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on December 20, 2011
I'd probably have liked it more if I had watched fox news...everday from 1998 through 2004, otherwise a funny read.
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on May 24, 2006
Love this guy-love his book. Loved him on SNL and actually got his autograph once! Okay, I'm a moderate, so get on that "sides" issue, but this is one great book. BUT, Franken does back up his assertions with hard evidence, so what can you do? Heck, he persuaded me. And the book is funny and knowing, like the writings of Pynchon or Jackson McCrae (Katzenjammer) or even some Vonnegut. But mostly, it is informative and from a dry-witted, highly intelligent guy who will convince you that he's right! Must highly recommend McCrae's "Katzenjammer" for those who are into Franken's sense of humor.A well-educated man, a great comedian, and a great writer. I highly recommend it!
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on February 24, 2006
I bought this book because it was cheap (mark-down bin cheap) and boy howdy I am not disappointed. Al Franken's masterful use of comedy to slice through political double-speak and stonewalling is amusing and enlightening. I would not claim that Franken is a bipartisan writer-he himself admits to being a liberal- however, he does methodically tear far right wing ideologues such as Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Rielly a proverbial 'new one' on all the lies and doublestandards they've used. What I take him to mean in the highly sarcastic title 'a fair and balanced look at the right' is perhaps balanced as a synonym for sane; sanity being a trait that the above mentioned persons don't really have a thimblefull of.
Franken attacks in a highly humorous and engaging way a truly serious problem at the root of both government and the mass media in North America today. The problem is that people can lie bold-faced and intentionally without consequence. He delineates how persons who are part of respected media outlets (I giggled a bit when I called Fox News respected) can fudge facts, inflate figures, make huge generalizations and even weave "facts" out of thin air to make their arguments. He shows that, in many cases, even the most rudimentary fact checking simply is not done. Hell, I'm not the host of any radio or TV show and I still know that that jut isn't right. People get expelled from University for doing that. Thanks Al, the book was hilarious, keep sticking it to the lying liars who lie.
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on August 25, 2004
Just finished the book. Read it all in 2 days, great reading
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on July 19, 2004
This book gives a fun look at the lies spread by politicians, the media, and political analysts. It should be read by anyone on the fence about the upcoming election. Way to go, Al.
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on July 17, 2004
"Lies" is laugh-out-loud funny, and it is well-informed and informative, as well. Its foundation is a love of America and a desire to better the human condition and live up to the promises of our Founding Fathers and Mothers. Its method is rigorous research, applied tactically and courageously, combined with humor.
I'm a stickler for civil discourse. I reject ad hominem commentary and obscene language.
Yet Franken gets away with both and is very funny to boot.
He says things about Ann Coulter that I suspect many of us have been thinking since first seeing her on TV, but haven't wanted to say, out of courtesy's sake. Franken says these things in a way that is so funny you are laughing too hard to monitor your laughter to make sure it is polite.
In his own defense, he points out that his targets, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, etc, have made ad hominem commentary their stock in trade. Franken reports on Limbaugh referring to the teenage Chelsea Clinton as the "White House dog," for example, and Ann Coulter naming a list of ugly Democratic women. After Franken exposes the venom, the distortions, and the mean-spirited sneakiness of his opponents, you see the logic behind his own exasperated and yet precise attacks.
Too, Franken points out the simple, basic lies that these same folks have promulgated as facts. And he has had the courage to confront his opponents in person.
"Facts are stubborn things," as John Adams said. Franken has done considerable research to use facts to expose his opponents as basing their positions on sand.
And yet, for all its genuine erudition, its core of compassionate and patriotic outrage -- this is a very, very funny book. This is the kind of book that is dangerous to read in a public place. You can't help but laugh out loud and draw attention to yourself.
This book aroused in me a great admiration for Al Franken, and a feeling that if liberals want to regain power in America, they might do well to learn from his humor, his armory of facts, and his considerable courage.
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on July 16, 2004
Good gosh golly that Al Franken makes me so angry! I could just bust thinking about him!
The liberals have tarnished the reputations of the Fox News Channel, which fine upstanding and patriotic Americans know is the only one worth paying attention to. Res ipsa loquiter.
Everybody knows that terrorists vote Democratic. Think about it.
The Communists, who are very scary and who have mean looking eyes, vote Democratic. Think about it.
Probably a lot of murders are Democrats. Think about it.
This book makes me wonder if somebody saw a screenplay I wrote a few years ago and stole my idea. It was called "A Savage Campaign." In it, a politician is finally stopped by Barry Bonds. When I pitched this idea to many Hollywood executives they thought it sounded great, but they wanted me to change the democrat to a republican. Res ipsa loquiter.
In Hollywood, many people are bad individuals who do bad things. They are liberals. Conservatives are beyond reproach. Res ipsa loquiter.
Maybe Al Franken should stop dividing Americans. Res ipsa loquiter.
It's clear that people on the right are more likely to be named Citizen of the Year and regularly bathe, while people on the left routinely commit crimes and abuse children.
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on July 15, 2004
When I found out that "Team Franken" consisted of 14 Harvard undergrads who were charged with fact checking and debating, I knew what was coming. I wasn't wrong. There's nothing wrong with supporting a predetermined point of view, but that doesn't make it either objective or factual. Just more of the heated rhetoric and name-calling we get from both sides. Historians a hundred years from now are going to have one helluva time separating the wheat from the chaff, to put it diplomatically. This book is just more chaff to go with the Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter chaff, not to mention the 14 Harvard undergrads.
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on July 14, 2004
Comedian Al Franken wrote a book called "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them". It was about the Fox News Channel, which is a fair, balanced news organization that roots for America. The Left says they are conservative. They are not. They just look that way compared to the liberal CNN, CBS, and most of the other network and cable stations (except for MSNBC). Fair and truthful analysts have concluded that Fox is the most believable and trusted news organization. Fair and truthful analysts concluded that Franken's book was, like Michael Moore's books and documentaries, filled with lies and half-truths. Franken was fed information by the Democrat-leaning Kennedy School of Government, and funded by George Soros, a socialist billionaire, who started Air America. Air America failed immediately. Conservative talk radio succeeds where liberal talk radio fails because conservatives, like Christians, are starving for Truth and decency in a world of anti-Americanism, religious intolerance and negativism. Conservatives are more likely to be educated people who prefer to improve themselves by learning about the world by listening to talk radio. Liberals are more likely to be old '60s rockers who prefer to listen to Santana and The Grateful Dead on FM. Res ipsa loquiter.
Throughout the Cold War, does anybody really doubt that, all else being equal, the Communists "voted" for Democrats over Republicans? Is their any doubt that terrorists prefer Democrats to Republicans? Is commentary really necessary? Res ipsa loquiter.
Hollywood and the rock'n'roll world is solidly Democrat. This is a world of drug abuse, alcoholism, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, atheism and immorality. The country 'n' western community is overwhelmingly Republican. This is a world of religion, family values, patriotism, respect for the military and overall morality. Res ipsa loquiter.
Time has forced many historical facts to recede in our collective memory, replaced by a fuzzy kind of Leftist thinking that has even romanticized Communism among our youth, who do not always know the complete facts. How else to explain the popularity of Che Guevara t-shirts and posters? Some celebrities - Chevy Chase, Oliver Stone, Steven Spelberg, to name just a few - have gone so far as to travel to Cuba and meet with Castro, returning with glowing reports about the Cuban dictator's "charisma" or some such malarkey.
Based on the undeniable Truths of empirical evidence, one is left to determine the simple fact that those aligned with the right are more likely to be good and decent people, while people aligned with the Left less likely to be. To deny this is to be a sophist and rely on various and sundry lies, identifiable by those who can read, write, see and have access to facts. Franken is another of these leaches who eat away at traditinal goodness, using the youth's ignorance as his weapon.
Forgive me my tresspasses as I forgive them theirs.
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on July 14, 2004
al franken is a god send. he refuses to straddle the fence, he picks a side and justifies his choice with an abundance of wit and clever venom.
not mencing any words, his choice is the correct one.
the right wing agenda in america is a downright evil one. the conservative party seeks to quash any attempts towards moral, ethical,or social progress, as they always have.
it is for no reason that minorities tend to to vote liberal, remembering the conservative stance in the not so long ago civil rights issue.
and the conservative party, no mistaking it here, are for the upper class white anglo saxon protestant, militant elite.
al franken, the clintons, michael moore are trying, each in their own way, to reestablish the strive for progress initiated by fdr and carried on (albeit tragically brief) by the kennedys, martin luther king and malcom x.
franken, even more than michael moore, has a winning wit and effectively disarms his uneducated critics.
calling a spade a spade, franken doesnt flinch for a millisecond, his eyes are wide open when calling limbaugh,the bushs, and cheney downright evil and stupid.
my suggestion is indeed to have both eyes open when reading this imparative book.
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