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on June 16, 2006
I just finished this novel today as a reward to a grueling week and the first thing I have to say is that it is ironic that Iris Johansen and I were on the same 'wavelength' in 2004, with both of us publishing a novel about female psychics who investigate arsons or suspicious fires. I have been a longtime fan of Johansen--long before she branched out into the romantic suspense genre and this novel did not let me down.

In Firestorm, she takes a seemingly normal arson investigator, Kerry, with a trained arson dog who is given all the credit and throws her together with a mysterious and somewhat 'controlling' mystery man, Brad Silver. Add to this Trask, the evil genius who designed Firestorm, a secret government project that could annihilate an entire city with the press of a button.

At first, Kerry is resistant to helping Silver track down Trask. Until the madman targets her brother's house. With Silver's not-so-patient guidance, Kerry fine-tunes her 'gift' and the chase is on. With plot twists and subplots that involve a fire from Kerry's past and a flaming romance with Silver, this is a novel that sizzles. I read it last night. In one sitting.

If you enjoy this psychic suspense genre, please also check out Divine Intervention.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Author of Divine Intervention (1-4120-3591-0) available now,

and Whale Song (978-1-60164-007-9) available 2007 from Kunati Books
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on June 24, 2004
Kerry Murphy is one of Atlanta's best arson investigators, but most people think it's because of her evidence-sniffing dog, Sam, but this isn't the case. After surviving an attack by an arsonist who killed her mother and put her in a coma for two years, Murphy awoke with a new power. She has become a fire psychic, who has the ability to "see" the details of the fire and even get into the minds of the person who set them. Only a few know her secret so she was suprised when she is approached by Brad Silver to help catch a rather nasty arsonist. This arsonist, named Trask, formerly worked on a government-sponsored project called "Firestorm" where a fire can be started by transforming the molecules of a specific target causing them to burst into flames simply using a remote control. When the project was dismantled, Trask started on a killing spree, seeking not only revenge for ending his project, but to keep his former co-workers from sharing his "child." Also, Murphy discovers that Silver is a psychic as well, but his powers are more potent than even Murphy wants to imagine.
I've read a number of Johansen's books and this one is just as good as the rest. It's a good read, not too heavy, and a touch of romance as well. It's definitely a "chick book" but all of her books are.
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on April 12, 2004
Kerry Murphy works as a fire investigator with her dog, Sam. No one knows the real reason Kerry is so good at her job, and it isn't Sam's superior evidence-sniffing ability. When Kerry was a little girl, her mother died in a fire. As Kerry was running out of the house to get help, an unknown man hit her in the head with a metallic object. She was in a coma for two years and when she awoke she possessed a psychic talent which is triggered by fire.
Brad Silver is also with psychic abilities. He is able to invade other people's minds and control their thoughts. Brad is after the man who created Firestorm, a method of spontaneous combustion, the same man who killed his brother and sister-in-law. Brad needs Kerry's psychic ability to sense where and when fires will happen to catch this psychopath.
I usually don't like books of paranormal nature, but I was really drawn into this story. While the plot is not realistic, it is suspenseful. The characters have rather unique traits and are very likable. If you like your thrillers of a more gritty and realistic nature then this book is not for you. If you don't mind some unbelievable plot twists, and a bit of romantic suspense, then you will like this installment from Iris Johansen.
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on April 24, 2004
I had a little trouble with the premise of comas inducing psychic powers. However, the book was fast paced, had some surprises, and was overall entertaining. If you want a fact based story, you can read non-fiction or the newspaper. For exciting, action-adventure with a good romance. I read Iris Johansen. I have to admit saving the world every time seems a little redundent. But again, I read for fun. This book filled an afternoon very well. Maybe it follows a similar scenerio as other books by her, I was so glad to get away from the rugged, handsome assassins in the last three books. Not that I did'nt love the books, or the men. Where do I find one? But reading is fun, and it is an escape from other worries. So go for it. For myself, I enjoyed this book!
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on August 31, 2014
I haven't read a whole lot of Iris Johansen books, but if they are all like this one, I'll be looking for more of them. Silver was a fascinating character, Kerry an interesting one, the bad guy was very bad and I just wanted him to be caught and quickly. Just the way a good mystery novel should be don't you think? :)
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on April 14, 2004
Firestorm was a good, quick read. I enjoyed the pace until the end. Having read all of Johansen's other books, I think the end could have been better. I really like Kerry. I look forward to more books about her.
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