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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 5, 2017
Quick shipping and product as described. Thanks
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on June 26, 2004
I've been a Search Engine Marketer since 1999 and really thought I knew it all. I learned a few new tricks from just one page :) It's a little bit of an understatement to have this book under "...for Dummies" but the book did start off with the simple stuff.
Great read/reference book and well worth it. If you learn just one thing then this book (you will) will have paid for itself over and over again.
I don't know Mr. Kent so this is totally for real.
Buy it...
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on November 18, 2007
So much of SEO went over my head - my eyes would glaze over and I would just nod my head when one of my colleagues started talking about it. This book spells it all out in plain English and it was a wonderful epiphany for me - I never thought I'd get it but yes, I do! :)
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on June 26, 2004
First of all, we need to learn all major search engines in USA and UK markets. They are including Pay Per Click, Pay Inclusion, Overture Site Match, and etc....
During this age of " Search Fights " between Google, MSN and Yahoo. There have many search engines are growing up and also created many events and expo to gain the market shares; especially of " and Related events! " May be, you need to know and learn more profiles from Looksmart/Wisenut/Zeal, Lycos/Hotbot, Findwhat, Kanoodle, Enhance (ah-ha), ePilot, Searchfeed, Xuppa, Search123, Brainfox,, Searchboss, Lookbus, eSpotting, Mirago, Goclick, Issifind, Issihk, 7search, bCentral, Bidclix, Blowsearch, myGeek,, Engine54, Exactseek, iqseek, ixQuick, Mamma, Pageseeker, Searchking, Splut,, Turbo10, Whatuseek and etc...
All above PPC or P4P engines can help your company to reach 95% of the search engines coverage, and also can save the costs.
How to setup your own SEO program is the amazing way to save costs and gain the highest ROI ! It is Return Over Investment !
Search Engines marketing is the best way for our business development on any models of e-Business.
When you are thinking of global, you need to learn hire search engines in Local!
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on September 22, 2011
The SEO bible you've been looking for!

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies is the first book I've read on the SEO subject and it does not disappoint.
I recommend this book to anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML. (Ian Lloyd's book, Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way - 2nd edition, is a fantastic book for anyone new to HTML and CSS.)

From the SEO beginner's, small business owner's, and budding Web designer's perspective, the book contains everything you need to know about search engine optimization.
Peter Kent's book is well written, easy to understand, full of examples and step-by-step tutorials.

After reading Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, you will (in addition to other valuable information) know how to:

* Choose keywords, perform keyword analysis and place keywords on your pages.
* Avoid things search engines hate - such as invisible navigation systems.
* Use SEO tricks successfully.
* Create or obtain content for your Web site.
* Market locally.
* Add your site to the indexes and directories.
* Market your products through shopping directories and retailers.
* Create links search engines like.
* Improve videos from the SEO perspective.
* Figure out if you've been penalized by Google and what to do about it.

I recommend this book to anyone new to SEO. It is worth every penny.
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on May 4, 2004
I'm the author of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, and just wanted to make a few comments. I'd like to begin by thanking the first two reviewers for their great reviews ... It's always nice to know people appreciate one's work!
A quick comment about Ethan's review (the first). Ethan's search-engine rank began rising within two days. I just want to explain that while this sometimes does happen, it's not the norm! I've also had pages rise this quickly in Google, as have many other site owners. But we were very lucky (of course, you have to "make" your own luck to some degree).
Often (usually?), though, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more difficult, so I don't want everyone thinking my book is full of magic spells. I explain what it takes, and some readers will be in the happy situation of seeing almost instant results, but for many it will mean more work.
I've been writing computer books quite some time; I may well have written more books about the Internet than any other author on this (or perhaps any other) planet. I wrote the Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet, the widely reviewed and praised Poor Richard's Web Site, and many others. Over the years I think I've learned how to break down a subject into its composite pieces, then feed them to the reader in a way that makes the subject understandable.
This is an unusual subject, though! The companies that own the search engines don't want anyone to know exactly how their systems work, and as a result there's a huge amount of conjecture and guesswork in this area ... and some of it's just plain wrong. So in this book my job was not only to explain a subject in simple terms, but to try to cut through the nonsense.
I'll occasionally be adding updates and notes to my site,, so please visit. I hope you enjoy the book!
Peter Kent
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on May 18, 2004
I found this book to be a very readable and helpful introduction to the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Peter Kent walks you through the details of how to increase your web site's traffic by improving your site's ranking in the various search engines. He also covers your pay-per-click placement options should the free alternatives not be sufficient.
This book is appropriate for geeks and non-geeks. If you don't know much about building web pages, this will help you talk to your geeks. If you do know how to write HTML, it will give you the publicity and marking information you need to turn your finely crafted pages into ones that are actually seen by the people who want them!
I recommend this book to anyone who has a web site that isn't ranked at the top of all the search engines.
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on April 30, 2004
If they were to make a college course on how search engines work and how to optimize your website so search engines love it, than "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" by Peter Kent should be the textbook. Within 2 days of reading about half of this book and carrying out its practices I have seen my website rise in the rankings of search engines. Peter Kent has done an excellent job of clearly explaining how saerch engines work, what they like and dont like about your website, and how to change your website to fit the rules of the search engines, as well as many other ways to market and make your site be known. I recommend this book to anyone trying to get thier websites to attract more traffic. Thank you Peter kent!
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on June 15, 2004
ATTENTION: You MUST read "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies!" This book helps you break through all of the nonsense, hype and myths about search engine optimization! It's certainly the best and most comprehensive search engine optimization book I've seen to date hands down. I'm a marketing professional and have recently been confused at all the online ad blitzes and pop-ups with companies promising to list your website at the top of all of the major search engines. Peter Kent (author of "Internet for Dummies") lays it all out in plain english -this book is all you need. I look forward to the next one! Visit Pete's website [...] for latest and greatest on the search engine wars!!
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on June 4, 2004
I recently finished reading this book and found it very helpful. Peter Kent clarifies what search engines like and don't like and what you need to do to get high rankings. I'm just beginning to implement some of the suggestions and ideas from this book. I'm a non geek so if I can do it, anyone could. This is a must have book for every website owner/builder, whether they are webmasters or newbies. I just wish I had read this book before my e-commerce store was dynamically built. I could have avoided a lot of headaches for myself later on. I'm stopping my pay per click keywords (they're too costly and havn't brought me that many sales anyway) and going to get listed naturally with the help of this book!
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