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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on February 9, 2001
Being Australian, I was a little worried that non-Australians might not get many of the Aussie-themed jokes and cultural references -- fortunately, this seems not to be the case. (Although, having met Terry at a book-signing for "Last Continent", he was at pains to find out if I had picked up all of the Oz-references, and was delighted that I had, so he obviously took a great deal of care and did much research for them).
Last Continent is an interesting mix of Pratchett's usual style, with slightly more characters and slightly fewer clear plot points than normal. As a result, there is less of a "story" to follow but more fun people and more scope for one-liners. I found it slightly less enjoyable than, say, "Hogfather" (roughly of the order of "Jingo", which had more of a moral and political tinge to it) but still a very fun read.
Readers new to Pratchett should probably read the other Rincewind books (particularly "Colour of Magic" and "Light Fantastic") to get a feel for the main characters, as knowledge of their personalities adds a great deal to the enjoyment of this book. Reading it cold would probably give a bit of a distorted feel for the series. And remember, if RIncewind is not your bag (baby), there's always the Guards series (my favourite -- try "Small Gods") or the witches (try "Equal Rites").
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on June 3, 2000
It is impossible to convey in mere words the feelings that Mr Pratchett can invoke in the heart and mind of his readers. Suffice it to say, that if there was no terry pratchett, the world would be a very boring place to live in. What can I say to make other people buy his books, so that they can partake in the joy and pleasure that comes from reading his books? I can not recommend one of his books without urging you to read the other chapters in the discworld saga. To read one of his books is to for the first time in your life know what it to breathe really fresh air, and you can not go back to the stale air you used to breathe. The last continent, like all other discworld books, did not in any way disappoint me. It was a stark contrast to the watch, death or witches novels, but that is why I keep reading book after book. I have fallen in love with all the characters and the world they live in. I always want more. The last continent might not bring the sudden, loud, or the delayed laughter caused by reading the same passage over and over again ten times, that other books have brought, but when I read this book I experienced the kind of feeling that I can only find when spending time with a loved one, be it organic or inanimate. When I read the book I could really feel as if I were in Australia, and I have never even been there. I would like to give the book five stars, but there are better books. These books would also be pratchett's. The four stars does not mean that the book is lacking in anything, it just means that this book which is "merely" fantastic could not attain the divine position of the other stupendous, fabulous and utterly breath-taking books that he has written. This is a book which I would not have wanted to have left unread.
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on April 26, 2000
This one alternates between Unseen University faculty marooned on a beach and Rincewind marooned in not-quite-Australia. Sometimes the time spent on one plotline before switching to the other is too short. Some characters feel underdeveloped, the ending stretches on too long, and there are scattered typos that contribute to a feeling the book was rushed. Finally, there's some overuse of clever similes. In the span of a few pages we get "Snowy went and drank from the tiny pool with a noise like an inefficient suction pump trying to deal with an unlucky turtle", "When he awoke, it was to a sound very much like a donkey being sawn in half", "The sound was that of a straw investigating the suds of the biggest milkshake in the world", and then some. Too much of this takes the laugh out of it.
But I still recommend the book for its humor and cleverness. "'We're wizards, young man. Using magic is what wizarding is all about.' 'No, sir! *Not* using magic is what wizarding is all about!"
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on October 8, 1998
Good work-man-like Pratchett. I didn't enjoy it as much as "Jingo", but Rincewind irritates me too much. The treatment of Australiana is nigh perfect, I found only one failure - no Aussie says "morno", and the number of jokes he packs in is incredible. I wonder how many non-antipodeans are going to spot the lamingtons, "Mental as Anything" or realise who "Tinhead Ned" is???? I think Terry Pratchett must love Australia - this book is homage (as said with a silly French accent).
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on May 18, 2002
Although lost in a foreign and different country, Rincewind still manages to get into the most trouble possible. The other wizards of the unseen university also get a lot more character development in this book, which is nice because so often in Terry Pratchett's books, they are mentionned and do quirky things, but the quirks are not explained. Rincewind again ends up being the unwitting hero of this book, with the help of others, and there is some funny parallelism between this new land and the usual discworld scenery.
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on February 1, 2002
This is the best of the last three books, I think (the other two being Carpe Jugulum and The Fifth Elephant). It's a bit more of a lightweight romp, focusing on the wizards at the Unseen University (who get stuck on a very strange island) and Rincewind (stuck on the Last Continent and saving it despite himself). It sparkles a lot more with page-by-page witticisms than the other books, and the plot, intertwining between Rincewind and the wizards, make it a real page-turner.
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on November 5, 2000
I think the thing that clinched this book for me was finding out there's a place called Didyabringyagrogalong in real life. It's in Queensland, Australia.
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