for answers about food and caretaking. Also, it's got a very good section on grooming cats, which is very important (especially for long-furred felines). Generally, it has given me a lot of helpful information, but it is also full of "New Age" ideas about health care and cat communication. Now, as much as i'd like to believe in homeopatic remedies and Bach Flower Treatments, scientific tests have shown that it's rather doubtful that these things actually work. I'd also like to believe that cats have some sort of psychic communication, but a lot of people are likely to laugh off the possibility. In any case, if you're a cat owner who gets nervous about things like processed cat food and toxic flea treatments, it's definitely worth it to check out the suggestions and instructions in this book.
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on February 8, 2002
i cannot say enough about this book and i urge everyone who loves their cat to purchase it. this book will educate and empower you; whether you just need some basic tips for general cat health and well being or if your cat has a serious disease.
i originally bought this book when one of my cats developed hyper-trophic cardiomyopathy and was given only one week to live. by following the traditional medical advice of my veterinarian as well as anitra frazier's naturopathic advice i was able to extend my cat's life 6 more healthy years. that alone made this small purchase worth it's weight in gold, 1000 times over.
a few years later another of my cats was diagnosed with liver disease and again i was told that she would not recover. i followed the same method; combining our vet's traditional medical therapy with the naturopathy outlined in this book and 4 years later that cat is very much alive and healthy.
as a responsible cat "owner" i can honestly say this book has been the single most important purchase i've ever made.
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on February 1, 2002
Now this is a woman who truly knows and loves cats. Frazier's interest in their care and handling began when she was working for a vet who sent her out to homes to groom cats. While grooming, she was confronted with a wide assortment of perplexing issues from dull coats and eating disorders to allergies and communication problems. By working with the vet, paying attention to the cats, and enlisting the help of the owners, she gradually found solutions to most of the problems and accumulated a gold mine of information.
Frazier's approach to writing is direct, simple and concise. Her suggestions are always presented with compassion, and keep the larger, holistic view in mind. I have found the sections on diet and nutrition particularly helpful, but Frazier waxes eloquent on a wide assortment of physical ailments, grooming, training, spiritual health and behavioral issues as well. If you're a cat owner don't miss this chance to get to know your furry friend in a whole new way. This book is both an invaluable resource and a wonderful contribution to interspecies communication. Five stars!
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on June 22, 2001
I have three cats. I got this book after being recommended in a discussion list.
After having read the first couple of chapters, I found myself crying over the stupid things that I've done to my cats all their lives. Most of us mean well, but sometimes we lack the info or the sense to help our cats achieve their best physical and emotional state.
This book offers the info to do that.
Using common sense of what a cat's natural ways are, Frazier guides us through a tough journey with natural diet, holistic approach and lots of love to discovered uncharted areas in the relationship with your cats. I learned how to use non-verbal communication and to send kisses to my cats across the room. The first time I did this, my female cat fell of the armchair where she was sitting out of surprise. Then she run to me, jumped on my keyboard and rubbed her face on mine. And that's NOT her usual behaviour.
The nutrition part is not what most vets recommend. But it works. After a month following her plan, my 25 pounds tom lost some weight, his dandruff vanished and the mats on his fur are gone.
Somewhere on the first chapter she says: "All I did was to ask the cats. And with the grace of the Cat Goddess, the answers came". Those who understand this will need no further recommendation.
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on October 10, 2000
The love, admiration and compassion Anitra Frazier feels for cats is evident all throughout this 448 page book. She covers everything you need to know about having cats in your life. And most importantly, she deals with it all in a holistic way.
The day-to-day realities are explored and discussed in detail. These topics include diet, litter box habits, grooming, scratching, etc. In the section on diet, Frazier gives detailed instructions on what and how much to feed your cat. She even gives great tips on how to switch finicky eaters over to a healthier, natural raw diet, including bribe foods. If you aren't ready to make the leap to preparing your cat's diet, she gives great advice on how to supplement high-quality commercial food.
The last three chapters on health issues are what make this a must-have for your bookshelf. Chapter 8 provides excellent information on what symptoms to look for, how to choose a vet, and deciding when to take your cat to the clinic. The next chapter gives tips on taking care of an ill cat, including how to use various medications. It also has a very helpful list of items to have on hand for home care. The final chapter gives an alphabetical listing of common injuries and health problems. Frazier provides lists of symptoms and recommendations for treatment. This part of the book is very thorough and written in an organized and easy to understand format. This book will not only help you develop a more understanding and loving relationship with your cat, it will also help you provide the best in natural care.
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on April 19, 2000
I bought this book while in a pink cloud after a successful new cat introduction by my sister using Anitra's suggested method. I found her feeding instructions bogus. I agree with not overfeeding a cat, however her feeding ideas are based on the idea of a cat in the wild may get a mouse a day and be healthy. Well, guess what animals in captivity live longer, lots. My old guy has been on prescription CD all his life. There are good tips, but not all can be taken at face value. I don't like to declaw a cat, but my 16 year old part Siamese surely isn't crippled. My sister would declaw a cat for the cat. She was more horrified by her incredible part chinchilla persian howling for hours to get in the living room. Declawed cats do not belong outside, nor in my opinion any cat. I know this will raise some hackles, but anthropormophizing a cat has its limits. Also, how come my 16 year old NEVER had a mother, not from day one and is perfectly litter trained? I didn't hold him in litter and do all that stimuli stuff. I did that under warm running water until he and his sister were old enough, no mess. I did add excretia from a grown cat to their litter which I think is a must, but we have had no problems, and his "momma" didn't train him. I think Anitra needs more head stand asanas, ask Satch for a few. Please think for yourself. I am glad she debunked subcut rehydration and other medical treatment, so it is doable for scaredy owners. I liked the book overall, but I would have enjoyed more stories and less pontification. Some of the logic by Anitra is just abitra too much.
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on January 9, 2000
If you eschew the supermarket for the health food store and Tylenol for chamomile, this is the book for you (and your cat). It covers everything from how to make organic cat food to treating disease, cutting toenails and saying goodbye to your cat before going away. For those less sure of their ability to follow directions in a way that will be safe for their cat (I understand that not everyone will be comfortable putting raw organic chicken in the food processor with clover sprouts and quinoa or rice), the author also suggests products you can buy ready-made at pet stores to boost your cat's health and vitality.
Three years ago I adopted a mangy kitten from the Humane Society that had been rescued in the woods by the game warden, and was thought to be the offspring of a feral cat and possibly a bobcat (a not uncommon occurence in NW Washington state). She had a terrible case of ear mites, which the vet at the Humane Society said could only be dealt with using harsh chemicals. Following the advice in this book, I got rid of the ear mites with herbs, olive oil and Vitamin E. Three cheers for natural cat care!
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