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on July 23, 2017
I can see myself using this as a reference book once I get my business fully operational. Clear and precise.
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on August 21, 2010
This book has two faces. The first face, which is intended to be an illumination of rent-to-own housing as an investment strategy, is extremely one-sided. The author fails to show any real risks emanating from this strategy - and there are- and uses the sad, overused Tom and Sally's Story storytelling format. It does a very good job of talking about the actual process (and even includes the necessary forms) and due diligence in buying and selling such property. On the whole, not bad as long as you don't use it as your sole tool in deciding in rent-to own is the best investment strategy to pursue. Full disclosure- I'm entering into the R2O game.
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on April 16, 2010
Mark Loeffler has written a very informative and detailed book about the rent-to-own market, with special reference to Canada.

With successive governments encouraging home ownership and the current small initial deposit required to buy a house, rent-to-own is not very big. Loeffler, however, describes the profile of the typical tenant likely to apply for an option to buy the property s/he lives in admirably and goes through each of the steps which a supplier of such a service ought to follow.

Loeffler shows how entering the rent-to-own market would be ideal for the private investor wishing to supplement his income and willing to examine his applicant's financial position, looking for people who can afford a house but, due to circumstances, cannot purchase one immediately.

I enjoyed the book and its pace. It builds gradually, but surely, from first principles, without wasting space or being verbose. I also found the website's resources useful, include the sample agreeements.
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on July 17, 2010
Mark Loeffler''s '"tenant-first rent-to-own'" strategy is truly a winner for all parties! My only criticism is with respect to style so I'll get that out of the way now: this book might have benefited from tighter editing. That aside, Loeffler clearly explains and outlines each step of this investment strategy in sufficient detail to be of tremendous assistance to any active real estate investor.

Part 1 lays a firm foundation for the chapters to come by providing compelling reasons why one should explore this approach, and then clearly and comprehensively describes how to start, and who you need to know.

Part 2 is a rich resource for identifying and sorting prospective clients, and one that should be referred to and mined frequently for continually growing a client list.

Part 3 briefly describes how to find and purchase property which is certainly sufficient for seasoned investors, but beginners would do well to seek additional education and coaching in this area.

Part 4 will be a HUGE time, money, and mistake-saver for most new rent-to-own investors! Both here and on his website ([...]) Loeffler generously shares forms and contracts developed through his own trial and error.

This book wraps up with two helpful sections. The first, called Tenant FAQs, enables the investor stay a step ahead in the process. The second, Worst-Case Scenarios, attempts to alleviate fear and encourage action.

The title turns light reading on significant strategy. Loeffler does an adequate job of describing the rent-to-own process with a terrific tenant-first twist. I readily recommend this book to fellow real estate investors and thank Mark for sharing his experience and insight.
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on January 14, 2010
Got this book the other day and read it through. This book is really full of great information. There is no filler, just good information.
I would recommend it to anyone looking to begin in Rent-to-own. I am sure this one will become a definitive guide for people looking for rent-to-own real estate strategies. This is the go-to-book. Well done!
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on April 18, 2013
This book seemed to have been written just for me. I am an active real estate investor, but really like the idea of helping people buy their first house. This book explains how you can profit from doing rent-to-own deals, while helping people at the same time. It is a win/win book. Mark Loeffler explains things very clearly and provides a step-by-step guide on how you can become a Rent-to-Own investor. I can't wait to sign my first deal using these strategies. Diana Young #1-Amazon best-selling author [...]
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on October 18, 2011
Loeffler's "Investing in Rent-to-Own" is well written overall and explains the steps for a comprehensive and uniquely Canadian rent-to-own strategy. Divided into several parts, Loeffler begins by outlining the advantages of rent-to-own over traditional rentals, proceeds with steps on screening clients and selecting properties, then finishes with the exit strategy where the rent-to-own property is ultimately sold to the tenant at the end of the rental agreement. Because of the numerous forms and website links included, this book could be a huge time saver for those in the rent-to-own game.

As explained above and in other reviews, the book is well-written and well divided. Traditional Rent-to-own, explains that the scenario is "win-win" because the landlord is provided with a tenant that will care for and ultimately own the property, the tenant benefits by having a place to call their own and having their credit repaired over the course of the rent-to-own term. The strategy is good in theory, but the clientele is likely quite limited in practice. In order to come up with the necessary deposits, down payments, fees and inspections explained in this book as part of the rent-to-own agreement, one would probably already own their own home. The essential part of Loeffler's "Tenant-first" strategy is the idea of the tenant being able to choose their own home, which could be somewhat worrisome, as much control could be relinquished this way, even though the owner/landlord will still ultimately oversee and approve the transaction.

In spite of these down sides, reading this book will likely make you consider properties that you hadn't as potential rent-to-owns. In addition, if you have never heard of rent-to-own arrangements, this book is an excellent place to start.
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on January 12, 2010
Mark Loeffler's book is one of the best Real Estate resources on the market for implementing a Rent to Own strategy. The book is chock full of real world examples that help explain how all the pieces fall together. For the beginner investor all the steps are laid out in a well written manner that even with people with no experience will have no issues following. For the seasoned investor Mark discusses using his strategy to turn around unprofitable investments. I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering a Rent to Own stragey.

C. McNeilly
Rondal Investments
Oshawa, ON
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on October 23, 2014
I borrowed several books from the local library and when I found this one, I had to buy it as this one had real practical and straight forward advise from someone who has the ability to explain the process really well. Very pleased with the physical quality of the book as well, just as described!
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on June 3, 2014
The author does a great job walking the reader through the entire strategy giving enough technical information, yet still simple to follow if given effort. Also gives good resources from website. Overall great buy for the price posted by Amazon.
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