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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on February 28, 2004
Well, it is still a good book, but I could see a few improvements that could make things better.
The book lists phrases, yes, phrases...nothing more.
For example, after you say, what time do you open, in Spanish, you will have to search next thing to say digging entire book.
Again, it only lists simple phrases by the category.
I'm a bit disappointed by the five star rating......
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on September 30, 2003
(By Edward Trimnell, author of "Why You Need a Foreign Language & How to Learn One," ISBN:1591133343)
Everyone has to start somewhere, and this book is a good place for beginning students of the Spanish language to start. This slender volume provides a lot of expressions that you can readily use as you begin to interact with Spanish-speakers.
In the initial stages of language study, it is often difficult to extract the functional sentences you need out of a textbook or more extensive course. This book is just the remedy you need for that problem. It is also a bargain for the price!
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on June 2, 2003
You can't beat this book - for the price and the small, yet concise and relevant content. Learn how to tell time, order food, go through customs, as well as greetings and social conversations just to name a few. Especially helpful are the pronunciation guides listed below each phrase. Muy bueno for the traveler or beginner.
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on September 20, 2007
There are indeed useful phrases for the traveler, but the way they show how to pronounce things is pretty awful at parts and you'd sound really weird pronouncing some of this stuff... for example:
English: "I want to leave these packages for a while" =
Spanish: "Quiero dejar estos paquetes un rato."
Their way to pronounce this is: "KYAY-ro day-HAHR ESS-tohss pah-KAY-tess oon RRAH-toh"
I know how to pronounce things well after over a year of learning spanish...Even looking over the small pronunciation guide in Madrigal's Magic Key to spanish will help a lot more with pronunciation. That sentence is more like "KYEH-roh deh-HAR ESS-tohs pah-KEH-tess oon RRAH-toh"
Anyway, still there are a lot of useful phrases and people will still probably understand some things, even using the book alone. My spanish boyfriend does think some people actually do only rely on books like these for pronunciation because he says he's heard tourists from America speak similarly to this and that it sounds weird. Even though it's obviously best to read a pronunciation guide AND hearing things being said, if you are only reading how to do it, the book could be a lot more helpful and improved.
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on November 12, 2002
About 70 pages long and for [dollar amount] you cannot beat this book.All the basic spanish for travel shopping dining emergency and amusement.Along with the spanish word is also a phonetic pronunciation guide,which is also a big help.
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on June 16, 2000
This book was invaluable on my recent family vacation to Zihuatanejo, Mexico! Spanish phrases are categorized according to the situation in which you will need them; for example, restaurants, banks, stores, post offices, etc. The pronunication keys were great. We ordered food, found an Internet cafe and a bank, and were able to get more toilet paper from the non-English-speaking hotel desk clerk at 10:30 p.m. I don't know what we would have done without it!
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on January 30, 2010
This book is cheap and small and has pretty much every phrase you would want to learn to get by on a trip to a Spanish speaking country. I bought it as a companion to the CD lessons from a different company and it helped me clarify a lot of what I was learning just by ear. Each phrase is followed by the phonetic spelling of how the words are pronounced, which is really helpful to remind you to drop the "h"s in "hay" and pronounce the word as "I" and not "aiy". Since it's small enough, it can go right along with you on your holiday to help you get your message across in Spanish.
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on March 6, 2011
Whether you're interested in building your Spanish language skills for your trip to a Spanish-speaking country, a class, or simply to advance your communication skills, Easy Spanish Phrase Book will assist you in doing so. The book is comprised of more than 770 basic phrases for everyday use which are categorized under topics such as greetings, introductions and social conversation, yourself, making yourself understood, useful words and expressions, difficulties, customs, baggage, and travel: general expressions. The book opens with common greetings such as good morning, good evening, good bye and until next time. Each phrase is accompanied by its Spanish translation and pronunciation. Each sentence, phrase and word is numbered from 1 to 773 with each topic being boldfaced and capitalized, and the parts of speech being denoted by abbreviations such as adj. for adjective, adv. for adverb, n for noun, and v for verb.

If you're seeking to learn Spanish as a second language, this book is highly recommended. Persons who have travelled to Spanish-speaking countries have found this book to be quite rewarding in their interactions at the bank, restaurant, hotel and other places they visit. This book also plays an essential role in building your vocabulary skills quickly and efficiently. Spanish beginners and those without prior knowledge of the Spanish language would find this book quite useful in developing their Spanish language skills. The book is conveniently organized for beginners to study topics that they desire. It also relieves the stress of being confined to moving from chapter to chapter in a sequential manner.

Some other products that I recommend for Spanish language learners are Visual Link Spanish. A great learning Spanish product for visual learnes like myself. Kids will also enjoy it.

For increasing Spanish vocabulary, I recommend Quick Study-Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards-1000 cards You get 1,000 of these cards at an excellent price.

To speak Spanish fluently besides having a stand alone course as your base and a method to learn new Spanish words, you will also need to master conjugating Spanish verbs. The best product for that is the Verbarrator Version 1.1 (Windows Version) software. The Verbarrator software does a great job of replacing the boring Spanish verb conjugation books and makes learning Spanish verbs enough fun that you will want to use the software every day. And the more you use the tool the quicker that you will learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs and reach fluency. The Verbarrator is probably the best investment that I have made in my journey to learn Spanish because it is a product that I will use daily until I reach fluency. Unlike some learning-Spanish products such as books that you will only read one time or some Spanish courses that you will at the most review 2 or 3 times from start to finish.

The last product that I recommend for anyone who is really serious about learning Spanish is The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice w/CD-ROM (UItimate Review & Reference Series). This Spanish grammar book covers every aspect of Spanish grammar imaginable. To get the equivalent learning-Spanish value of this one book you would have to buy 3 or 4 books in the Practice Makes Perfect series.
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on June 3, 2001
As an Elementary School Librarian, I see all 800+ K-5 students once a week and more. This past year I had a fifth grade student that spoke (mostly) Spanish at home. I wanted to provide her with some books to help in her English instruction, as well as her reading (Spanish) enjoyment. I also needed some help in communicating with her and her younger siblings. This book helped me tremendously. I didn't become fluent in my communication, but she seemed to recognize that I was trying and that led to a very special and personal relationship. I owe my wonderful relationship with "Jennifer" to this book and the help it offered me! Although she is leaving for middle school, her younger siblings and cousins will still be here and I hope this book will also help in their education.
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on September 23, 2012
I bought this book for my boyfriend who was travelling to Peru. The book is very easy to read with great simple sentences to say in Spanish. It came very quickly and was exactly how it was describe. What was even better was I paid $0.01 for the book (with very reasonable shipping charges).
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