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on April 18, 2002
This third book in the Shadow Series is another winner. Sheriff Miranda Knight and her younger sister, Bonnie, aren't what they seem. That is, they are in hiding in the small town of Gladstone. Both sisters are powerful psychics but nobody knows it. Eight years before a violent serial killer turned their world upside down when Miranda used her gift to help the FBI hunt him down. Instead, he escaped capture and Miranda fled with Bonnie. She changed their names and became sheriff of a small town that appeared innocent on the surface. Unfortunately, another killer was in town and teenagers were showing up dead and mutilated. Miranda called in the FBI and was once again working with FBI profiler, Noah Bishop. Miranda tries to keep
her distance because he had betrayed her eight years before when they were working on the case together. She had been in love with him then and didn't want to let him touch her heart again. Though he is also a powerful psychic, he can't read Miranda because of the walls she has built around herself.
This was a page turner for me, just like the other books in the series. Suspense builds as each new body is revealed as well as the personal relationship between Miranda and Bishop. I'm in the process of buying every book I can find by Hooper.She has become an automatic buy for me.
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on November 11, 2000
Kay Hooper ends the Shadows series with an explosive book. Out of the Shadows tells Noah Bishop's story that has been hinted at in the previous two stories--and oh, what a story it is. This book will reach out and pull you into the story--and the ending? Get ready to be shocked,surprised, and entralled.
Sheriff Mirands Knight is reunited with her former lover, Noah Bishop, who heads an unusal branch of the FBI. Because of old wounds and hurts fromt the past, Miranda is reluctant to accept Noah's help. But, her small town in Tennessee is being devastated by a vivious killer who is taking the town's teenagers and savagely butchering them. There are no clues, no way to contain stop this beast.
Noah is joined by two members of his team who also possess abilities of the unknown. Together they team up with Miranda to battle the deadly evil that has invaded the town and is stiking its innocent people.
Ms. Hooper outdid herself on this one. Just like the first book in this trilogy, there are numberous characters that contribute to the story. You find yourself caring, hurting, and rooting for them. There is some comical relief in this book which keeps it from being too dark. I sincerely hope Ms. Hooper starts another trilogy with emphasis on the unknown. I'll be the first in line to buy!
Get this book, find some place to read uninterrupted, and get ready for the ride of your life. If you haven't read the first two in this series, you're in for a treat!
If anyone knows of books that are similar in subject matter and great to read, please drop me a line. This was fascinating.
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on January 4, 2001
I really liked this book! Miranda Knight is a woman living in a small town, trying to keep safe her 16-year old sister, when a string of bizarre murders happens. She is forced to call in her old flame Noah Bishop, who may be the only person who can help her to solve these murders. Bishop was featured in Kay Hooper's other books of the "Shadows" trilogy.
"Out of the Shadows" was one of those books you just don't want to put down. I was almost late for work because I didn't want to stop reading before I got to the end. The ending of the book, as you'll find out for yourself, was a bit of a surprise. Just when you thought it was over and everyone was going to live happily ever after, another twist came along in the plot.
The tension between Miranda Knight and Noah Bishop just sizzled. I was hoping for them to get together from the very beginning because, after reading the other "Shadows" books, I just HAD to know what happened to Bishop. I really liked both their characters, and felt they were very strong, admirable people. This book was very satisfying and definitely gave me chills. I was afraid to go out to my car in the dark after I read it!! No joke!!
If you are looking for a light read that will amuse you and keep you in suspense, this is the book for you. Definitely the best one of the trilogy.
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on December 26, 2000
After reading the first book in the Shadows trilogy, Stealing Shadows, I was disappointed. I found the ending unfair to we readers who like to think we're smart enough to know whodunit before we get to the end of the story, and can sit back to see how the author pulls it all together. Or, once the villain is revealed, we can go "oh yah." I felt Ms. Hooper missed the mark in this first book, which left me asking huh? However, her next two books Hiding in Shadows and Out of the Shadows were vintage Hooper. She created riveting, suspenseful stories built on her signature treatment of the paranormal. Following the Noah Bishop character through all three books, and finally finding out how he got involved in the paranormal in the last book of the series was very satisfying. Hiding in Shadows and Out of the Shadows is romantic suspense at it's best. No one treats the paranormal with the same kind of thorough realism as Kay Hooper. She a master storyteller who'll keep you coming back for more
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on November 2, 2000
Once they were lovers with a powerful psychic bond that forged a relationship that seemed as if they belonged together forever. Unfortunately, he made a bad decision that forced her to flee with her eight-year-old sister. Eight years have passed since FBI profiler Noah Bishop and Gladstone, Tennessee Sheriff Miranda Knight have seen one another. However, a serial killer viciously feeding on teenagers may be the matchmaker that brings Miranda and Noah together.

Miranda knows her small town does not have the resources to cope with such a deadly maniac. She asks the FBI for help knowing that Noah will be part of the team. When they meet for the first time in years, Noah is eager to prove that he is changed, but the powerful telepath Miranda shuts him out although her reasons are not as obvious as he thinks. As the count mounts and the townsfolk panic, the Bishop and the Knight need to trust their emotional link in order to eradicate the evil killing machine.

The final book in an exciting trilogy has all the creativity, color, and characterizations that were trademarks of STEALING SHADOWS and STANDING IN THE SHADOWS. Kay Hooper writes a paranormal romance filled with suspense, chills, and tension that enables the audience to believe in the extrasensory activities of the cast. OUT OF THE SHADOWS will appeal to fans of Tami Hoag and Barbara Parker.

Harriet Klausner
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on April 15, 2002
This is one of my favorite kind of book; it's got a little bit of everything included in it. There's suspense, romance, and even the paranormal. And Miss Hooper does a wonderful job of delivering on every angle.

Sheriff Miranda Knight has a problem. Suddenly, for the first time, there are bodies showing up around her small town of Gladstone. And these aren't stranger's bodies, these are the bodies of some of the town's youths. But she can't come up with the first clue-which is not normal for her, considering she's a psychic. Unknown to the good citizens of Gladstone, Miranda has used her talents more than once to solve a crime, and many times to help an investigation along. But for whatever reason with the teens she's just not tuning in. She knows the time has come to seek help, and she knows just who to turn to.
Noah Bishop is a hotshot FBI agent, heading up a special division known for their 'unconventional' methods of investigating. And, yes, they're a bunch of psychics. But their track record just can't be dispute because their methods work. Noah and Miranda have a past-they'd once had a relationship, until tragedy struck. He's been searching for Miranda for years, but even with the resources he has available, he hasn't been able to find her. Then the call comes in from the small town of Gladstone-and he knows. He's going to see Miranda for the first time in 8 years. How can he ever make up for what he'd done?
When Miranda and Noah meet back up for the first time in 8 years, the sparks start to fly. Noah is this big, tough guy, but you can just read into the vulnerability he has for Miranda. And Miranda is so scared of being hurt again, she closes herself off from everything. Except she's already seen a vision of what the future holds for her and Bishop. And she has to avoid it all costs!
Kay Hooper does such a wonderful job with the relationship between Miranda and Noah-we see it build back up, them overcome the problems of the past. And at the same time, she keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing who the killer is, laughing out loud sometimes at the secondary characters (who I hope have a book coming one day), and getting so into the paranormal you almost believe you can read minds. This book most definitely has a place on my keeper shelf, along with plenty of space for future releases involving some of these same characters.
Don't think twice about this one-buy it!!
This series includes: Stealing Shadows, and Hiding In The Shadows.
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on May 23, 2001
I picked up this book with no knowledge of the Noah Bishop trilogy, nor with any knowledge of Kay Hooper and her books in general. I was merely looking for something to get me through the torture of jury duty. What a delightful suprise it was...
This phsychic thriller begins with the disappearence of three teenagers in a small town in Tenessee. Hooper soon introduces us to Miranda Bishop, the sheriff, with a mysterious past, and the dark mystery man FBI agent, Noah Bishop. As these characters interact sparks begin to fly and you are caught up in a great mystery with the added dazzle of physchic abilities.
While intially the idea of a an FBI team gathered together for their "extra" abilities may seem far-fetched, Hooper soon, wraps the reader so far into the story, that it becomes totally believable. Knight and Bishop desperately try to track down a serial killer, while combating their visions of the future and the heat between the to them. Hooper has created a roller-coaster of a ride in her latest novel...with the added bonus of a twist in the end. Moreover, this can be a stand-alone read without the need of reading the first two "Shadows" novels for background. If you are looking for a mystery novel that is not just run of the mill, "Out of the Shadows" is a great choice.
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on October 20, 2016
I enjoyed Hiding in Shadows somewhat--the first book. But this one much less so.

The mystery was great, the crime story intriguing. I'm not sure about the characters -- I thought Miranda selfish and foolish by keeping what she knew to herself, just to avoid contact with Bishop. Some of the other characters were foolish in the extreme by putting themselves and the others in danger. And it certainly did not endear the main characters as they both seemed too involved in themselves to care much about the murders. The only characters I liked even a little were Alex, Liz and the two FBI agents working for Bishop.

My main problem with the book was that it could have been half as long and still told the story in a much more structured and enjoyable way. All the internal agonizing by the main characters (pages and pages), and the endless dialogue between them rehashing all the internal agonizing aloud (many more pages and pages) made the book twice as long as it had to be.
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on May 19, 2002
Kay Hooper has written a page turner. She grabbed my interest right off. I've read all three books in this series and thought this was miles away the best, probably because of the heroine's strength of character.
However, in every one of these books she has introduced some lapse of logic that I found irritating. In this case it was right at the beginning. An (admittedly inexperience) forensic team is examining and clearing a body dump site. The body has been tentatively identified as a local teenager by a class ring and a gold tooth (teenager with a gold tooth?) There's a statement about how the remains wouldn't fill a shoe box. But somehow it is determined that the body was the estimated height and weight! of the missing teen? How did they estimate weight from a skeletized body in fragments? That is never explained.
Shame-- carelessness like that detracted from a rather good book.
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on December 12, 2000
The conclusion to Kay Hooper's "Shadows" trilogy is explosive and tension-filled. The somewhat slow pace lends authenticity (just imagine how frustrated real police officers feel when working on a case!) The build up is steady and well done. I found myself peeking ahead several times, so anxious to know, but then stopping myself lest I miss some vital clue. The forensic details are just enough to inform, but not nauseate. I was angered, disheartened, surprised and pleased right along with the characters. Be sure to read the first two books, in order, even though you don't technically have to. It will help you catch some of the inside jokes/comments. Kay Hooper is indeed a wonderful writer and this series will reach new audiences for her, which she deserves.
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