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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2001
I used to work in a bookstore, where Nora Roberts was a big joke. We all use to kid around that someone who wrote so many books had to be following a format and couldn't be any good. But this book changed my opinion and has hooked me on her books. A friend had a copy on a long flight and with lack of nothing better to do, I picked it up. The story of the three Mercy sisters mixed with a murderer was unlike any author I had ever read. And I was hooked. There was no putting this book (or her others) down after that. So, for all you skeptics or just someone looking for a great read-I highly recommend this.
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on May 18, 2004
I went into reading this book, believing it would be a trilogy, as many of the Nora Roberts books I've read before have been. And in all honesty it could have been a trilogy, with everything in it, but it would have watered down the writing. This was an unbelievable book. There were so many different twists and turns, it kept me on my toes at all times. This is definitely one of my favorite books of the year, and as someone who reads alot, that's definitely no small feat for Nora Roberts. Roberts writes so clearly, and with so much description, you can picture yourself in the Montana outback in the Rockies, hunting down a serial killer in your mist, falling in love, and running a ranch. Willa was the best part of the book, a strong female character who in many ways was a little girl who at the beginning of the book still sought out her father's affection after his death, and at the end of the book, she was a woman, having grown. I loved every minute of it (and was up until 5am reading it! Couldn't put it down!) If this book isn't in your summer reading plans, change them!!
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on January 8, 2003
The first book of Nora's that I ever read was "Divine Evil" (1992). Still one of my favorites. I was hooked and have been reading her novels ever since, enjoying the fact that I had once thought that her writings could not be improved upon or portrayed any better. I am more than happy to admit my naivety with every story she spins out, and every mind provoking journey her words lead me through.
Montana Sky is by far one of her best novels. It is raw and gritty and sometimes gruesome, but life on a ranch is no hay ride and Nora's ability to shock other readers into tossing it to the trash, says it all.
I believe those book tossers gave the highest praise of all. The world we live in is raw and more often than not shocking and Nora gives her readers the truest sense of the stories images, characters and atmosphere. Be they breathtaking or horrific - hero, victim or villain - chaotic, placid or dangerous, she will convey more than a mere conjuring of words.
This is her gift. There will be no emotion unfelt or setting unseen while reading her books and yes, these emotions and images will stay with you.
When I read a novel that leaves no emotional stone unturned, or scene etched into the mind, I know I'm feeling and seeing what was intended. No one can doubt what Nora intends when she gives you a glimpse into the mind of a truly creative, imaginative and superb spinner of tales.
Nora's secret is in the absence of words. A good writer paints a story with limited colors and details, allowing a reader to add their own imagination as well.
If you want the simple, the upfront, the obvious, read someone else's stories. If you want your imagination to be truly drawn in and immersed into another world, then read Nora's novels. Montana Sky is a rare gift from Nora that will draw you in, folding you into the lives of the Mercy's and others while they grapple with sorrow, fear, happiness and so much more that comes with family and a hard life that most can not imagine.
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on August 29, 2002
This book is one of my favorite Nora Roberts novels. It is also one of my favorite contemporary romance books. Montana Sky has everything: love, laughter, fear, romance, greed, passion... it doesn't disappoint in any respect.
Montana Sky is the story of the three Mercy sisters: Willa (the main character of the story) who was raised on Mercy ranch with her jerk of a father, Tess, the oldest who was raised in california and thinks Montana is as out of nowhere as any place, and Tess, the middle sister, who was in an abusive relationship and is on the run.
Montana Sky focuses on the three sisters and the men in their lives: Ben, Nate, and Adam. Each man is definitely dream man material, and are very strong characters. The woman are also strong, and are not willing to be ruled by their men.
The book tells about the year the sisters are forced to live on the Mercy ranch, in order to inherit, as stipulated by Jack Mercy, their father. Nora Roberts definitely did her research on ranch life, because as far as I could tell, it was all very accurate. She brings to life the hardships that occur being a rancher, especially a woman rancher, and she also manages to showcase the beauty that is Montana.
This is a wonderful novel that celebrates life. Though death is involved, and in a very grotesque way, it is a novel of finding family, and finding love. I was very surprised by the ending, as I had had no idea who was the killer. I have reread this book many times and enjoyed it more and more each time. The three sisters differences make an enjoyable cast of characters that any romance reader will love.
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on July 27, 2002
Every time I read this book, it never disappoints. I could read it a hundred times and still get a kick out of it!!
Enter the 3, very different daughters, Willa, the strong, fiesty women who stayed on the ranch and help run it, Tess-the burnt out hollywood actress and Lilly--the shy, quiet abused girl who is hiding. Their rich ranch owner father dies and leaves the ranch and all that is posses to all THREE of his daughters.
The catch??? All three must stay on the for a specific period of time before they inherit their share. Of course there is rebellion, espcially from brass Tess who just wants the money.
I digress....Along the path of discovery...each meet amazing men that make them stronger and better. They also help each other realize what love really is and what it truly means. Espeically as a killer stalks the ranch and threatens the system and lives of the ranch and people involved.
The real focus is on Willa and Ben. Ben who is the "next-door-neighbor" from the rival ranch who has grown up with Willa and has respect, as well as lust, for her. Of course she being green and all, she's quite shy and hides it by constantly arguing and fighting against Ben. The dialogue is so funny and passionate. It's not corny, you don't roll your eyes--you LAUGH along. You can't help but fall in love with these two very strong and independent characters.
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on January 4, 2002
I love romantic suspense stories and "Montana Sky" is a pretty good one. It's somewhat light on the romance (many of the "bedroom scenes" are introduced and then cut off as soon as the first clothes are shed) and heavy on the mystery.
Three sisters who are strangers to each other must spend a year working on their father's Montana ranch in order to receive their sizable inheritance. Complicating matters is the fact that a serial killer is on the loose and targeting the ranch.
Nora Roberts certainly knows how to create varied and interesting characters. The three sisters in "Montana Sky" are no different. My main problem with the book is that it took me a long time to get into it. The first half seemed very formulaic to me. However, about halfway through the book the murder mystery kicks into high gear and the characters become more developed. And just when you think you know whodunit, the writer throws some curves at you to keep you guessing. I was hooked by the second half, staying up until the wee hours trying to see how Ms. Roberts was going to work everything out. If you're a patient reader who likes suspense with a little romance thrown in, you'll like this one.
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on May 14, 2001
Nora Robert's novel, Montana Sky is the story of three sisters. The setting of this book takes place on a ranch in Montana during present time. Montana sky includes a relationship between sisters, the hunt for a murderer, and tons of romance. For all of Willa Mercy's life she has lived on Mercy Ranch, a ranch her father Jack Mercy owned and opperated. Willa and her father never had a close relationship. Her father was a sucessful and well-known buisness man who went through three marriages, divorcing each wife with-in a few years of the marriage. Each marriage gave him a daughter and Jack, desperate for a son, sent each wife away with the new born never hearing from her again. Willa's situation was different; Willa's mother died shortly after her birth, leaving her to live on the labor-intansive ranch with the father that never took the time to know her. All three sisters, Willa, Tess, and Lily, never having met each other before, were united at Jack Mercy's funneral years later. The basic plot of the story was put forth with the reading of Jack's will. The will stated that in order to inherit any money all three sisters must live on the ranch together for an entire year. This presented a problem; Tess, having her own busy life and career didn't have the time to spend an entire year on a ranch with the stangers she was now susposed to know as sisters. And for Willa this ment that she was to let two women she did not know live with her, interrupting her life on the ranch. Although this propostion gave Lily a place to hide from her abusive husband, None of the sisters were prepared for what was in store. This book truly reflects the meaning of relationships, especially those between sisters. Anyone who is looking for an entertaining and exciting book, should definitly read Montana Sky.
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on February 11, 2001
WOW!! Talk about pinning down family dynamics. Ms. Robers has outdone herself with this book. I liked the meshing of strong and weak characters that in the end had the strong bending and weaker finding strength.
Willa, the youngest and now operator of Mercy Ranch, learns that she can not always be in control and sometimes it's better to yield that control in certain circumstances. Lily, the middle child, comes to the ranch to heal and discovers strengths she never had, mainly with the help of Adam. Tess, the eldest and used to having her way, yields control as she is thrust into an unfamiliar enviroment, but has other skills and knowledge that she offers unsolicited to Willa.
Jack Mercy, the dead patriarch, has left the legacy of Mercy Ranch to his three daughters, who until the time of his death are unknown to each other and by the stipulations of his will must reside together on his ranch for one year or the multi-million dollar investment will be donated to the Nature Conservancy. They agree to stick it out together and what a year it was. Not only do they form, much to their dismay, sisterly bonds, but they all find love in rather unique men.
If you like love stories in all different forms, this book has it all. You will not be disappointed.
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on December 17, 2000
Ok, this was a good book, better than all the other Nora Roberts books I had read. But the summary said that this was a book about three sisters. The only sister I seemed to constantly read about was Willa. And she was not my favorite character in the book. She just didnt' appeal to me. In fact, none of the characters really appealed to me. They all fit into their own little categories: Willa, the neglected daughter who became a strong woman; Tess, the "typical" spoiled, wealthy California girl who cared more about money than family; Lily, the abused one who now has to be treated like a china doll. To be honest, Willa was too cynical for my taste and even towards the end, I couldn't figure out why Roberts chose to put this particular sister at the center of the storyline. Yes, it was "her" ranch, but I would have liked to see it becoming the story of the Mercy sisters, rather than the story of Willa. At times I just wanted to smack her for some of the things she did and said. It would have been a much better book if the story had been spread out among the three couples, rather than one. The only character I truly liked was Ben McKinnon. He was the only one, I thought, to have any personality. The others were not developed as they should be, not even Willa. Most of the characters who were supposed to make up this story were simply minor characters, when they should have been more at the center. Especially the two other male characters. Adam seemed to have no opinion of his own. Yes he was sensitive, but he was BORING! And Nate, poor guy! He basically could have been played by a tree throughout the book! And then suddenly at the end, he and Tess have their moment, which lasted, oh, half a page. I guess Roberts really hated Tess or something, b/c maybe 5 pages were devoted to her. We begin to see into her at the beginning, with the scene with Tess and her mother, but this quickly soon as that scene ends. In my honest opinion, Tess would have been a better match for Ben. At least she had some personality! I would have rathered reading about any of the two other couples than Willa and Ben! And I find that Roberts repeats herself. What happened to Ben at the end was identical to what happened Adam after Lily's rescue 100 pages before. They both distanced themselves from their respective SO's for the exact same reason. Nevertheless, this was a very good book, (despite my negative review). I couldn't put it down at the end, but it sorta ended abruptly. I highly recommend this book to anyone, just don't be fooled by what's written at the back of the book. :)
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on July 4, 2000
Nora Roberts has never dissapointed me...I've read almost most of her books and she always manages to captivate me. This book is one of my favorites..Montana Sky is a truly great book.
The "Women of Mercy" are wonderful characters. Tess with her bold, independent, devil-may-care attitude would have you envying her for her strength and attitude. Willa with her capable strength and her iron will..the way she shoulder every day problems is remarkable. Lily with her quiet strength which helped her survive every gust of bad luck that faith delt her.
Ahh..and ofcourse their men..Ben with his balant sexuality could make your toes curl and Neathedral ways is perfect for Willa's stubborn ways.
Nate with his smooth..charming cowboy ways is perfect for Tess' restlesness.
Adam with his calming, tenderness, and patience is perfect for Lily's battered soul.
The mystery is just keeps you guessing..I do adore mystery but my heart belongs to romance...and mix is a great thing!
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