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on January 31, 2008
This complete and utter gift of a book and and it's companion "The Power of Self Coaching" have changed my life. For better! Say goodbye to insecurity and self doubt! With this and his his earlier book I felt directed by a master of helping people reach their real potential. Luciani helped me blast away issues such as exaggerating difficulties, self sabotage, procrastination and time wasting. Luciani compassionately understands that one's issues might be rooted in painful childhood experiences but thinks that painful emotional archaelogy rarely achieves much. Instead he has a simple easy approach that is enjoyable to read. Luciani showed me that in place of fear I have courage and resolve. Luciani focused me and through his books enthusiastically pep talked me into running after and realising my dreams.

PS For those who like therapy. You don't need to consult Luciani - he would say this himself I think - excepting very serious psychological conditions - all the therapy an ordinary basically normal person needs is bottled in these amazing books.
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on March 20, 2013
Reading this book certainly changed my life. I was stuck in a constant cycle of anxiety/depression and I finally decided to take control of my issues rather than waiting for them to go away. It seemed impossible to break out of it. I was resigned, hopeless.

Honestly this book helped me to realize I could help myself. By recognizing and journaling my thoughts it became simple to separate fictitious thoughts from factual ones. Its truly a self help book that teaches you to help yourself, rather than just telling you whats wrong with how you're feeling/thinking. Don't get me wrong, it's good to recognize that, but then what? The lessons Dr. Luciani shows you in this book will kick-start you on your path to a happier life.

This book will give you the power to understand and express your thoughts more easily, all while seeing them in another light entirely. You are not your thoughts.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression at all and are looking for answers, buy this book. It will definitely help you on your journey.
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on June 11, 2014
I bought this book a while ago and find myself referring to it often. The method for dealing with anxiety has proven quite effective for me I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety.
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on April 26, 2016
Excellent written book. Baby steps are recommended. Read through the book then come back and do each lesson. Very insightful for everything from personal to co-workers to family and friends.
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on February 5, 2017
Amazing ! Important half the book and everything make so much sense ! I dont know if it would heal me completely but for sure its gonna hello!
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on June 18, 2012
I am completely thankful that I was given the suggestion to purchase this book. I'm not even finished fully reading it and I'm already able to decifer alot of my own feelings and deal with things so well! Wonderfully written in a way that anyone can understand not large medical type terminology.I have recommended reading it to friends and some family that have small anxiety and depression issues. I fully recommend to anyone, read this book to help themself or someone they care about, the "tools" it provides are invaluable.
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on November 23, 2013
must read!!! This book is much more than an anxiety book. It is a book which is based on much of the wisdom literature you will read. It is based on common sense and the reality - if you want more our of life you need to do it for yourself. This book leads you in a wonderful direction on how.
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