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on June 29, 2017
Great book must have if you plan on going on diet! It is very practical and well researched.
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on October 12, 2001
Hi my name is Alicia Vargas and I am 39 years old and a mother of 3 children and 1 granddaughter. I had never had an issue with weight. I quick smoking 3 1/2 years ago. Out of no where my weight started to increase I was 150 when I quit at about a size 9. I put weight on so fast I didn't know how to stop it. I have always been concience of what I eat but I could not stop the weight gain. I was so frustrated...I quit smoking to improve my health and the excess amount of weight I was carrying was causing me to be short of breath. 4 weeks ago my cousin gave me the book for my birthday. I said, to myself this is the last thing I am going to try. I have bought every weight loss pill, Atkins Diet, Drops in my water from plant extract, shakes and every exercise equipment that promised results in just 30 days. Only to get on the scale and still find myself at the same weight or more. Never did I feel satisfied and continued to crave carbs especially the week before my mentral cycle. I felt there was no hope I was dumed to be fat. I read the book, took the test, I am a Gonadal. I couldn't believe when I read the chapter pertaining to my body type. I felt like I was reading a horoscope. I read the plan for losing weight and begin the next day. I weighed in at 220 when I started and exactly 3 weeks after I went back to the my Chiropractor in absolute fear, as I did not want to stand on the scale. Closed my eyes to open them and find I had lost 17 1/2 pounds. I just stood there and cried in disbelief. Even better than losing the weight my energy level has sailed through the roof. I don't feel tired and sluggish anymore. My skin texture has changed. I had no cravings before or during my mentral cycle and my cramps were very light. I am on my 4th week now doing the last 5lb. portion for cleansing. It has truly been an answer to a very deperate plea. I know that a lot of research went into this book and I am so thankful as I could of never imagined feeling so great. My goal weight is 130lbs and I will continue the diet and excersise program until I meet my goal. I would love to send my picture to you from before and after. I have never been so content with food since I started this program. It is a life style change but one that is well worth the rewards. Thank you so very much this book it has impacted and changed my life forever.
Alicia Vargas
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on July 22, 2003
Now I understand why I am the way I am. You take a checklist questionare to find out which of your glands is dominant. He explains why you crave the foods you like: You are looking for a quick fix to stimulate your designated glad. This would be okay, but your glands tire out. Tired out glands can no longer regulate the fat deposits on your body and you become overweight. The focus of this book is to go on a diet that will bring your glands back into balance. Once you are in balance your designated gland can control your weight once again. This is not a blueprint to loose a couple of pounds and then go back to your normal diet. This is a complete diet change. Buy this if you are looking for long term results. It tells you why some diets and exercises work for some people and don't work for others. Very motivating!
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on August 24, 2006
The metabolic principles the diet is based on seem to be sound because it works. I started at 198 pounds and within a week of being on the T-type diet I found my cravings dropped off drasticly which made sticking to this way of eating so much easier! The first week I lost 7 pounds, the second, third ,fourth and 5th I lost between 3 to 4 pounds weekly. I hit a plateau for almost a week at week 6 but by the end of the week I dropped 3 pounds all of a sudden. After the 6th week it wasn't hard to stick to at all because the T-type diet plan had become habit. I lost 1.5 pounds average every week for several weeks and hit plateaus 2x more which broke with a sudden loss again. Just by adding a regular brisk walk for 45 minutes a day I increased my weekly rate of loss by a half a pound and my energy increased so much it shocked me how low I had been before... I had no idea how much my high carb over processed diet was hurting me until Dr. A's book. The soup week wasn't my favorite part but it did what it was meant to and kept my loss on track. I can't tell you how good it felt to see my collar bones again or wear beautiful clothes in regular sizes. In 18 weeks I lost 45 pounds ending at 153 pounds.I kept the weight off for 2 years even with partying, drinking, eating in resteraunts frequently(single and in my 20's). I really abused my new metabolism before it caught up with me. It wasn't until after I met my husband and started a family that the weight came back. I'm sure it was the stress of the pregnancies that really pushed my body into metabolic imbalance again. I have been overweight, constantly tired and feeling low for so long now... reading these reviews has inspired me to pick up my old copy and get started toward wellness again with the guidlines Dr. Abravenel gave for my body type. If you are at all curious, try it. I hope it does for you what it has for me!
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on July 9, 2003
I read the older version of this book 13 years ago and it made so much sense, the description of my body type was so perfect, that I just had to try it. I went from 161 lbs. to 143 lbs. in one 4 week cycle. I hadn't weighed that little since BEFORE high school. Also, friends and co-workers were amazed at the change in my emotional state. No more mood-swings! Unfortunately, I slowly reverted back to old eating habits...and it still took me an ice cream, chocolate, caffeine binge 4 months later to START GAINING WEIGHT AGAIN! Amazing.
Knowing my body type has meant that at various times over the years I have been able to simply apply my basic body type principles in order to control my weight. During my first pregnancy I gained only 17 lbs. thanks to Dr. Abravanel's principles and 3 weeks after giving birth I was smaller than when I got pregnant!
Here's the really amazing part. I didn't follow his plan religiously. I'm a T-Type and did the 2 eggs breakfast but would use margarine to cook my eggs. I hate doing lunch so did Slimfast instead. My hubby was A-Type and got dessert, so occasionally I'd "reward" myself with a small cup of ice cream. Those kinds of things. And WITHOUT EXERCISE I STILL got these awesome results.
I have never felt so balanced and happy with myself. Now it's time to get serious about weight-loss and I'm buying the book again (my old one was borrowed and never returned). My sister and her hubby are doing the Atkins Diet and I decided it was "time" and that I'd do the diet I trust. I've always been a huge fan of this book and have referred everyone I know to it when they wanted to lose weight. I told my sister about it and she might even switch over from Atkins! Can't wait to get the book and show it to her!
Two days ago I started following the guidelines I remember and I can't believe how quickly my cravings have faded...not gone...but definitely faded. It takes little effort to get through them now, and my "snack" definitely helps!
Sure hope the book gets here soon since I'm excited to see what's been added! Good luck to all you folks working to get yourself in balance! Try this book, it works!
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on June 21, 2001
I was ready to accept that after age 30 I was just going to be heavier than I wanted. I was not fat, just soft and in all the wrong places. This was a last try for me. Abravanel is a genius. My goal was 18 pounds. In 3 weeks I hit that exactly and then lost another 6 over the following month without even trying. And it all came from the problem areas from which I had never been able to lose. I am back at my college weight when I was a division I athlete which I NEVER thought I'd see again. It was not hard and actually easy compared to some other stuff I've tried. Its been 6 months since I hit my lowest weight and I remain there in spite of cheating with sweets and ice cream periodically. Buy the book, READ the book thoroughly first, then commit to following it. You can do anything for 3 or 4 weeks, especially when the rewards appear quickly. I do not get impressed easily but this program exceeded my wildest expecations and without any of the nutritional insanity of Adkins or the Zone. I'd rather be healthy and heavy than unhealthy and trim. Abravanel allows you to be healthy and trim. And its easier than you think it should be. Thank you, Elliot.
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on November 20, 2006
I always had a suspicion that diets could not not work for everyone. I was never a fan or weight loss diets but I needed to shed some pounds. Loosing weight on this plan is more of a side effect, the actual benefits are feeling great, gaining more energy, feeling like the body's functions are being optimized. I never thought I could do without coffee and thanks to this book I realized I was an addict! It is very true that this is not a diet, it's more of a lifetime guideline. My only comment is the variety of the foods is a bit limited. I love variety in food so I find the book is a bit outdated in that sense. But the program works and each individual can modify it to suit their needs. Dr. Abravanel does mention this over and over, we are the best judges for our own bodies, so it is our task to learn to listen to it!
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on March 21, 2004
A couple of years ago, I was a poster child for T-Types. Skin and bones everywhere except for my love handles, belly, and cheeks. I am the classic T-Type. I had been eating all of the things you are supposed to eat when you are healthy (pastas, rice, etc.). Wrong!. If everyone followed the food pyramid the United States would sink into the ocean! I'm 5 foot 8 and when I was 26 I got up to 185 at one point. I was also drinking some pretty hearty beers. As Dr. Abravanel would put it, I was a skinny person who just happened to get fat! I exercised, ran, rode my bike, went to the gym. I could hardly shake any weight. I would reward myself for exercising with some pasta and french bread. I also love sweets. Fat-free candy must be good for you cause it has no fat in it right? My mom gave me her old-school copy of this book and soon she bought me the revised edition. I'm not a big fan of commitment and it was really hard to start this diet. It was easy for a while. I lost 10 pounds the first week. I lost a total of about 15 pounds after a few weeks. I continued to lose weight but eased off the diet. It took a really long time and the weight came back. I decided to go back on it and after about 3 weeks lost between 20-25 pounds. I now weigh 150 pounds. This is what I weighed when I was 16 years old. I have no gut anymore. It's all gone. I also hike and ride bicycles when I can. If you want to sit on the couch and be a tater the weight will come off more slowly. If you exercise for an hour a day and 4 or 5 days a week, you will drop weight like a bad habit. I can guarantee it. If you are a T and eat a lot of protein, I suggest you drink as much water as possible to clean the toxins from the meats out of your body. I hope this works for you like it has for me. I also cheat a lot and don't gain the weight back (beer, coffee, etc.)
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on January 11, 2001
Now, I am not overweight; however, I do watch my weight carefully because I don't want to become that way. Anyhow, having a weakness for sweets and a love of coffee, I've read various texts from various "experts" (generally, they're all part-right and part-wrong; but then, no one's perfect, right?) and chanced upon this book.
Dr. Abravanel is GREAT when it comes to describing people's types and what they crave and their basic dispositions. Basically, while we all have an adrenal gland, gonads, a thyroid, and a pituitary gland, each one of us is dominated by one particular gland and that causes us to behave a certain way and to have certain physical traits. Sounds crazy at first, but if you read the descriptions you can see people you know who definitely fit the bills. For instance, my dad looks like the A-type (adrenal gland dominant) guy who's overweight (yes, this book has illustrations of the different body types, both overweight and slim, so you can see which one you resemble the most); he loves a good drink; and he LOVES his steaks and fat and butter - ALL the things A-type folks do! Being personally a T-type (dominated by the thyroid, supposedly), I was definitely interested in what the good doctor had to say...
Here's where I have a couple of qualms I will share for you: The doctor says that if a person is unhealthy and/or overweight it's because their dominant gland is overworked. Thus, you need to let THAT gland rest and let ANOTHER gland at least temporarily "take over," if you will. OK, so far. However, for instance, he says caffeine will strain the thyroid gland -- I have yet to find conclusive evidence to back that up from anything I've read on the Web. He also says that coffee is OK for A-types. Think about it: Caffeine causes you to produce and release adrenalin. Where does adrenalin come from? The adrenal gland! He's contradicting himself a bit mite, eh?
Also, you might have trouble figuring out exactly which type you are. For instance, I myself have the personality and get the cravings of the T-type and yet have a physique closer to a P-type than a T-type (slim but not particularly defined and rather "boyish" than early thirty-ish). The doctor himself says in the book that you might have to see someone trained in his methodology to get that squared away, something you may or may not want to do.
So, yeah, the book's good in many respects; basically, every diet recommended for each type is healthy, and, as the author states, even if you mistakenly follow the wrong diet, it won't hurt you and you'll probably lose the excess weight anyhow, although you won't remove the underlying problem. But, by the same token, there's a couple of things, which I've mentioned, which don't seem to make sense.
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on March 23, 1999
I found I was a G-type body type. After reading what my body needs & trying it, it got rid of my late evening cravings which I have stuggled with for years. It also helped "remove" my saddlebags that collected over the years. Even though I didn't lose actual pounds per the scale the first few weeks I tried it, I stayed with it and my legs started getting smaller. Finally after 4-5 weeks, the scale told me I was down 3 lbs. I lost all my cravings that were a result of my body being out of balance. His menu shows fruit & coffee for breakfast. It goes along with what my body has been like for eon...not wanting anyting but coffee for breakfast. I love fruits, and found out that is what my body needs a lot of. So I can see that this is the right diet and life- style for me...he's telling my mind something that my body has known for years, only I needed him to let me know that. This is a very easy plan to follow..whether at home or on the road. Very logical and correct way of eating. Thanks, Dr. A
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