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on November 12, 2002
50 pages long and cannot beat this book. A spanish dictionary with sentences-both spanish and english-and most common used spanish words labled by catogory. Food,family numbers etc... Must have book for anyone learning spanish. Slides right into the back pocket.
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on November 19, 2000
I don't remember when $1.35 has bought so much. For quick review of common Spanish words, this little book is great to carry with you in pocket (when folded in half) or purse for those annoying moments of 5, 10, more minutes of standing in line or otherwise waiting for something to happen. At $1.35 you don't mind folding it or even losing it since it's cheap to replace.
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on February 14, 2001
I love this little book first of all because it's easy to carry around so I usually have it with me. It's perfect for a beginning spanish student since each word is used in a sentence. Not only do you learn the meaning of the word but you learn enough grammar to use it. The example sentences are in different tenses so can you learn some of that as well. Overall a great linguistic bang for the buck, its no nonsense format is pure Spanish extract for the novice.
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on February 28, 2004
Although is a great book for beginners like me, I must have to say, I don't know how to put these words together. It seems like it is meant to be used in conjunction with a conversation book. What's great about this book is that the pronumciations are clearly writen so that is is easy for you to follow.
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on May 22, 2003
I bought an assortment of 5 spanish books, but this one is the most useful. I carry it in everywhere and find myself reading it often. If you are a beginner or just relearning spanish, this book is an absolute must for your spanish resources.
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on March 13, 2004
I found this book to be an awesome help in learning Spanish words. Through using this book, I have been able to correspond with my Latini American friends and actually make sense!!! I have used this book so much I am buying another one as my first one is starting to fall apart!!! I would definitely give this book 5 stars.
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on April 29, 1999
Seymour don't get too upset with feedback from your customers. The book is excellent, for people that are NOT first year spanish students. I have had a couple yrs of spanish in school and have spoken the language with many people from different countries. To make the book perfect , you should alphabetize in English.
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on May 28, 2000
This is a great book to increase your everyday vocubulary. As a resident of Mexico, I used this book with great success and you certainly can't beat the price! The words used really are among the most common in everday speech.
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on March 11, 2004
Cheap! That is the first thing that will stand out to you when you see the price of this book. Definately a great price. But is the book really worth spending your change on?
In my opinion: no. This book does contain some useful words, but come on! If you are an advanced Spanish speaker, than you don't need this book. It has all elementry words in it. And if you are a beginning Spanish learner it doesn't contain enough words to make it worth your while.
I know! I know! It is extremely cheap. But even with as cheap as it is it would probably be better for you to save your money toward a better book. Maybe a good Spanish dictionary. Or if you are really interested in learning, go for Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish. And if you want to know how to pronounce all the words here, (A flaw in the book. No pronounciation guide!) buy Learn Spanish in Your Car. It has 9 cd's with it.
But what if that 2 bucks is burning a hole in your pocket and you have to spend it now? Well Taco Bell has some great burritos that will take care of your money and fill you up too.
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on March 6, 2011
This 55-page book is divided into three sections namely alphabetical (dictionary) section, category section and vocabulary tips. In the alphabetical (dictionary) section there is a list of words from a to zapato accompanied by their meanings and simple Spanish sentences along with English translations. Following the alphabetical section is the category section which showcases the most commonly used Spanish words, along with their definitions, arranged in categories such as foods, numbers, days of the week, months, the seasons, and family. The book is concluded with vocabulary tips.

Designed to increase the word bank of students of Spanish, 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words is a great resource for students now entering into the Spanish learning sphere. Its name says it all. With only 1001 words, which may seem very little in number for the advanced Spanish learner, this book is of an ideal length for those now testing the waters of the Spanish language. Constructed as a miniature dictionary with added bonuses of the category section and vocabulary tips, 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words definitely eliminates the apprehension that many Spanish novices encounter when they first tread onto the Spanish language learning field.

But despite the book's positive elements, there is one missing piece to the puzzle. There isn't any indication of how these words ought to be pronounced, which is an essential factor for those who desire to engage in conversational Spanish.

Some other products that I recommend for Spanish language learners are Rosetta Stone Spanish. Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1,2,3,4 & 5 Set with Audio Companion. Rather expensive but for a person who has never studied any Spanish before. In order to speak Spanish fluently, you must also learn lots of new words.

A resource that I prefer over 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words, for adding new words to your Spanish vocabulary is Quick Study-Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards-1000 cards Not only is this a great bargain for the price just like 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words, but you get 1,000 of these cards.

For learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs, the best product is the Verbarrator Version 1.1 (Windows Version) software. This piece of software actually replaces the boring Spanish verb conjugation books and makes learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs one of the most fun parts of learning Spanish. And, of course, the more you use the tool the quicker that you will learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs and reach fluency. It is one of the best investments you can make in your learning-Spanish studies.

The last product that I recommend for anyone who is really serious about learning Spanish is The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice w/CD-ROM (UItimate Review & Reference Series). This Spanish grammar book covers every aspect of Spanish grammar imaginable. To get the equivalent learning-Spanish value of this one book you would have to buy 3 or 4 books in the Practice Makes Perfect series.
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