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on April 28, 2003
Image your life is just starting to settle down; life is turning up for you. Then disturbing things start to happen around your house and you get a letter that brings back your cold and chilling past. Life is turned upside down and you don't know what to do next.
Well, this is what happened to forensic sculptor Eve Duncan and her family in the book Body of Lies by Iris Johansen.
In the story, Eve has finally found peace living with Joe Quinn and her adopted daughter Jane. Eve gets a haunting reminder of her past which promps her to leave her home in Atlanta and go to Baton Rough to do a project that no one will tell her what it is about. Eve is not even there a day when the first death occurs.
All of Iris Johansen's books are filled with dangerous adventures and murders. Along with many plot twist; Body of Lies is no exception. In one incident there was a bombing and then a high speed car chase. What happened was this: while Eve and Joe were hiding from the bad guys while working on the skull, her daughter Jane went to stay with her grandmother. The bad guys wanted to hurt Eve so the bombed the apartments where Jane was staying. Everyone was safe except Eve and Joe because now the bad guys knew where they were. Joe and Eve decide to flee the safe house, but before they could get out of the driveway they saw headlights coming their way. The booked it on to the highway with the bad guys right on their trail. There was some bumping and grinding and Joe decided to take matters into his own hands. He told Eve to get out and wait at the gas station and before she could say "no" he was off back on the road. It was not for another hour until Joe came back again with the car just barley holding together.
If you want to find murder, mystery, and dangerous adventure go pick up this thriller. It is filled with explosions, plot twist, trained killers, and murder. The intrest level is so high you will be done with it before u know it. Iris makes the characters fit the book so well. You'll love Body of Lies.
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on June 27, 2002
The on-going story of Eve Duncan and her infatuation with her daught who past away several years ago continues in this once again thriller of political intrigue and murderous mystery. Though the plot in comparison to Eve's previous novels, it is all made up for through the smart character interactions which are able to keep you enthralled in the story. Subplots within will also keep your attention, especially the roller coaster relationship between Joe and Eve that has been a question mark from the first book in the series "The Face of Deception." I highly recommend that you don't read this book before you read the two previous books in the Series (especially the second title "The Killing Game")because although the third novel is a story all in its self it will undeniably make more sense if you read the earlier parts of the series, and once you do the characters of Eve Duncan and the surviving supporting characters will truly steel your heart, in Iris Johansens apparent pattern in her novels of controlling men and the women that overpower them.
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on June 8, 2002
This is the third in the series about Eve Duncan, forensic sculptor. While the first chapter does provide some background information on the series, I strongly recommend you first read "The Search" and "Final Target" in that order.
The story begins with Eve happily living at her lakeside Georgia home, with her partner, Atlanta police detective Joe Quinn and their adopted daughter Jane. Then a sudden series of events upsets this domestic bliss and puts Eve at odds with Joe. These events were targeted to get Eve to accept a job to sculpt a skull in Louisiana. Here in the bayou country, Eve is protected by Sean Galen, who returns from earlier novels. Galen may be the most interesting character, part bodyguard/assassin, part confidante, companion and gourmet cook. While forces are pushing her to find the identity of the skull, others are trying to prevent her from accomplishing this, resulting in attempts on her life and those of her family. Other very interesting characters are a villain with many faces, an investigative journalist and the adopted daughter Jane, who at times seems stronger than either of her parents.
There is a lot of plot interest with twists, conspiracies, and false identities. In the middle of the book, there was a little too much personal interaction between Eve and Joe that slows the plot, with Eve still upset with the lie uncovered that caused her to bolt from Georgia. Luckily the action speeds up with a satisfying ending that has some surprises.
While this was not my favorite of the three Eve Duncan mysteries, it was still an enjoyable read.
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on January 6, 2003
As a third installment to the Eve Duncan series, I would have to say that it was truly an excellent read. I literally could not put it down until the very last page. The plot was entralling and a couple of my favorite characters made reappearances, not least of which was Galen. The reader is once again thrown into the complicated senario that is Eve Duncan's life. Iris Johansen also further introduces the reader to Joe Quinn, a character that has only been skimmed before. I wonder if a fourth enstallment into this series will be released in the future. I read recently of Iris Johansen's newest novel, "Dead Aim", and I can't help but wonder..... I'm hoping that, if it is a fourth installment, it focuses not so much on Eve Duncan, but on Joe Quinn. In it, I'm also hoping those two will finally tie the knot.
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on April 10, 2002
This book was just as formulaic as the last few from this author. However, while that problem led me to really rate her last book low, because I just didn't like the characters, I like the Eve Duncan character so much that even the author's stilted and sometimes silly writing and plot twists cannot dissuade me from wanting to find out what happens. Basically, I give Johansen credit for having created very memorable characters(all she needed to add was more Logan and the characters would have been perfect), but I just can't understand why her writing ability has dropped so much from her early books(for example, the Ugly Duckling, which was just great). All in all, if you like the Eve Duncan series, read this; if you don't, or if this is your first Johansen, it will probably not make much of an impression on you.
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on March 16, 2003
As a Iris J. fan, I have to say that this book was certainly her most engaging. I picked it up in a convience store for the pure fluff of it. The pacing was fast (although there were a few pages I just had to skip outright), the characters were quick-witted and occasionally snippy and the story kept moving. My only complaint was that I couldn't stop reading it until it was done (cover to cover took roughly 2-3 hours). This is a book for folks who just want a quick whodunit for an evening of vegging out or a quick plane flight. Oh and to the person who compained about the lack of Southern accents - we Southerners all sound the same to one why would we go through the trouble to write a "twang" in dialouge?? ;)
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on April 11, 2002
This book is a very quick read with enough action to keep you interested. I do not believe this should be your first book in the series. The returning characters are not developed enough for the first time reader (knowing them prior helps), but the book still stands alone. Eve seems strong and passionate, while sometimes unaffected and Joe becomes more interesting with his warrior side. Some of the story seems a little far fetched and very convenient for the timing, but it isn't impossible and will make you think of the goings on in the world. In addition, Galen (my favorite reoccurring character) is back in this novel to add danger, intrigue, and even some comic relief.
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on May 9, 2002
"Body of Lies" by Iris Johansen, I thought was an illuminating read. The characters memorable, vivid and, passionate, the dialog smart and, sassy and, the plot interesting.
A few people out to destroy a secret socity comprised of world leaders -- A lot of research went into the creating of this novel--
"Body of Lies" is story that I enjoyed, however; it is also a novel that I probably should have read the connectings books to the series first!
John Savoy
C.E.O. & Financial Advisor
Savoy International
Motion Pictures
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on April 25, 2004
This novel was an excellent read. I wasn't able to put it down once. She made this book a wonderful suspense. The plot was excellent, by introducing the troubles in people lives and there sacrifices to cope with bad experiences. I'd recommend this novel to everybody who loves learning new things.
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on September 20, 2002
Iris Johansen has done it again. She continues to write quality books. Again I had a few sleepless nights. When you pick up this book - its hard to put done. I'm looking foward to her next book.
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