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on August 5, 2016
The review from someone who was previously a REIN member: read the books, but don't sign up. It is repetitive. They are constantly selling more and more to you even after paying $220 per month. They do not have anything scheduled for a month and a half sometimes, but they still charge $220 for that month. What a joke! Obviously, real estate works better for them when they are charging thousands of people $220 per month
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on July 16, 2005
Real Estate Investing in Canada by Don Campbell does not teach anything special. If you do some search on internet, you can find a lot of similar materials for free. Some calculations and most of the suggestions in the book are not practical at all. Buying properties is explained based on the negotation with the vendor. In practice, negotations take place between the realtors. You do not even see the vendor's face. There is no information in the book that is specific to Canadian Real Estate Market either. I am extremely disappointed.
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on March 3, 2006
Be aware that this book is written buy the leader The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), the real estate equivalent of Amway. Although a small amount of unique information is included in the book and on the Website, you must pay more money to get the "good" stuff. But Buyer Beware! Their motto is no hype and baloney but, in fact, that is what most of the Website is, hype about the product. It is the circle that feeds itself. The website insists you to go to the seminars, join the club, etc .... And then the seminar speakers encourage you buy the product, join the club in order to access the Website, which then tells you to go to more seminars... and so it goes. A big web of self promotion, with the leaders at the top getting extremely rich off of all the "would be" real estate investors.
I myself am a veteran RE Investor and have attended some of the REIN events. Although real estate investing is not difficult, it is not easy and not for everyone (as the author would have you beleive). It takes more then a dream of Belize and a desire to be rich. You need to have a passion for the business. It needs to excite you, be something that you want to do for many years. No one loves talking about real estate more then real estate investors. If you make a small effort to get to know a few you will learn all this information and more for free.
I am suspicious of some of the other reviwers as this auther has a very dedicated "flock" who I am sure have posted reviews here. It would make sense that they would give the book a good review even if it was awfull as this will encourage more people to come to the seminars and buy the products that are sold by the elite members.
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on May 24, 2009
This book was made for the sole sake of doing easy money and it shows right from the start with its cheesy comments up to the end with its included crapware on CD-Rom. I have read some average real estate books but this one is a true disappointment. It is literally void of any significant information.
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