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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 28, 2004
Lucern Argeneau is a four hundred year old vampire, trying to adapt to the 21st century. He has decided that to do so he will tell the "fiction" stories of his family, which once his editor sees them decided they are fantastic contemporary romances. To his surprise, they are a big success, so much so his editor, Kate C. Leever is trying to drag him to a romance convention to promote his books. Lucern is a very sexy and grumpy 30/400 year old, and he is determined NOT to go to a book convention. However, Kate is a whirlwind, an editor who is in need of a life and a good career move she not only shows up on his doorstep but she gets aid from his family to make him go. By the time Kate installs Lucern in the convention hotel; she is becoming concerned there is something very wrong with Lucern's health. She is shocked to find out the truth when she figures out his stories are not fiction. All the while you can see the 2 of them falling in love! This is part of a series but you can easily read them out of order.
As usual L. Sands makes me laugh out loud with her writings. I love the scene at the supermarket where he is almost to the point of stalking a woman through the store. Also when he is watching Monty Pyton for the first time is hysterical!
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on May 19, 2004
I have just finished reading SWV and now I've started on "Love Bites", which is said to be the sequel, but it seems to take place prior to the time of SWV. I agree with one reviewer who said that you should probably read "Love Bites" first, because it tells the story of how Etienne and Rachael got together. They are indeed already married in the SWV, which can get somewhat confusing. I don't understand why Lynsay Sands wrote them in this order. Enough said about that! This story was somewhat different in the humor than the Katie MacAlister vampire romance books I had previously finished. Luc (the vampire) was so..funny, whereas the girl was somewhat "normal" or "straitlaced" in contrast to the girls in the Katie MacAlister books, who were much more witty and outrageous! I agree with the reader who also laughed at the codpiece scene at the Romanic Times Convention, and later when Luc was trying to desperately purchase condoms at the hotel! I never laughed so hard, and I was afraid someone would see me and think I had lost my mind! Read this book!! Luc came across as somewhat stuffy in the beginning, but was so hilarious throughout the rest of the story. Read this book!!! I am now anxious to see how Etienne and Rachael got together, as their characters had cameo appearances in this story.
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on May 11, 2004
Have you ever read a book with an interesting plot idea but with characters you just didn't like? That's how I felt about Single White Vampire.
Kate C. Leever is the editor for Lucern Argeneau, a popular paranormal fiction writer. When Kate's job demands that she book Argeneau for a publicity tour, she finds Argeneau QUITE uncooperative. When Argeneau continues to resist her demands, Leever travels to Toronto to meet him. Thus begins a rather annoying and banal vampire story which tries to be funny but quite simply wasn't.
I wanted to like this story, but I HATED the character of Lucern. I'm not a big fan of 'growly' fuss-bucket heroes to begin with, but Lucern is so cranky he needs to invest in serious Midol. What's so funny about one syllable answers to everything? Also, I just didn't find this book very romantic.. Lucern was just NOT a nice guy, and Kate's attitude was so unrealistic and perky it was not to be believed. Sure Kate...Stay with an abusive mean man, and hope you'll be able to change him...Righttt.......
I found this novel disappointing. Sand's other books were much better.
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on March 13, 2004
Lucern Argeneau is six hundred years old. Having lived through part of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the era of the Founding Fathers, civil wars in England and the USA, world wars and the opening night of The King And I, he knows his history - and so ten years ago he started writing accounts of the periods he's lived through. Not as dry and dusty as most history books, they sold really well. And then, as his siblings started to meet the partners of their dreams and, as well as the usual agonies associated with love and marriage, had to deal with the issue of exactly when to tell their loved ones that they are centuries old and drink blood in order to live - that in fact they are vampires - Luc turned to writing their stories as well.
Unfortunately - or fortunately in one respect! - his editor assumed that he'd switched to writing fiction. And his books have been marketed on the romance list. And now Luke Amirault, his pen-name, is a best-seller, and his new editor, Kate Leever, is pestering him to do some publicity. Nothing much. Not too onerous Just a few interviews. A couple of TV appearances. An international book-signing tour.
Luc's responses to Kate's letters are short and to the point.
"Dear Ms Leever,
Knowing that her job depends on getting her elusive author to drop the surly, uncommunicative and downright hostile approach he's taken and become just a bit more grateful to the publishing company which has brought him fame and fortune, Kate turns up unannounced at his house, determined to get him to change his mind.
Panicked - he can't, after all, afford to let Kate find out the truth about him, and she's already getting suspicious on discovering that his siblings and their spouses have the same names and occupations as the characters in his books - Luc agrees to just one interview. The Romantic Times one his mother suggests. But what his mother has omitted to tell him is that the RT event is not an interview - it's a five-day *conference*! In the US, while he lives in Canada!
And so a very hungry vampire - after all, he can't take blood past customs - turns up at a romantic fiction conference. And Luc, despite being babysat by two editors - Kate and her male colleague Chris - finds temptation all around. Imagine what Kate thinks when she returns to their suite to find Luc, to whom she is more than a little attracted, nibbling Chris's neck! Or her thoughts when he swiftly turns his nibbling to her...
What with jewelled codpieces, raids on blood banks, a vampire fancy-dress party and interfering vampire siblings all over the place, this book is a riot. If you never knew that vampire romance could be funny, this is the place to start! And Sands is continuing the series; Etienne and Rachel's story is now available in Love Bites. So what are you waiting for?
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on December 7, 2003
Another winner for Lynsay Sands! I'm beginning to believe that Ms. Sands can write anything she puts her mind to with outstanding (and hilarious) results. "Single White Vampire" is a wonderful and completely satirical romance filled with fun and gobs of humor. Taking dark paranormal subjects to bright new heights, Lynsay shows us what might happen to a 612 year old vampire who's simply minding his own business and trying to make a 'living', just like the rest of us poor schmucks . . . (Ahem) Well, maybe not JUST like the rest of us. Even if you don't like vampires, it's hard not to love Lucern, a brooding vampire who has wearied of his lonely existence but finds modern women far too independent and bold for his discerning . . . um, tastes.
Enter Kate C. Leever, his new editor and an extremely bold creature, who has taken the biographical accounts of how some of his family members found mates and had the audacity to publish them as (EGADS!) 'paranormal romantic fiction'. With the help of Lucern's own mother, Kate finagles a reluctant 'Luc' into promoting his already wildly popular books by doing that "R.T. thing". The "thing" he inadvertantly agrees to do is attend a romance convention filled to the gills with enthusiastic romance readers just dying (pardon the pun) to meet the dark, handsome writer. Suddenly, Luc is facing an entire week of readers, writers, dinners, awards, uproariously funny masquarades, misunderstandings, and even a bit of danger.
So, what's a vampire to do??? Especially when the carton with his week's supply of blood is turned away by the hotel's front desk by mistake! Why, what any vampire turned author would do . . . turn to his editor for assistance, of course! And what delicious and hilarious assistance it is!
Enjoy what is to be the first in a series of light-hearted, fun-filled stories about a family of vampires searching for blood . . . Oops! Uh, I mean, love.
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on November 19, 2003
Kate C Leever has the impossible task of convincing Lucern Argeneu to participate in his own publicity. The maddening author's one word response "No" to each of her letters makes it a little hard to believe he could be a bestselling romance novelist. Taking the bull by the horns, she journeys to Canada determined to win him over, a little bit anyway.
Lucern is as sexy as his romances. Despite being surly, he blows Kate's mind. Only with his very youthful mother's help does he manage to con him into attending a RT convention, much to his own dismay. Luc is a vampire, and traveling is not something he is thrilled about. Nonetheless, he is a man of his word, and Kate is an attraction as well. Falling for her is a most unexpected complication, for both of them.
***** If this time of year has you feeling a bit down because you're supposed to be happy, but aren't, then read this book, even if you don't like those "weird" books. It will give you genuine laughs as you watch Luc act like a six hundred year old little boy and see him encounter the modern world. His reaction to Buffy alone is worth the book. There is plenty of romance, and a whole new twist on the vampire legend that is thoroughly original. May the Family Argenean Series live long and prosper. *****
Reviewed by Amanda
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on September 25, 2003
Coming from a fan of Christine Feehan and her Dark series I did not think I would like this book as much as I discovered that I did! Luc and Kate are by far two of my favorite character's that I have read in recent memory. The humor that Lynsay uses in this book is laugh out loud funny. Some of the situations that she has Luc and Kate get into were so amusing that I had to re-read the sections just to make sure I did not miss anything! Wait till you read about Kate's first day at Luc's house. It's a riot!
I have to say Ms. Sands sucked me into the lives of these to characters from the first page and kept me ingrossed until the last page. I was disappointed that it had to end! I hope she will continue with these great characters and the side characters that were introduced in this book because they are in a world that I would love to read about again.
If you are looking for lighthearted vampire tales then this is the book for you. If you are looking for something dark then just keep shopping. But I highly recommend you give this a read you may enjoy it as much as I did!
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on September 18, 2003
Luc started by writing historical books that have been well received by universities, in which academia applauded his eye for detail as if he were there; which he was. Recently, he has written three "fictional" accounts of romances that are actually biographies of family members.
Last year Luc's long time editor passed away replaced by his assistant Kate Leever. She wants Luc to go on tour, but he ignores her, feeling she will not use him to make her career. However, Kate arrives at his home to push her position in person, believing a tour would push sales to stratospheric levels. However, his traveling phobia has more to do with a certain vampiric condition that makes him need to hide somewhat from the public, though Kate pushes him to attend the RT convention. Soon Luc wants to come out of the vampire closet because he has the craving to write one more happy ending love story starring himself and his editor.
SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE is an amusing satirical tale that pokes fun at the romance book industry. The story line leaves no book uncovered as it barrels though icons in a humorous manner. The lead couple is a charming duet who finds love in the obvious locale, the annual RT convention. Romance readers and industry insiders will apreciate this tale that ironically spoofs the genre that has brought acclaim to author Lynsay Sands.
Harriet Klausner
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on September 5, 2003
Lynsay absolutely rocks with her new series about a dysfunctional vampire family! I won't go into the plot line too heavy because you need to experience all the surprises and delights yourself.
A mother, two sons and a daughter (and more relatives to come hopefully) face the every day struggles of vampire existence in the 21st Century. In this tale, originally called Lucern, we meet Lucern Argeneau, the first son.
He is a four hundred year old vampire, getting by in the dreary world by writing contemporary romances about...well, vampires...only no one catches on he is merely writing about his family. To his surprise, they are a big success, so much so his editor, Kate C. Leever of Roundhouse Publishing is determined to drag the reclusive writer to the Romantic Times Convention.
Lucern is a grumpy - albeit sexy - curmudgeon, and he is determined NOT to go to a book convention. However, Kate is a whirlwind, an editor - who has little life outside her work - so she is firmly determined to drag him kicking and screaming into the limelight. She gets aid from his family, who think Kate is not only a super editor, but also the perfect mate for Lucern. And while Lucern loves her as an editor - at a distance - he hates to admit he feels an attraction for the pushy lady.
Only, romance for the vampire - as well as attending a book convention - has a lot of modern day drawbacks. Kate fits in well with his family, though she finds them a bit odd. Lynsay is known for her side-aching humour, but she is at top form as Lucern is forced into the world of sunshine and supermarkets. Being your totally civilised vamp, Lucian does not go around biting necks - let's face it, in today's situation of aids, drugs and diseases only a foolish vampire runs around taking blood without knowing the donor's lifestyle! Being a smart vampire family, they have invested in a series of blood banks, and have a steady supply delivered to them. Only Kate's presence causes Lucern to miss din-din more than once, making him so famished he considers attacking a steak in the local market.
By the time Kate installs Lucern in the convention hotel, she is becoming concerned there is something very wrong with Lucern's health. From the mad escapade at the Ball for the Romance Times (with an appearance of Lady of RT herself!!) to Kate coming to terms with her popular vampire writer might just be writing biographies instead of fiction, it is typical Lynsay wit and brilliance.
Lucern is sexy, deliciously grumpy and is the new wave of vampires for the 21st Century. I have always enjoyed every book Lynsay was written, but I must say she takes the gold ring with this wonderful funny book! I fell in love with Lucern, so cannot wait for the rest of the Argeneau family
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on April 30, 2004
A funny vampire novel. Is that an oxymoron? Well, if it is, then this book has managed to pull it off. Its an enjoyable, funny and fast read. Lucern Argeneau is a reclusive best selling romance novelist who only writes "fact". He is also a 600 year old vampire who is most certainly not "undead" as Kate Leever, his editor, is about to find out.
Kate is sent to Toronto in Canada to get Lucern to agree to *any* publicity she can get out of him for her company. She finds a horrible, surly, unfriendly man hibernating in his house - what a girl to do in the face of such obstacles if she is to keep her job when she gets home? Kate is one stubborn woman and this is the story of how Lucern and Kate get to know and fall in love with the better sides of each others nature. It also handily sends up both the Vampire and Romance book genres along the way and doesn't take itself too seriously.
For a new, and very funny, take on vampires this is a worthwhile read.
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