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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 15, 2002
Absolutly a wonderful story! Hard to believe something that started over fifty years ago as a dime store in small town Arkansas has become the world's largest company today. Mr. Walton's down to earth approach in telling his story makes it an easy read. From his humble beginnings in rural Arkansas, Sam was a go "getter" from early childhood.
The sucess of Wal-Mart is actually based a few simple principles. Offering value to the customers, shareholders and associates and managing the business in a common sense way. Are you an entreperneur or want to be one? Invest in this book today! Not only will you gain valuable insight, but Mr. Walton is open about the hardships and obsticles he faced, especially in the early days. After reading this, I don't feel alone in my challenges as a small business man.
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on January 5, 2004
Think about this. This guy starts from zero, loses his first store to the landlord - gets kicked out, he is in some small state (that is not an insult) but starts a new store up the road and then keeps on going right up to one of the biggest retail chains in America - all in one generation.
He drives a pickup truck, lives in a modest house, and makes all of his family members billionaires when he dies. And then the business still continues to grow after he dies. This is truly an amazing free enterprise story. He liked to be thought of as a country boy that went hunting with his dogs, but he was a business retail genius.
His secret is simple (other than he was an excellent leader and manager) sell for the lowest price and sell what people want to buy. He could figure out that formula and make it work.
Excellent book for business owners - I like how he kept costs down even to the point of sleeping in new stores during setups and having his own trucks and distribution centers.
Jack in Toronto
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on October 15, 2002
Sam Walton was always competitive. Before building his retail empire he worked at a JC Penney store and then worked at a Ben Franklin Store. He wanted to become the largest retailer in the nation instead his retail store became the largest in the world. At first his store was named Walton 5-10 but he changed it to Wal-Mart. He did have another store as well called Sams wholesale club but was shortened to Sams Club. Sams Club is the largest warehouse store while Wal-Mart is the largest retail store. I wont say anymore about his stores but he had a dream and his dream came true. There is also a Wal-Mart cheer and he has rules for following a business. He followed those rules and it worked for him. The point is he had a dream and it came true. I mean not anyone can build the largest retial opperation in the world. If you really believe in yourself it just might come true. There are eighteen chapters in this book. Here are the chapters in order:
1 Learning to Value a Dollar
2 Starting on a Dime
3 Bouncing Back
4 Swimming Upstream
5 Raising a Family
6 Recuiting the Team
7 Taking the Company Public
8 Rolling Out the Formula
9 Building the Partnership
10 Stepping Back
11 Creating a Culture
12 Making the Costumer Number One
13 Meeting the Competition
14 Expanding the Circles
15 Thinking Small
16 Giving Something Back
17 Running a Successful Company:Ten Rules That Worked for Me
18 Wanting to Leave a Legacy
*A Prostscript
*Co-Author's Note
Well those are the 18 chapters that Sam Walton himself and John Huey wrote. Its pretty much all about Sam Waltons life and his success behind it. Its a great book even if you don't like the guy or his stores. It also gives you good advice on making a business. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Wal-Mart and/or wants to know more about business.
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on March 14, 2004
What initially attracted me to this book was the title, Sam Walton: Made In America. I was curious if Sam would be about "buying American" or selling American-made products in his Wal-Mart stores.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book was an easy to read publication about his personal history, about how the discount giant, Wal-Mart, came into being.
The book covers his early life in retailing - a single department store - through his final years, when Wal-Mart had become a discount giant. In between are his experiences, which include failures as well as success, and the methods he used to achieve his success.
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on May 8, 2003
Mr. Sam's book is an excellent look into the dedication, leadership, and hard work that made Wal-Mart the most successful company in the history of the world. He teaches the reader about the basic values of money, hard work, and family. At the same time, he gives insight into some of the details about starting and running a retail enterprise. All throughout the book, he interjects little stories about getting caught with tape recorders in the competition's store, or flying around with his hunting dogs to look at potential Wal-Mart land sites. This book was not only a great series of lessons on entrepreneurship and management, but it was also very entertaining and at times funny. It was amazing to read about Mr. Sam's predictions when he wrote the book (10+ years ago) and to see how contemporary Wal-Mart has far surpassed even Mr. Sam's wildest dreams of success.
I recently visited the museum in Bentonville, AR. This book was an excellent supplement to that trip. Reading this book and visiting the Wal-Mart visitor's center in Bentonville are highly recommended for any Wal-Mart fan or any business fan as well.
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on October 14, 2002
"Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage."
It's lucid and every chapter I read, I felt like reading a fable, all throughout. It makes me realize how these people like Sam, coming from a decent background rule their field of business, only by being so determined to achieve. Sam is quite an unusual person. I have read about so many businessmen and I must say one thing is common about them is that everyone has their own way of doing business.
While reading autobiographies/biographies you get to explore a lot of personal information apart from the usual business stuff, which fascinates me a lot. I mean I feel curious to know how that person was in his childhood and what has driven them, their inspirations, energy, passion, obsession, zeal etc.
The best part about Sam was how well he managed the resources, money, his "associates", and managers. Though there were some/many adversities he faced, he stood resolute against them, it made him stronger and failure motivated him to do well the next time. He borrowed every great idea, made it the seep into Walmart culture. He was one hell of motivator and critique.
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on September 14, 2002
Made In America is the story of a young entrepreneur with boundless energy who just wanted to setup a shop in the corner of Arkansas and ended up changing the world and the way we shop. Walton and Huey tell the story of Walmart and the man behind it all. It's the story of how Walton started out with little money and a passion for the retail business.
Not only is the story of how the world's largest retailer started but what principles Walton used to build it. His stories of success will inspire you. His ideas about the future of retail and how to a business should treat it's employers will enlighten you.
Once dubbed the "Richest Man in America" his small town charm will delight you along with his devotion to his family, church, and sense of community.
Sam Walton was just a guy who loved what he did and couldn't contain his energy, naturally his stores became a household name in the process. Made in America is a story that could only happen in America.
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on November 21, 2002
Sam Walton was a self made billionaire. That is billion with a b (not million). He got rich by creating WalMart. This is the true story of Sams life, AND the creation and life of WalMart. From when nobody even heard of them, to today when they are the biggest. Read about this mans life, and how it was that he lived this incredible adventure to create something so large, and become so wealthy in the process. Sam had incredible talent. He wasnt born a billionaire. Nobody gave him a blueprint to follow. He did it all on his own. Building what wasnt there before he came along to build it. Very inspiring book. The lame cover turned me off initially, but finally I gave the book a chance, and I am glad that I did. Not only is this book intersting, but it also spurs ideas for being an entrepreneur. I am already on the way to my first billion.
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on May 13, 2002
This is a great book that teaches how to do some serious business.The langauge is very simple and makes you feel comfortable.It motivates and inspires to think about how to pour innovation in any business process.I purchased this book last year and read it carefully.Understood it.And then implemented it in our business at my home town.It worked so well that we overcame all our competitors within few months.In this book Sam describes how his inner obsession to be number one has helped him to built a formidable empire called WAL-MART.His dedication, extremely high determination to succeed against all odds and inclination for continuous innovation are the key decideing factors that produced todays 100 tonne Gorilla named WAL-MART.
Its a must read for every serious entrepreneur.Its THE BEST opportunity to learn from the past.
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on May 8, 2002
This is a great book for a person who wants to succeed in developing a great business.I benefited immensely with this marvelous book that depicts the uphill struggle of SAM in building a world class business.The language is very simple and you never get bored while reading this book.I purchased this book last year,read it carefully and then implemented some of my learnings from this book in our business in my home town.And it worked very well.The greatest quality of SAM is that he was obsessed with his goals and highly determined to extract the results from his efforts.His efforts were highly focused and he had a fire burning in his belly.He had a great vision and willingness to take risks.He always tried the new things and emphasised on the differentiation.I feel that every serious businessman must read this book.
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