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on March 10, 2017
Like the title of this book, it is very clear and direct. Filled with plenty of useful techniques and helpful advice, this book guarantees you freedom from financial hardship if you follow its program. Having helped hundreds of thousands of people free themselves from debt and change their whole perspective on their personal finances, I'd definitley say this book is worth the read.
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on September 5, 2014
gift. no feedback.
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on February 17, 2004
Mundis has been where you are. He's struggled with massive debt, considered bankruptcy, felt despair over low income and climbing credit card balances.
After years of struggle, he found the way out. His method is based on the principles of Debtor's Anonymous, and the keys to the method are these three steps:
1) One day at a time, you don't incur any new debt.
2) You keep an accurate daily spending record.
3) You stick to your spending plan.
Notice I didn't say "three EASY steps." People struggling with debt often find the steps difficult, maybe even impossible, to implement. Why? Lots of reasons, it turns out. The good news is, Mundis helps you understand what those reasons are, and then he shows you ways to find the resolve to stick with the steps.
He offers hope and then some practical help. Truly, I think this is one of the best books I've read on beating debt. I think it will feel like a Godsend to anyone who knows the hopelessness that accompanies crushing debt.
Mundis also has a website. Get the book first, though. If you're a debtor/spender this book is a WORTHWHILE place to spend a bit of cash.
Reviewer: Linda Painchaud
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on December 8, 2003
this book is a must have if you are tired of passing out all of your money to everyone else but you. If you have bill collectors calling your home and job you need this book. If the student loan people are calling your relatives cause you refuse to answer your phone.... you need this book. If you toss all of your bills and "pink" bills into a corner and never open them you need this book. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck get this book. If you keep asking yourself where did my money go? get this book. if you find yourself at the bank right before opening to deposit a check to cover for a check you wrote that might bounce. getting this book is a good idea. oh and one more if you have relatives that never seem to have enough money and you think to your self hey these are my parents i should be borrowing from them not visa versa... get them this book. I liked it so much im going to a debtors anonymous meeting today.
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on December 8, 2003
This book is great. It gives you a chance to look at your spending humerously. and it helps you realize that you really don't have to be in debt if you don't want to be. I was encouraged and as a back up im going to attend my first debtors anonymous meeting. I have been hiding away all of my bills and late payment notices for months Yesterday i finally had the courage to calculate how much i owe. (normally this would through me into a state of depression) and i owed 36,000 more than what i kept telling my self i owed. And believe it or not im not depressed. If i had not read this book i would be at work this weekend trying to make overtime and crying the next week because i didn't have enough money. If you have bill collectors calling you and you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to pay your bills get this book.
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on June 20, 2003
In deep debt and in the dark about what to do? Buy this tape! I've just begun my climb out of the mire of debt but I feel rejuvinated, hopeful and confident that this -- my third time -- will be the last time I let my debt quietly creep up to unmanageable amounts. If you're ready to "surrender" to the fact that you have a problem and want help, the narrator provides it in a way that is non-judgemental and without condemnation. I was genuinely touched by the sincerity, clarity and compassion of the narrative. I was emotionally moved by the fact that the guidance I really needed had arrived. On the other hand, the author, at times, is hilarious as he takes you down a very entertaining and extremely helpful path toward solvency. Thanks to this tape, I'm on my way out, and done with debt for good!
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on November 30, 2002
This is a good book, will help you get started towards solvency. Debtors Anonymous does not endorse this book, but it is a fine primer on the road to recovery.
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on April 8, 2002
I first read this book about five years ago, when my husband and I were deeply in debt. What shocked me was how well the writer understood my thinking and behavior - I thought he must be a mindreader! He knew all too well every rationalization and strategy we had used over the years to keep from facing our debt.
Mr. Mundis has a simple and successful solution to debt: stop debting, one day at a time. If you think this is impossible, he will show you how. We are now debt-free, yet I reread this book occasionally for inspiration and to stay on the right path. If you are in debt - get this book!
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on April 6, 2002
I majored in accounting in college, so I should know better, but I managed to graduate with a ton of credit card debt and then financed a new car. This book gave me the practical advice I needed to make a debt-reduction plan and stick with it. It also gave me some great ideas about how to stop being tempted to use my credit card all the time. I had all the credit card debt and car debt paid off in about 2 years and have never carried a credit card balance since then.
I have recommended this book to lots of people who are having debt problems but don't know where to start for help in fixing them. I have also recommended it to people who have their heads in the sand about their debt problems.
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on February 13, 2002
This book made a huge difference in my life. I had problems with debt for 20 years and was heading into serious trouble when I found a copy of this book. I remember finding the book in a bookstore (before existed) and I was embarrassed to buy it- that was the shame of being in debt. I was very scared because I was getting deeper into debt and not able to make even the minimum payments on my credit cards. I was borrowing (getting cash advances at ridiculous rates) from one card to pay the other. I sat down and read this book and it was tremendously comforting. I also found a local Debtor's Anonymous meeting and attended the meeting the same week. This book and DA changed my life and after 5 years I have nearly tripled my annual salary and have eliminated my unsecured debt. Jerrold Mundis teaches you that those who work this program obtain a great deal of "abundance" in their lives. Mundis writes about the "miracles" that occur when you work this program and I have experienced them first hand. It is not a Debtor's Anonymous sanctioned book, but everyone in DA has heard of it. I would have to say though that this book is not for everyone. The principles you learn in this book regarding the concept of not carrying any unsecured debt are excellent and everyone with a credit card should learn them. But this book was written for those who are in a crisis due to their debting. It will benefit problem debtors the most or anyone who is going down the road to deeper debt. Mundis is adamant about not giving up on yourself and not declaring bankruptcy. He guides you through all the consequences you may face due to your debting, such as judgments and court appearances. It is very comforting to learn about all these issues and how to deal with them, rather than live in fear of having collection agencies phoning day and night.
I've read some other reviews here that were critical of this book. As I stated before, this book is for those who are in a crisis due to their debt. This book was written in the 1980's and has not been revised so the writing style may seem dated, but the principles are rock solid. There are excellent books available on subjects relating to investing and personal finance, but this book is a special book for debtors in crisis.
I am still using the principles that Mundis lays out in his book such as the spending record. I know exactly where every cent of my money is going and where I have a tendency to over spend. Even though I no longer debt I still have a tendency to be a spendthrift and the techniques I learned from this book help to keep me in check. I also have a spending plan- not a budget- that I update every six months and follow consistently. As Mundis points out, it is not about doing without and sacrificing. You will learn that you can take the vacation you want and pay cash for it. You can have everything you truly desire and not go into debt. You will develop an incredible sense of freedom that will enable you to live fully and successfully because you won't be burdened by debt anymore. I'm sure all this sounds too good to be true, or even magical in a way, but it isn't. If being in debt is causing a problem for you, you should get this book and read it and then follow the advice closely. Mundis walks you through all the difficult tasks you must face, such as totaling up how much you owe, contacting creditors to work out a payment plan, and not going one cent further into debt. I felt like I was the only one going through the hell of being seriously in debt, but he made me realize I was not alone and I could one day be debt free, too.
This book will teach you so much and it will also restore your confidence in yourself. It gives you the courage to face up to dealing with the mess you've made of your finances and it gives you hope that you can one day truly be debt free and living prosperously.
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