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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on July 27, 1998
I was very disappointed in Goldie's new adventure. No woman in her right mind would agree to help an abusive ex-spouse. Just because they had a whiney, immature kid together doesn't mean that she had to debase herself into helping such an ungrateful jerk. I'm not quite finished listening - I'm on the first side of the last tape so I don't know who killed Suz, but if good Ole John Richard didn't really do it, don't think I'll read anymore of Mott Davidson's books. Women have had to literally crawl up and out of the mire of a legal system that let abusive husbands get away with any and everything, so in my escapism reading I don't want to read about a woman who backs down in face of The Jerk she finally had the courage to get rid of once. Arch needs a good spell of life as it really is. If an ex-husband came around and thumped me a few good ones, my four kids would pick him up and dump him in the dumpster where he be! longed. Goldie had more umph in earlier books, sorry she's changed. Life's too short to waste your time on books that you don't like or that send out the wrong message. I'll have to hear that MD has changed Goldie's attitude before I'll read another.
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on September 21, 1999
Davidson's recipes are without doubt the fruit of this series. It is obvious that Davidson feels the culinary portion of her writing as she paints clear images of her cooking. This makes cooking along with the book fantastically surreal. However, the divorce and who-done-it story lines seem a bit corny rather than moving. Yet, this is a quick read. I would suggest reading one Davidson novel for the general idea and checking out the recipes of her remaining books.
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on August 10, 1999
I have read all of Davidson's books and this one seems a little bland. Although the characters are as lively as ever, this plot seemed too contrived. The jab at HMOs is certainly more subtle than the heavy-handed anti-domestic violence message. Let's get the Jerk out of the storylines. I'm hoping her new book is better. Still, not a bad summer read if you're just looking for a little escapism.
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on December 8, 1997
Goldy is most fun when she has a fiesty attitude. In this mystery she's too pre-occupied with the Jerk. Memories weight her down. The plot and relationships get bogged down, too. Loose ends (such as the window damage left by her ex) aren't resolved. Not what I'd come to expect.
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