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on September 19, 2001
For less than a fraction of the cost of a single massage session, utilizing the techniques in is wonderful book enables you to free up your horse from aches, pains, and holding patterns at a minimum. The charts and diagrams alone are worth the price.
In a few short sessions, I have been able to reduce swelling from a deep hematoma in a horse I work with who suffered a recent fall, just one example of improved circulation. He is more relaxed, moves more freely, is comfortable in his own skin now, and more able to learn. It also does wonders for deeper bonding and improving your relationship.
This book is well thought-out, easy to use, and the spiral binding is very useful. Mr. Hourdebaigt is one of few masters in the relatively new field of ESMT. One does well to learn from him.
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on January 29, 2001
This is the WOW book to which the title refers. . . It is, for lack of a better description, "everything you need it to be".
As a Clinical Massage Therapist I have become accustomed to dealing with physicians and their patients. . . When I got a call from a VET I was, well, taken aback. Having been a CCMT for many years, I knew what to expect and where to find problems in a HUMAN, but this book filled in absolutely every gap I could have come up with in regards to equine physiology, anatomy, kinesiology and the basics of "don't do this around a horse if you want to make it to your next patient" . . .
To start off with, it's spiral bound so it's super easy to take to the stable! The illustrations are terrific and the text doesn't speak to you like you're a fifth grader; it assumes that if you're working on horses, you at least know the basics of working on humans. And finally, it's encouraging. . . It let's you know some of the pitfalls before they happen and how to avoid them.
I'm really glad I picked this one up!
I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in Equine Massage!
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on November 11, 2004
This is an excellent book on equine massage. It covers anatomy in sufficient details and is well illustrated. The different moves are well explained and supported with clear pictures. I found the information on hydrotherapy, kinesiology, conformation and stretching surprisingly interesting. It gives you an overall view of the horse and it makes the book so much more useful.
The fun part of it, you go and try it on your horse and it works! The horses love it and cooperate gladly. The book describe different routines of massage but leaves room for personal input as well. I had to treat wounds and swelling on my horses and found helpful tips in there.
Excellent in theory, excellent in practice, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to try his hands on equine massage.
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on August 31, 2003
I already had a few basic massage techniques from my equine physio and this book is exactly what I wanted to further my knowledge. The beginning of the book includes clear detailed anatomical pictures.
Each technique is then described and shown and practical helpful hints such as using your bathroom scales to work out what 'X'lbs of pressure feels like abound. To make the book even better there are then sections which describe what various 'routines' might be made up of (relaxation for instance) and how long to spend etc. There are also recommendations for how to start with a new horse, body signals to look for and when you may need a helper.
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on June 21, 2003
This is a great book. It covers equine anatomy in detail so you know what you are working with. The are tons of diagrams and drawings. It reads like a textbook, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it's not exactly easy, light reading at bedtime :) The only reason I didn't give it 4 stars is that the book feels cheaply made. The paper is very thin, and it seems like someone just xeroxed the pages and mailed them out. The cover should be plastic or a thicker bond of paper. Don't get me wrong, the spiral binding is a great idea--makes it easy to have a page open at the stables. But my pags are aleady starign to tear out a bit.
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on November 17, 2000
This book is almost like taking a study course in equine massage. It teaches the physiology of the horse along with massage techniques and routines that are customized to the individual's needs. The explanations are clear and concise and there are illustrations and photos to demonstrate various techniques and the physical aspects of the horse. A wonderful resource for anyone who would like to have thier horse benefit from the application of massage.
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on October 21, 2000
This is a great book. It is filled with excellent charts and illustrations, as well as thorough explanations of techniques the average horse owner/lover can use to help create and increase wellness in their horse.
The book covers the following: Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse; The Horse and Massage Therapy; Principles and Concepts of Massage; Hydrotherapy; Massage Techniques and Routines; Kinesiology of the Horse; Stretching; Conformation Check-up Routine; Body Parts and Their Stress Points; Areas of Stress Specific to Each Discipline; Keeping Records.
This book begs to be taken to the stable with you, and the format makes it easy to use there. It is spiral bound, which makes it easy to leave open to a section from which you're working, and the cover is easily wiped off if it gets dirty (not that we ever get dirty at the barn, eh?). All in all this is a marvelous book, don't hesitate to buy it!
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on July 26, 1998
This book is amazing...I love it...I keep it at the barn so I can use as much from it as possible...the hydrotherapy section was probably the best I've read on the subject concerning application and techniques with horses...the many pictures are very helpful as added instruction...I would recommend this book to anyone with a horse for any purpose...
The discipline-specific massage routines in the back of the book were a major help...they shed light on what you should be doing for your particular horse and why...
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on February 12, 2004
It's amazing how easy it is to follow the author's instructions. I actually didn't know how to massage but I took the book with me to the barn and worked on my horse. Almost immediately, I could see the difference. He was moving more freely. His back felt much better. Later I used it on his legs to reduce swelling. Now when his leg swells or his back stiffens, I know what to do. If only I could get someone to do this for me.
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on January 10, 1998
Excellent information in easy to read spiral bound text. All of the techniques given were used by the massage therapists I've used over the years and spent $100's on. Simple daily routines to diverse self diagnosis are possible with this book. What more can you ask for? My horse and I love it!!
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