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on March 8, 2017
Wasn't really a fan.. was kinda hoping the sex scenes would be more detailed and hot.. not "they embraced.. and made love.. the end".
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on August 14, 2016
Boring story about "Vampires"
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on July 7, 2013
havent read the book as of yet, waiting for the complete series - did enjoy the quick service and confition of the book
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on October 14, 2006
I loved this book!!! It was very well written, very romantic, heartfelt and a really good ending. It's one of the best romance stories I have read yet. I would definitely buy more titles by this author. The only thing that bothered me was that the lovemaking details were not explicit enough.
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on October 16, 2003
My first Vampire book was Deeper then the Night -but, turned out he wasn't really a vampire so I suppose this is my first REAL Vampire book to read. I had trouble getting past the first 110 pages. After that I couldn't put it down. It's a page turning, tear jerking, keep you up half the night type of story. If it wasn't for the first 110 pages I would give it five stars. Bitter sweet, heart wrenching read. :-)
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on December 31, 2002
If I had to choose which one of Amanda Ashley's books I loved the most, it would definitely be this one. I first read this book when I was 16 and instantly fell in love with the genre. Now at 23, I own all but two of the books written under Madeline Baker's pen name, Amanda Ashley and I so look forward to the next installment. This one is definitely a page turner and a tear jerker. I've actually read this one 3 times. Of all the writers I've ever read, Amanda, you are the best!!
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on October 12, 2002
Amanda Ashley has created a wonderfully memoriable book. I have enjoyed all of her Vampire books because the Vampire is not an evil being who kills for pleasure as well as need. Her vampire heros are all tortured souls that have consciences. Gabriel is that vampire. The year is 1881 and he has lived for hundreds of years alone and when he finds a beautiful, innocent, Sara. He tries to pretend for a while that he is again human. Sara is a very young child when he finds her. She can't walk and is all alone in the world. He finds her a home in an orphanage but can't walk away from her. He has watcherd her until she is a young woman. Sara is very depressed and its only his intervention which saves her life again. He soon finds himself meeting her every night and falling so in love with her that he is in physical pain. Sara has no idea of what he really is. She only knows that he is hers and hers alone and that she loves him and that because of him she can now walk and dance. Gabriel knows that he cannot let her find out the truth so he sends her away from him. Years later he enters her life again. He can't help it. He is like a moth drawn to a flame. Sara is a changed woman. She has grown and is not afraid of what he is. They have many obsticals to overcome to be together but it makes their love all that much stronger.
The story then shifts to 1995. Gabriel is alone again. His precious Sara has been dead for 50 years. She never became what he is. They shared a wonderful life and now that she is gone he is lost again until he meets another soul who is greiving a loss as well. Her name is Sarah. Sarah has just lost her family and is all alone in the world. She is drawn to the dark stranger who offers her confort and love. Gabriel wonders if love can again enter his life and make him whole. H knows that he cannot be without her ever again and will risk the unknown to be with her.
This book touched me so much it had me crying. If you like romances where two tortured souls find each other and you know their love will last forever, read this book.
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on August 15, 2002
This story was so well written that I often found my heart aching for Gabriel. If you can make it through the book with your emotions in tact, it is a beautiful story of enduring love. Painfully emotional but wonderfully beautiful.
Although it is a completely unrelated genre, if you like having your emotions twisted you should also try East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Carole Bellacera. I would say the same thing about it as I do Embrace the Night - painful yet beautiful love.
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on June 24, 2002
Gabriel is a vampire. He's already 379 years old, world-weary and achingly lonely. His undead existence dooms him to a half-life in the hours between dusk and dawn and the need to live off (warm and fresh) human blood.
Sara Jayne, an orphan, is crippled and seemingly destined to live out her life in the care of the nuns. But Gabriel, her 'guardian angel', saved her life when she was a small child, and he's watched over her ever since. He rescues her again when she's close to death, and takes her under his wing, providing for her and, once she can walk again, sending her to a new life in Paris. But she longs for Gabriel, and eventually he comes to her.
But she doesn't know what he is, and as much as he loves her, he can't bring himself to take the risk of telling her, in case she rejects him. Their relationship, for a time, is based on his demand that she ask him no questions about his unusual lifestyle, his refusal to eat with her, the fact that he's never around during daylight hours, the strange and very intent looks on his face sometimes, his almost superhuman strength... Until one day, when she finds him trapped in a run-down cottage behind a wall of holy water and garlic, starved for blood, she finally realises what he really is.
And then, can Sara really accept a vampire as her lover? What about her own mortality, as compared to his immortality? Can they possibly be happy together? Those questions are tough enough, without the added complications of Sara's would-be lover Maurice (whom I ended up liking very much) and Gabriel's ex-lover and the person who initiated him, Antonina.
And who couldn't love the brooding, sad and angst-ridden Gabriel? Or Sara, faced with such a discovery and learning to live with the reality of who her lover is?
This was my first vampire romance, and on the basis of Embrace The Night I'll be looking up more by Ashley. Four stars instead of five only because I wanted more at the end, and also in comparison to my all-time favourite romance authors such as Beverley and Balogh.
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on June 12, 2002
I love vampire romance. I've been reading some really good ones and I guess I've spoiled myself with Maggie Shayne, Nancy Gideon, Keri Arthur, and Jaye Roycraft because this one really [was very bad]. I mean, I threw this one down like three times and even after promising myself I would finish it out of loyalty to my beloved sub-genre I just couldn't.
The story opens up with Gabriel watching over Sara Jayne, a crippled ophan who is the essence of sunlight and purity. It's bad enough that the hero is displaying obsessive stalker-like behavior on page one, but Sara Jayne is one of those characters who you just want to slap. She's pathetic, and clings to Gabriel like a barnicle on a ship and has no idenity outside the fact that she obsesses over Gabriel. Apparently 'essence of purity and light' means too stupid to live. Gabe, on the other hand is a man of many facets.... exactly two. He hates himself for being a vampire and obsesses over Sara Jayne. Their relationship stuck me as being unhealthy...
Honestly, the plot is jumble of stuff meant to give them conflict. It's either I-am-a-vampire-this-love-cannot-be, Maurice, Sara's beau bend on Gabe's destruction, or Gabe's ex-lover, a vampiress who comes out of left field and tries to kill Sara for some really lame reason.
When I thought it could get no worse, Sara dies eventually and is reincarnated as Sarah, a sad, pathetic widow in the modern era. And so we go through it all the insipid angst and paltry emotions again.
I also feel I should mention the 'love scenes'. While they are numerous, they are also disapointing. Seeing how heavily steeped in eroticism the vampire mythos is, I was expecting more than what Ashley gave us. Gabriel and Sara, our obsessive lovers, should have been able to fire up more than tame,luke-warm passion. I'm not saying the author should have written them like Betrice Small does but just have thawed the couple out some more.
Well, I thoroughly hated this book. Unfortunatly, the have to wait until July before I can get my hands on Shadow Image, a vampire romance than promises 3-deminsional characters and a suspencful plot held together by more than random stuff happening.
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