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on December 5, 2011
I originally heard about this book while doing research online about "popular videos on Youtube". Considering the author's success online and the many blurbs written about the book by industry leaders, I thought the book would truly be as eye opening as the hype made it seem to be. Sadly, the book was disappointing for me.

First off, there is no doubt that the author does produce popular Youtube videos (naturally, even the author readily admits that popular does not mean of quality - but that is irrelevant here). However, the major drawback of the book is that the author struggles to translate the success he's had into an effective tip/advice book for the public, despite what the title might suggest. To be fair, Nalty does offer general advice and presents his own interesting observations about the whole online video industry, which could be relevant to some marketers who may be looking into online video as a means to drive business. Ironically, it is the "generalness" of the advice that was problematic.

For the most part, a good chunk of the book is devoted to statistic/data reports - the author informing us what's going on in the marketing industry - online and offline. It can be interesting if you are into this kind of stuff.

Once we get into the nuts and bolts of this book, however, you may realize that this book focuses mostly on "WHAT" to do - it does not tell you "HOW" to do it - at least, not in useful detail. One may argue that it is not easy to dictate how things should be done, because the circumstances of the situation influence how a problem should be approached - but this is specifically why this book under-performs. It is always much easier to figure out WHAT to do - the hardest challenge is always to figure out HOW to do it, and I believe that this book, at this price, should have at least offered a good amount of genuine "how to" advice - even if they are case specific, telling us the process will empower us to apply the same process to the specific situation we are dealing with.

The whole book boils down to: "Make short, funny, sexy, political videos" & "partner up with web celebrities who already have an established audience". Yes, fair enough... But how can you approach "weblebrities" who have an audience when you yourself don't? The author suggests that two weblebrities may swap audiences by cross promoting each other. Again, fair enough, but this kind of argument focuses on how to increase your audience on the assumption that you already have an audience, which completely defeats the premise of the book.

These are all themes the book only touches upon in rather general terms. There are no effective, concrete details on HOW to proceed. Overall, the book does present some interesting facts and observations.

Unfortunately, however, the book does not quite deliver on the "HOW" that is in the title.
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