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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 30, 2002
If you've got a fair background in beginning Calculus and elementary physics, you may find this book very worthwhile. I wouldn't know.
Don't be fooled, however, by reviewers who claim that Feynman explains things in such a way that even without those basic tools, the book isn't incomprehensible. I've HAD basic calculus, albeit a LONG time ago, and I'm a tad rusty. And I have even less grounding in physics. But I'm far from mathematically illiterate, or incapable. And it isn't true that I got nothing out of my reading of this book; the sixth chapter did, in fact, answer the question that I'd hoped to have answered when I bought it. But by and large, the book was close to impenetrable. Now, clearly, this may well be due to my lack of preparation in the prerequisites for understanding it. But it definitely is NOT the first step in the process of understanding physics, as one reviewer actually called it and others implied. Read "Six Easy Pieces" first, and brush up on first-year Calculus. THEN consider tackling this book.
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on July 13, 1999
July 12, 1999
First and foremost thank you for producing this initial release of Richard Feynman's Physics lectures.
I am a total fan of Richard Feynman's series of Physics lectures and enjoy them both for their knowledge and historic value but ...
I would really like to see a transcript made of this audio lecture and have it reproduced by a professional narrator like Jeff Riggenbach who has done work for audio scholar. Jeff Riggenbach's work is excellant! Listen to T-Rex and The Crater of Doom as one example.
I would repurchase all of the Richard Feynman Physics lectures done to date if this could please be done. The current tapes are OK but the sound quality and announciation could be so much better.
Please work with Audio Scholar if necessary to realise this new release and please continue producing advanced audio physics lectures. I would like your company to continue where Richard Feynman left off.
I use the tapes as audio edutainment on my way to work and as bedtime stories for my 18 month old son who has been listening to Richard since birth. I have allocated a budget of $1,000 a year for advanced audio edutainment like this. If you create it I will support it.
Arnold Veness
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on December 5, 2014
For a relative non-mathematician, this book offers tantalizing insights to the nature of space-time. Enough to make one wish for a deeper knowledge of math.
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