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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 3, 2006
Another great book by Don Campbell and his team of real estate professionals. The 97 tips that this book is packed with have saved me a lot of time any money.

Regardless of where you are in your investing cycle, I'm sure that you can pick out at least ten points from this book to put to work right away and feel justified spending the money to buy it. In fact, a few of the tips have saved me thousands of dollars on purchases and made me thousands on sales.

Some tips are common sense that you might simply overlook or forget about when analyzing a property. Others tips are more specific to creating healthy, win-win joint venture deals and conducting the proper due diligence necessary to make both partners happy and successful.

No one book can teach you all there is to know, but it is valuable to have a set of quick starters to point you in the right direction. Don speaks from experience in the market and genuine, straight forward truth rings out.

My wife and I are Canadians based in Japan and we have been successfully investing into Alberta real estate for many years. We work with partners from all around the world and I can tell you from experience that these tips have helped save me money in financing, tenant management and setting up of JVAs- all of those profits have been added to my partner's returns, and happy partners help my business grow.

But, remember.. The tips only work if you put them into action!

Todd and Danielle Millar,
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on March 26, 2006
I've been an investor and commercial broker for several years. During that time I've read many books and listened to many tapes on investing in real estate. This is one of the best, if not the best, I've read. This is full of real world, incredibly sound advise, that would otherwise take years of hard knocks to learn. Forget about Donald Trump. The investors featured in this book were once like all of us trying to build a real estate business from next to nothing and now have successful empires. The appendix is a gold mine of information that the serious investor may want to memorize. This is for the hard core real estate investor. Don't look for any cheezy "no money down" advise in this book.
Also, two great current business books I have been recommending together are Friedman's The World is Flat, and Brown & Wilson's THE BLACK BOOK OF OUTSOURCING. Outsourcing is and has had major effects on the real estate world as well. Get informed with these two companion books and get globally rich!
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on February 8, 2009
After reading other real estate books, most of them written by american authors for the american market, I found this one very specific to the canadian market and very detailed as to "how to chose worthwhile real estate" Separates speculation from investment.
Also appreciated other titles by the same author. After reading his books and researching his website, my wife and I decided to invest in ourselves and join his group. For someone who wishes only to dabble in RE, this book, in my opinion would put him on the right track.
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on May 10, 2013
very concise tips and explanations. Easy to find, and understand tips for every aspect of buying real estate. specifically Canadian Real estate
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on May 18, 2006
Where does one begin? After reading Campbell's ACRE book on Canadian Real Estate and joining the Real Estate Investors Network I thought that I had found Nirvanha... but I was wrong. Dead wrong. THIS book, "97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors", although by no means being a panacea for investors (versus SPECULATORS) is the hottest collection of tips that I have ever seen. There are only two 'mentors' that I follow - Don Campbell's REAL ESTATE INVESTORS NETWORK being one (with kudos to all of his associates including his co-authors Peter Kinch, Russ Westcott, Barry McGuire, et. al., they are THE dream team) and Fast Track to Cash Flow's Darren Weeks, my other Real Estate and passive income investments mentor in Canada. But I digress... what I have to say is simply this. In a nutshell. If you are a real estate investor or are even thinking about investing in real estate (as opposed to "speculating" in real estate) THIS book will provide you a distilled collection of 97 TIPS that are each worth a fortune on their own. IF you are a real estate investor (as opposed to simply a speculator) THIS book is a "no-brainer". It is a "MUST HAVE". No if, and's or but's about it. In fact, I have purchased dozens of copies of both of Don's books and hand them out to friends, relatives and associates who are in danger of shooting themselves in the foot as "speculators" as opposed to informed investors. It is the difference between making a solid informed decision on real estate investment and taking a shot in the dark at it ... or "speculating". IF you are an investor or thinking about investing... RUN don't walk to your nearest keyboard and buy at least two copies of this book. Why two? Simple... it's because anyone you mention it to or anyone who sees it is going to want to borrow it from you -and- you are going to be doing them a MAJOR favour by lending it. What more can one say? Check out their websites as well... [...] and [...] for Darren Weeks. You won't regret buying this book. And you won't regret taking on a couple of mentors who know TONS more than you do about real estate and passive income investments in Canada.
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