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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 14, 2000
I have read and enjoyed all the books in the Goldy Schultz series. I find them quite entertaining and relatively easy reading when you don't feel like reading something that would be mind boggling. I also enjoy her recipes and have tried quite a few of them. As far as the story goes, I am amazed, however, at how Goldy can just wander into her kitchen (after just being almost killed by someone, somehow) and whip up a fabulous meal. Better yet, she has a hunk of a husband that is a gourment cooking policemen too!! What a life! But I do think these books are fun. The only comment I would make about this one, is that I would have liked to have seen more participation in the story by her best friend Marla and also more of Julian. I think Tom (the husband) should have had more to do besides cook and work on the plumbing. I am hoping that in her next book her son starts to mature and not be so sullen all the time. If you are looking for a real serious novel, this isn't it. But if you enjoy a fun mystery and some recipes, this is your book! Enjoy! and I am looking forward to the next book.
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on May 22, 2000
I, too, wish that Goldie's life were not in perpetual crisis. As a series progresses, it's nice to have the characters learn from experience. I get very impatient with Goldie for making the same mistakes from book to book even though, as a former victim of abuse [child, not spouse], I find her attitude believable. I was already middle-aged when I filed four EEO complaints in 14 months [those complaints are all public record in Arizona]. I kept making the same mistake in trusting the wrong persons, being nice and hoping that would help, and being ridiculously shocked at the next level of harassment escalation. Luckily, it was the same years of therapy that gave me the courage to fight back that enabled me to switch tactics and end the harassment. I recommend more therapy for Goldie, for Arch, and definitely for this book's overly-suspicious pregnant widow (or I fear for that baby's emotional health). That aside, I enjoyed the book. The disasters on the cooking show, the art gallery scene, the descriptions of people and places, that Marla is once again permitted to be stylish though fat and that Goldie is permitted to find her fat husband sexy, and the chilling chase scene at the climax. Speaking of Arch, it's rather a pity that Marla doesn't give Goldie a complete set of "Calvin & Hobbes" books. Reading them might enable Goldie to count her blessings. I'm not at all happy with the dust jacket, though. Yes, it's a cute visual pun on the title. However, I grew up with the covers of Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton; and science fiction and fantasy paperbacks. I got my parents to buy me my first Dana Girls book, *The Winking Ruby Mystery*, just because I loved the cover. I pulled the book out and looked at it again not so long ago, and it had the same power to compel my gaze as it did over 30 years ago. When I think of what a marvelous opportunity for a knockout cover this book's climax is, with Goldie's terrified run through that breathtaking scenery, a ruthless armed killer coming ever closer -- and we get a chef-shaped cookie jar with a gun. If I were my cat, I'd hiss!
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on January 10, 2003
Diane Mott Davidson delivers another fast paced story about Goldy Schulz, caterer and amateur detective.
The name "tough cookie" is how Goldy was referred to in a newspaper article about her. Although, her catering business is at a standstill, Goldy's hosting a PBS cooking show at a posh ski resort in Colorado.
As usual, Goldy gets involved with a murder when she finds the body of a skier and one thing leads to another as she puts herself in jeopardy by trying to find the killer. The usual supporting group of characters are also in this story; husband Tom who sounds like the perfect man, reliable best friend Marla, and Goldy's son, Arch who has turned into an annoying teenager.
The author kindly provides the recipes for all of the delicious sounding foods that are mentioned in the book. A quick and fun read!
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on August 26, 2003
In the ninth of her Goldy Bear Schulz culinary mystery series, Davidson serves up a delicious concotion of murder, Colorado skiing, marvelous recipes (don't neglect to try them!) and plucky detective work on the part of her main character, caterer Goldy.
She's appearing on a PBS cooking show, broadcast from high in the Rockies, which doesn't always go well. Someone wants her dead, as she discovers when her van is forced off the road. A wealthy man she has dated briefly is found dead on a ski run.

Fueled by expresso coffee, comforted and nourished by chocolate cookies, Goldy gets to the heart of the matter. This winter's tale is best read next to a glowing fireplace with a tray of her chocolate cookies at hand! Recommended.
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on April 26, 2000
This was the first book by this author that I have read. It will not be the last! For once a heroine who is not tall and thin (well okay, she is blonde!) What fun this mystery was to read. A chef fallen on hard times, finding a new way to pursue her talents, and try to keep her real dream career from going down the drain (if only she had drains!) The recipes were so tempting, which is one reason our book club (Bunny's Book Club) selected this for our end of year book. We have a dinner and use recipes and/or foods from some of the books we've read as a theme, and this book was just too mouth watering not too give it a "taste". A very fun read and the excellent recipes are a bonus!
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on June 3, 2001
I loved this book. what an original concept! I couldn't put it down. I would sneak into the bathroom at work and read a few pages. I hide Tough Cookie among our many law books and pretend to be busy reading a certain case and would actually be reading about Goldy and her cooking/snooping or her relationship with her son Arch.
The only problem I had was when she had that terrible car accident and went home and COOKED A WHOLE MEAL AND BAKED COOKIES...PLEEEEEESE. Otherwise the book was fantastic, especially all those wonderful recipes.
I just ordered all DMD books (except Stones & Scones) and plan to have a great summer reading all of DMD books and trying out recipes.
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on April 28, 2001
This latest in the Colorado Caterer series is exactly what we'd expect--another reviewer called it a 'cookie cutter' of a novel. And that's true...except that I like the Goldie mystery series, and I don't mind another delicious little bite.
It's not a novel for the first-time reader of this series, however: you will wonder about Julian and The Creep, who are never really explained and who seem to appear in the novel for no good reason except to provide a car, a loaf of bread, or a convenient scapegoat. If you're perplexed about them, read the other mysteries in this series. And use the recipes--they are delectable.
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on July 17, 2001
How Goldie does not weigh three hundred or more pounds is beyond me. If I consumed the amount of cookies, cakes and "drippingly lushus" buttered stuff she consumes, I would be an avalanche waiting to happen. Oh, well, it's fiction.
I read some of her other books and found them amusing, and this one is O.K. but not, in my opinion, among the best. Still, she's an upscale ski resort caterer with a Jersey attitude, and that's kind of cute. And I personally like her dysfunctional life. It's actually quite real. It keeps me listening, with half an ear, as I prepare simple but healthy meals for my family.
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on September 5, 2001
However, I tend to feel that too many bad things happen all at once, she finds a body, gets in an accident, her son is snotty and she has to cook for a meal. After a while, I feel that this author gets bogged down in rough times. I would like to see her son grow up a bit and be a bit more enjoyable. In the end everything seems to even out, although they are not always happy endings with everything all wrapped up in a neat bow.
However, having said that- if you want an easy to read book with yummy recipes this is a good book to read.
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on July 20, 2001
I have already weighed in (pardon the pun, Goldie) re. the "corpulent caterer" as the main character is referred to in a news article in "Tough Cookie," but felt I must clear up a reviewer's previous criticism.
Goldie's husband Tom fixed her drain. He took the whole thing apart and put it back together for her, good as new, so they wouldn't have to hire a plumber to do the work. Don't people read the book before they make a negative comment? Seems irresponsible to me.
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